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01 Avi Download: BBC 01_05_2014 McCann Interview with Fiona Bruce lunchtime
02 Avi Download: McCann Interview with Lorraine ITV 01 May 2014
03 Avi Download: The McCanns and the Conman Channel 5 - 04 June 2014
3a TRANSCRIPT: The McCanns and the Conman Channel 5 - 04 June 2014
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01 Avi Download: Madeleine McCann BBC1 Crime watch New Appeal and Full Reconstruction 14 Oct 2013
02 Avi Download: ITV New Interview of Goncalo Amaral 15th October 2013



Avi Download: BBC News night interview 12 may 2011 plus transcript



01 AVI Download Kate and Gerry McCann BBC Breakfast May 011_2008 Parts 01 & 02
02 Avi Download: Interview with Huw Edwards. BBC1 - 2.05.2008. video & transcript


01 Avi Download: Maddy 1st day of holiday 28 April 2007
02 Avi Download: 4th birthday 12 May 2007
03 Flv Download: 4th birthday 12 May 2007
04 Flv Download: Brian Healy, Its a Farce: 09 September 2007


MAY 2007
  A SKY NEWS History'Everything Possible Is Being Done''; 4 May 07; 0'53"
SKY caption:'As police and holidaymakers continue to search for missing British toddler Madeleine McCann in the Algarve, the UK ambassador to Portugal, John Buck, made this statement.'

'Police Search For Missing British Girl'; 5 May 07; 3'15"
SKY caption:'The parents of a three-year-old feared abducted in Portugal have made an appeal for her safe return. It's thought that Madeleine McCann may have been snatched from her hotel room at a resort on the Algarve. Sky's Ian Woods reports.'

'Missing Girl's Relatives Speak To Sky'; 5 May 07; 2'31"
SKY caption:'Sky's Lisa Dowd has been speaking to Janet and Brian Kennedy, the aunt and uncle of Kate McCann, Madeleine's mother.'

'Missing Girl Latest: Possible Suspect'; 5 May 07; 1'57"
SKY caption:'The search for Madeleine McCann who went missing on Thursday night. It is thought Madeleine McCann was snatched from her room in a resort on the Algarve. Sky's Ian Woods has the latest from the holiday resort in Pria da Luge.'

'Devastated Family: Pictures From Portugal'; 5 May 07; 0'54"
SKY caption:'The family of missing 3 year old Madeleine McCann have been seen with their two other children walking around their resort in Portugal. See the latest pictures here.'

''It Is Abhorrent To Suggest Bad Parenting''; 5 May 07; 2'28"
SKY caption:'Last night the family of Madeline McCann made an emotional appeal for her return, 24 hours after she vanished from her bed in the Algarve while her parents were having dinner nearby. The little girl's Aunt, Philomena McCann says the family is devastated.'

'Prayers For Madeleine At Church'; 6 May 07; 0'31"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann are attending church near the resort where their daughter went missing on Thursday evening. Last night, Gerry McCann and his wife Kate made a fresh appeal for information to help trace the toddler.'

'Distraught Mother Says Please Pray For Madeleine'; 6 May 07; 0'38"
SKY caption:'Kate McCann has tearfully thanked the public for all the support they have received since her daughter Madeleine went missing on Thursday. Her husband Gerry said they continued to hope for the best possible outcome.'

'Heartache On Mother's Day In Portugal'; 6 May 07; 2'12"
SKY caption:'Kate and Gerry McCann have spoken emotionally about the hope and strength they're gaining from public support. It's been three days since they last saw daughter Madeleine. They attended a mass where the theme was motherhood. Ian Woods reports.'

'Madeleine's Parents Make Fresh Appeal'; 6 May 07; 0'47"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann have made a new appeal for information to help trace their missing daughter. The three year-old was taken from the bedroom of a holiday apartment in the Algarve while her parents ate at a restaurant just yards away.'

'Home Video Released Of Snatched Toddler'; 6 May 07; 0'19"
SKY caption:'The family of three-year-old Madeleine McCann have released home video footage of the missing toddler as they made a new appeal for information on their daughter.'

'Was Madeleine's Kidnap Carefully Planned?'; 7 May 07; 2'00"
SKY caption:'While police in Portugal continue to hunt for missing British toddler Madeleine McCann, the former Detective Superintendent in charge of Scotland Yard's Paedophilia Unit, Mike Hames, told Sky News the three main reasons behind such a kidnapping.'

'Madeleine's Abducter Could Be British'; 7 May 07; 1'30"
SKY caption:'Portuguese police will continue their search today for missing Madeleine McCann. The three year-old was abducted from a holiday apartment in the Algarve on Thursday night. Sky's Amanda Walker has the latest developments.'

'Madeleine's Mum: 'Please Don't Scare Her''; 7 May 07; 1'42"
SKY caption:'The parents of missing three-year-old Madeleine McCann have made an emotional plea to the kidnapper who may be holding their daughter.''

'The Mother Who Can Share Their Despair'; 7/8 May 07; 2'00"
SKY caption:'Kerry Grist, the mother of British toddler Ben Needham, who vanished while on the Greek island of Kos in 1991, gave Sky News a message for the parents of missing Madeleine McCann, and spoke of what they must be going through right now.'

'Mayor: 'Police Working Under Portugese Rules''; 8 May 07; 1'45"
SKY caption:'Sky's Anna Botting speaks to Julio Barroso, Mayor of the Lagos area in Portugal. He defended the way Portugese police are handling the case of abducted Madeleine McCann saying their rules are very different to British police.'

'Police: 'No Guarantee Maddie's Alive''; 8 May 07; 2'15"
SKY caption:'Police searching for Madeleine McCann say they cannot be certain that she is still alive. Detectives have insisted that everything is being done to find the three-year-old British girl, who has now been missing for five nights. Ian Woods reports.'

'A Former Detective Offers His Insight'; 8 May 07; 2'00"
SKY caption:'Sky's Amanda Walker has spent the day with former detective Mark Williams-Thomas to look at the key points in the investigation into the disappearance of missing British toddler Madeleine McCann.'

'Police Give Latest On Search For Maddie'; 8 May 07; 2'00"
SKY caption:'The Portuguese police have spoken at a press conference on the developments in their investigation into the disappearance of missing British toddler Madeleine McCann.'

'Ambassador Defends Search For Madeleine'; 9 May 07; 2'04"
SKY caption:'The British ambassador to Portugal has defended the police search for Madeleine McCann, saying he has been assured that everything possible is being done to find her. It is now six days since Madeleine disappeared. Sky's Amanda Walker reports.'

'Great Uncle's Message For Girl's Abductor'; 9 May 07; 0'16"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's great uncle Brian Kennedy gave Sky News a message for the person who has taken Maddie away from her family.'

'Aunt: 'Toddler's Parents Are Not To Blame''; 9 May 07; 1'31"
SKY caption:'Madeleine's aunt, Philomena McCann speaks to Sky's Kay Burley on day six of the search for the missing British toddler. She says they are a caring family and the parents should not be blamed for leaving their children alone.'

'Poster Campaign: Grabbing Your Attention'; 9 May 07; 2'10"
SKY caption:'Thousands of people have already downloaded the poster of missing Madeleine put out by the McCann family to bolster the appeal for information on her whereabouts. Her uncle John McCann spoke to Sky news from his home in Glasgow.''

'Madeleine's Grandparents: She's A Diamond'; 9 May 07; 3'26"
SKY caption:'The grandparents of Madeleine McCann have been talking to Sky News about the missing toddler. Brian and Susan Healy, who are just back from Portugal, described her as lovely, a diamond . They gave an insight into how the family are coping.''

'Madeleine's Mother Attends Church Vigil'; 10 May 07; 0'38"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's mother Kate has attended a vigil for her three-year-old who was abducted a week ago from her holiday apartment in Portugal. She clearly shows the strain as she enters the church to pray for her daughter.'

'New Developments In Madeleine Case'; 10 May 07; 2'10"
SKY caption:'Police in Portgual searching for missing Madeleine McCann have called a press conference for 6.30pm tonight. Her parents have also been whisked away to a local police station on the Algarve.'

'Madeleine: Reward As Hunt Takes To Skies'; 11 May 07; 2'18"
SKY caption:'A British businessman has offered a 1m reward to anyone who provides information leading to the safe return of Madeleine McCann. But Portuguese police admit their operation is being scaled down.'

'Madeleine's Father Issues Personal Plea'; 11 May 07; 1'11"
SKY caption:'The father of missing Madeleine McCann vowed to leave no stone unturned as the search for his daughter entered its eighth day. Gerry McCann said he and wife Kate are doing everything to assist Portuguese police.'

'David Beckham Makes Madeleine Plea For Help'; 11 May 07; 0'37"
SKY caption:'David Beckham has made an impassioned plea for help in finding missing Madeleine McCann'

'Madeleine's Uncle Speaks At Special Service'; 11 May 07; 0'27"
SKY caption:'A special service has been held at St Andrew's Catholic Cathedral in Glasgow, as a show of support for Madeleine and her family. Her uncle John McCann urged the congregation to make sure Madeleine remains in their thoughts.'

'Renewed Pain For Portuguese Families'; 12 May 07; 3'15"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann is not the first child suspected of being kidnapped by paedophiles in Portugal. But she is British, and it has been splashed across the media. For the Portuguese parents of missing children, there's renewed pain. Emma Hurd reports.'

'Parents: Please Keep Praying For Madeleine'; 12 May 07; 0'45"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's parents have thanked the public for the support they have been receiving, saying it is keeping them strong. They appealed for people to redouble their efforts in the search for the little girl on her fourth birthday.'

'Expatriates Swing Into Action In Spain'; 12 May 07; 1'59"
SKY caption:'The possibility Madeleine's kidnappers have taken her out of Portugal and into Spain has galvanised support from the expat community there. They have downloaded posters of the toddler from Sky News' website and put them on display. Amanda Walker reports.'

'Friends At Home Show Support On Special Day'; 12 May 07; 0'38"
SKY caption:'In the McCann's home town of Rothley, near Leicester, friends have been showing their support for Madeleine. Family friends released balloons with personal messages.'

'Yellow Ribbons Of Hope For Madeleine'; 12 May 07; 2'04"
SKY caption:'Hundreds of people in Rothley, where the McCann's live, have been leaving yellow ribbons of hope and toys at a war memorial for missing Madeleine on her fourth birthday. Sky's Lisa Dowd talks to the local pub landlady, Valerie Armstrong.'

'Chancellor 's Message Of Support'; 12 May 07; 0'23"
SKY caption:'Gordon Brown has said every parent will be thinking about the McCann family. He offered his support as a parent in their great hour of need . Listen to what he had to say here.'

'Madeleine Grandparents: We All Feel Strong'; 12 May 07; 3'59"
SKY caption:'The grandparents of missing Madeleine have spoken to Sky News. They said the four-year-old's parents Kate and Gerry McCann would being having a quiet celebration on the toddler's birthday and thanked everyone for their help and support.'

'Madeleine: Was There Really An Intruder?'; 12 May 07; 3'00"
SKY caption:'Former Scotland Yard detective John O'Connor has been in Portugal trying to pick up clues. He believes Madeleine may have in fact wandered out of the apartment to a nearby supermarket from where she was taken and he thinks she is still close by.'

Sky Video Maddie (undated) #7094 - Created Sun 13 May 07 06:42
Parents leaving church with Wolfall; biker and concert tributes; yellow ribbons; Amanda Walker, Algarve. Madeleines 4th Birthday 12 May 07

'Case Sparks Portuguese Debate'; 13 May 07; 3'13"
SKY caption:'The international media has descended on the Algarve to report on the search for Madeleine McCann. Sky's Emma Hurd reports from the capital Lisbon on the impact this case is having on the Portuguese media and the country's psyche.'

'Madeleine In Premiership Spotlight'; 13 May 07; 0'25"
SKY caption:'Everton fan Madeleine McCann was in the thoughts of her favourite team's players as they ran out to face Chelsea in the Premiership. The team wore t-shirts bearing her picture ahead of the clash at Stamford Bridge. Fans also sent messages of support.'

'Why Madeleine's Parents Need Lawyers'; 13 May 07; 1'50"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's parents Kate and Gerry have hired two leading UK lawyers to represent them in Portugal. Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt explains to Anna Botting the reasoning that might be behind their decision.'

'Friend Describes Kate McCann's Anguish'; 13 May 07; 3'16"
SKY caption:'Family friend Nicky Gill has been with Madeline's mother, Kate, in Portugal as she waits for news of her daughter. As she prepared to run a 10km race in Madeleine's name with another friend, Margaret Parsons, Nicky told Sky News how Kate's coping.'

'A Story Of Hope For the McCann Family'; 13 May 07; 6'40"
SKY caption:'In 1990 Sally Jones faced a nightmare like the one Kate and Gerry McCann are enduring when her 4-year-old son Simon was abducted. He was missing for eight weeks before being found unharmed. His abductor is still in jail. Sally spoke to Sky's Mark Stone.'

''We Have No Suspects' Say Portugal Police'; 14 May 07; 2'18"
SKY caption:'Portuguese police searching for Madeleine McCann have admitted they have no suspects and not a single lead in the case. The detective leading the search says they have no idea either where Madeleine is or who she's with. Sky's Amanda Walker reports.'

'McCanns Offer Thanks For Public Support'; 14 May 07; 2'23"
SKY caption:'The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have again thanked the public for their support during their ordeal. In a statement to the media they said they were particularly grateful for offers of financial support while they remain in Portugal.'

'Madeleine Search Almost 'Back At Square One''; 14 May 07; 1'34"
SKY caption:'Eleven days on from the abduction of Madeleine Mcann, Sky's Martin Brunt reports from the court in Portimao. He tells Sky's Anna Botting there's little evidence of progress being made in the investigation.'

'Madeleine Latest: Police Searching Brits' Villa'; 14 May 07; 2'32"
SKY caption:'Police in the Algarve have begun searching the home of a Briton Jennifer Murat and her son Robert, 150 yards away from where Madeleine McCann disappeared. Sky's Ian Woods has the latest from Praia da Luz in Portugal.'

'Villa Owner's Son Taken To Police Station'; 14 May 07; 0'53"
SKY caption:'The son of the owner of the villa police are searching as part of the Madeleine McCann inquiry, named as Robert Murat, has been taken to the local police station in Portimao. Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt spoke to his mother, Jennifer.'

'Briton's Cousin Says He Is Innocent'; 14 May 07; 1'33"
SKY caption:'Sky's Martin Brunt speaks to Robert Murat's cousin, who denies he could have had anything to do with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Sally Eveleigh says the only thing her cousin is guilty of is being 'overhelpful'.'

'Robert Murat Leaves Police Station'; 14 May 07; 0'28"
SKY caption:'Robert Murat - the man Portuguese police have been questioning over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - has been driven away from the main police station in Portimao. Forensic teams have searched the villa where he lives with his mother.'

Sky Video Translator 14 May 20:40 - Created Mon 14 May 07 20:50
Woods and Gaynor de Jesus? discussing Robert Murat; Ian Woods, Algarve.

Sky Video Journo 14 May 21:30 - Created Mon 14 May 07 21:50
Woods and Lori Campbell discussing Robert Murat;
Ian Woods, Algarve.

'Skycopter Vision: Police Search Family's Villa'; 15 May 07; 1'41"
SKY caption:'The Murats' villa is just a short walk from the Ocean Club apartment from which Madeleine McCann was abducted 12 days ago. You can see a map of the area and aerial vision taken from the Skycopter here. It clearly shows the proximity of the buildings.'

'Sky Reporter Recounts Chats With Murat'; 15 May 07; 1'52"
SKY caption:'Sky's Ian Woods has met translator Robert Murat on several occasions in the past few days. In this video he recounts his conversations with the man who has been questioned by police over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.'

'Police: 'Not Enough Evidence To Arrest Murat''; 15 May 07; 0'47"
SKY caption:'Police in Portugal have held a news conference in which they say there is not enough evidence to arrest their main suspect in the hunt for Madeleine McCann. Five properties have now been searched in the hunt for clues.'

'Robert Murat: 'This Has Ruined My Life''; 15 May 07; 4'50"
SKY caption:'The main suspect in the Madeleine McCann inquiry has spoken exclusively to Sky News. Here Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt tells presenter Jeremy Thompson exactly what Robert Murat said to him off camera.'

'Exclusive: Suspect Speaks To Sky News'; 15 May 07; 0'29"
SKY caption:'Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt has spoken exclusively to Robert Murat, the man named as a formal suspect in the hunt for Madeleine McCann. Mr Murat would not speak on camera but here Martin describes briefly what he said.'

Sky Video 15 May 08:30 - Created Tue 15 May 07 08:47
Murat villa search; Murat family; Lori Campbell suspicions;
Amanda Walker, Algarve.

'McCann Relatives Launch Fighting Fund'; 16 May 07; 2'14"
SKY caption:'A relative of the McCann family has launched a fighting fund to allow Madeleine's parents to remain in Portugal until the missing girl is found. Phil McCann, has taken the campaign to Westminster where she was touched by the level of support.'

'Madeleine's Uncle Launches Fighting Fund'; 16 May 07; 1'02"
SKY caption:'Friends and family are stepping up their international campaign to find Madeleine. They have revealed details of a fund to help get the four-year-old back. Her uncle was at the launch representing the McCann family.'

'Developments In Hunt For Madeleine'; 16 May 07; 4'16"
SKY caption:'Police searching for Madeleine McCann are following a new lead. Detectives have taken away a business associate of their main suspect Robert Murat. Ian Woods reports on the latest developments from Portugal.'

'Second Man Investigated In Madeleine Case'; 16 May 07; 0'20"
SKY caption:'Police in Portugal have taken away a Russian acquaintance of the main suspect in the Madeleine McCann abduction inquiry along with some computer equipment. Watch the raw footage here.'

'Second Man Quizzed Speaks To Sky News'; 16 May 07; 2'27"
SKY caption:'Sergey Malinka spoke to Sky News just before it emerged his property had been searched in the hunt for Madeleine McCann. Watch his interview here.'

'Friend: 'Robert's Keen To Be Liked By Everyone''; 16 May 07; 3'09"
SKY caption:'The only formal suspect in the Madeleine McCann investigation says he's been made a scapegoat. Meanwhile, the four-year-old's family have appealed to her abductor to release her unharmed. Sky's Ian Woods reports from Portugal.'

Portugal 16 May 06:00 - Created Wed 16 May 07 06:54
Murat made 'formal suspect'; Amanda Walker, Algarve.

'New Pictures Of Madeleine In Video Appeal'; 17 May 07; 1'36"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's parents have distributed a video appeal to help the search for their four-year-old daughter. The video montage is set to the Simple Mind's track Don't Forget About Me.'

'Team McCann: Statement From Kate And Gerry'; 17 May 07; 2'12"
SKY caption:'Michael Wright, a close friend of the McCann family has spoken on behalf of Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry, saying they are totally overwhelmed by the supprt they have received. Watch the whole statement here.'

'Portuguese Police Probe IT Links To Suspect'; 17 May 07; 2'26"
SKY caption:'Police in Portugal are examining the computers of a Russian associate of the main suspect in the Madeleine McCann abduction case. Sergey Malinka designed a website for Briton Robert Murat. Amanda Walker reports.'

'Exclusive: 'I'm Not A Madeleine Suspect''; 17 May 07; 6'11"
SKY caption:'Sergey Malinka, the man taken away by Portugese police on Wednesday night for questioning in connection with their inquiry into the abduction of Madeleine McCann, speaks exclusively to Sky's Amanda Walker.'

Secker 17 May - Created Thu 17 May 07 10:28
Summary of English opinion; comparison with Soham; Jane Secker, England.

'Madeleine Search Continues To Gather Pace'; 18 May 07; 2'37"
SKY caption:'With no breakthrough in the police inquiry, the McCann family's own campaign to trace Madeleine is growing - a website set up this week has now received 60 million hits. Sky's Amanda Walker reports from Portugal.'

'Parents Sure Madeleine Will Be Found Alive'; 18 May 07; 3'19"
SKY caption:'Father Paul Seddon, the priest who married Kate and Gerry McCann and baptised Madeleine, is in Portugal to support the family. He issued a statement saying her parents are sure she will be found alive and well.'

Walker 18 May 09:20 - Created Fri 18 May 07 09:20
Botting and Walker 'chat' about Murat/Malinka phonecall;
Anna Botting/Amanda Walker, Algarve.

Woods 18 May 12:20 - Created Fri 18 May 07 12:39
Botting and Woods 'chat' about the 'early days';
Anna Botting/Ian Woods, Algarve.

'McCanns In New Global Video Appeal'; 19 May 07; 0'43"
SKY caption:'A new video appeal for missing four year old Madeleine McCann has been released. Its in seven languages, with the English version being voiced by actress Zoe Wannamaker.'

'Shevchenko's Madeleine McCann Appeal'; 19 May 07; 0'37"
SKY caption:'Chelsea striker Andrei Shevchenko has become the latest high-profile figure to appeal for Madeleine McCann's safe return. The clip shows his recordings in Russian and English. The numbers to call are (UK) 0800 555 111 or (International) +44 1883 731 336.'

'New Pictures Of McCann Family Inspire Hope'; 20 May 07; 2'12"
SKY caption:'New pictures showing Madeleine McCann's parents playing with their young twins give an insight into how the family is trying to cope. Sky's Ian Woods reports from Praia da Luz.'

'Madeleine Latest: Appeal For Holiday Photos'; 21 May 07; 1'46"
SKY caption:'British police have appealed for holiday snaps to help identify the person who abducted Madeleine McCann. Jim Gamble, Director of the Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre, says images sent to can help in the search.'

'Madeleine's Father Visits UK Support Site'; 21 May 07; 1'21"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's father Gerry McCann is back in Britain for the first time since her abduction. Mr McCann visited his home village of Rothley, to see for himself the huge level of public support for his family's cause. Sky's Lisa Dowd reports.'

'The Highland Heart Of The McCann Website'; 22 May 07; 2'25"
SKY caption:'Sky's James Matthews has been visiting the headquarters of the website set up to help find missing Madeleine McCann. He spoke with one of the operators of the site, Callum McCrae, in Ullapool.'

'Madeleine's Parents' Plea To Holidaymakers'; 22 May 07; 3'31"
SKY caption:'The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have urged holidaymakers who have photographs taken in Praia Da Luz to send them to police hunting her abductor. Watch their full statement to the media here.'

'Global Operation Run From The Highlands'; 22 May 07; 1'31"
SKY caption:'Madeleine's mother has paid tribute to the millions of people who have visited the website, set up to help find her daughter. It's become a global operation, run from a small town in the Scottish Highlands. Sky's James Matthews reports.'

'Parents Vow To Travel Globe For Madeleine'; 22 May 07; 2'00"
SKY caption:'Kate and Gerry McCann have announced that they're extending their campaign to keep Madeleine's case in the public eye. Sky's Ian Woods reports from Portugal.'

'Madeleine's Parents Visit Holy Shrine'; 23 May 07; 3'00"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann have made a pilgrimage to the Portuguese town of Fatima, home of the country's holiest shrine, to pray for their daughter's safe return. Sky's Ian Woods reports.'

'Police Release One Of Two Held Witnesses'; 23 May 07; 1'00"
SKY caption:'Portuguese police have released one of the two witnesses they have been questionning as part of the Madeleine McCann investigation. Sky sources say the two are connected with the man named as a suspect - Robert Murat. Amanda Walker is in Portugal.'

McC 23 May 11:30 - Created Wed 23 May 07 11:23
Parents 'out-and-about' with Mitchell; Portuguese popular support;
Ian Woods, Algarve.

Walker 23 May 13:00 - Created Wed 23 May 07 13:22
Update on Murat/Walczuch being re-interviewed;
Amanda Walker, Algarve.

'Madeleine: Last Known Photo Released'; 24 May 07; 1'52"
SKY caption:'The family of Madeleine McCann have released their last photo of the girl before she vanished. It's now three weeks since she disappeared from the family's apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz. Kay Burley has the details.'

'McCann Parents Give Their First Interview'; 25 May 07; 12'00"
SKY caption:'The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have given their first interview about their ongoing ordeal. Gerry and Kate McCann spoke to Sky's Ian Woods in the Portuguese holiday resort of Praia da Luz, where their daughter vanished over three weeks ago.'

'Madeleine Projected Onto Marble Arch'; 25 May 07; 1'57"
SKY caption:'A picture of missing Madeleine McCann has been projected onto Marble Arch in London, to keep her image in the public mind and to help mark International Missing Children's Day. Sky's Sara Merchant reports.'

McC 25 May - Created Fri 25 May 07 16:48
Parents interview with Sky; Sense of 'guilt' and being 'nave';
Ian Woods, Algarve.

'Police Reveal Details Of Strongest Lead'; 26 May 07; 1'55"
SKY caption:'Parents of missing Madeleine McCann have appealed for anyone who saw a man holding what was thought to be a child on the night of her disappearance, to speak to police. They said they were sure the sighting was relevant to her abduction.'

'Missing Boy Mum Praises The McCann Family'; 27 May 07; 0'59"
SKY caption:'The McCanns' decision to stay in Portugal has been backed by Kerry Grist. Kerry's 21-month-old son Ben Needham disappeared on the Greek island of Kos in 1991, never to be found. She told Sky's Lorna Dunkley why she eventually had to return.'

'The Huge Inflatable To Help Find Madeleine'; 28 May 07; 1'26"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's parents have visited a nearby beach in Portugal to see a huge inflatable banner displaying the reward on offer from a tabloid newspaper for information on her whereabouts. There is no commentary on this video.'

'Radio Stations Play Song For Madeleine'; 28 May 07; 0'45"
SKY caption:'Around 200 commercial radio stations across the UK have been helping the campaign for Madeleine McCann this morning. They have all played a specially mixed track - the Simple Minds song Don't You Forget About Me . Music: Simple Minds/Virgin Records.'

'New Footage Released Of Madeleine'; 29 May 07; 0'38"
SKY caption:'New mobile phone footage has been released in the search for missing Madeline McCann, showing the 4-year-old with her family boarding their holiday flight to Portugal. Watch the silent footage here.'

'McCann Parents Say Goodbye To Twins'; 29 May 07; 2'07"
SKY caption:'This Sky footage shows Madeleine McCann's parents saying goodbye to their children as they leave their Algarve apartment, before heading to Rome for an audience with the Pope. It is the first time Kate McCann has left Portugal since Madeleine's abduction.'

'Kate And Gerry Fly To Rome To Meet Pope'; 29 May 07; 1'22"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's parents are in Rome for their audience with the Pope who has been kept up to date on the search for the four-year-old. The couple's twins have been left with relatives in Portugal. Hear what they had to say on the flight to Rome.'

'Madeleine Parents' Appeal From Rome'; 30 May 07; 2'10"
SKY caption:'Kate and Gerry McCann made a fresh appeal for help in finding their daughter following the audience with the Pope.'

'McCanns Meet The Pope In Rome'; 30 May 07; 0'42"
SKY caption:'The parents of the missing toddler Madeleine McCann have had an audience with the Pope.The visit to the Vatican is part of Kate and Gerry McCann's campaign to keep their daughter's image in the public eye.'

JUNE 2007
'Madeleine McCann's Uncle Speaks To Sky'; 01 June 07; 2'47"
SKY caption:'Madeleine's aunt and uncle have released 400 yellow balloons in a bid to help find their niece. After attaching pictures of the missing girl, they were launched from Bankhead Primary School in Glasgow. John McCann, Madeleine's uncle, speaks to Sky.'

'Madeleine Balloons Released By Kids'; 1 June 07; 1'10"
SKY caption:'School children in Glasgow have released yellow balloons from their playground as the hunt for Madeleine McCann continues. The balloons all have a picture of the missing girl and the Crimestoppers number on them.'

'Gerry And Kate McCann Travel To Spain'; 1 June 07; 0'50"
SKY caption:'Madeleine's parents are continuing and expanding their search to find their little girl. Determined to keep her profile high they have travelled to Spain to appeal to the public there for information or clues.'

'Hunt For Madeleine Moves To Spain'; 1 June 07; 0'27"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's parents held a press conference in Madrid to appeal to the Spanish media for help in the hunt for their missing daughter. Kate and Gerry McCann will travel around Europe in the hope of gaining information that will find Madeleine.'

'Missing Girl Appeal On BBC Crimewatch'; 5 June 07; 2'31"
SKY caption:'Kate and Gerry McCann are appearing on Crimewatch to give a detailed description of the clothes Madeleine was wearing when she disappeared. The fresh appeal will be aired in full on BBC1 at 9pm.'

'Madeleine Hunt Continues In Germany'; 6 June 07; 0'55"
SKY caption:'The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have held a news conference in Germany. The couple answered questions from the press and were asked about allegations that they had actually been involved in their daughter's disappearance.'

'McCanns Stay Defiant In Search For Madeleine'; 7 June 07; 0'21"
SKY caption:'The parents of missing Madeleine McCann say they're still holding out hope that their daughter is alive. Kate and Gerry McCann were speaking in Amsterdam, the latest stop on their tour of Europe to promote awareness about the missing four-year-old.'

'Who Police Should Target In Madeleine Hunt'; 9 June 07; 2'50"
SKY caption:'The trail seems to have gone cold, but police in Portugal continue to search for missing Madeleine McCann. Former Scotland Yard detective Supt Michael Hames talked to Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt about the most likely lines of inquiry.'

'The Search For Madeleine Goes To Morocco'; 11 June 07; 1'20"
SKY caption:'The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have taken their campaign to Morocco, in the last of a series of visits aimed at helping find their daughter. Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt has caught up with the McCanns.'

'Martin Brunt In Rabat As Search Continues'; 11 Jun 07; 3'20"
SKY caption:'Crime correspondent Martin Brunt is in Rabat, and has the latest on the McCann's plight to find their daughter.'

'McCanns: 'We Think Madeleine Is Still Alive''; 12 Jun 07; 2'12"
SKY caption:'Kate and Gerry McCann have told Sky News they think Madeleine is still alive. In an interview with Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt they say the case must not remain unsolved - and that Madeleine must be found.'

'New Tip-Off In Hunt For Madeleine'; 13 June 07; 2'19"
SKY caption:'Portuguese police have started investigating an area just nine miles from where Madeleine McCann was abducted in response to an anonymous letter sent to Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf. Gaynor Jesus speaks to Sky from Praia Da Luz.'

'Police Investigate New Madeleine Claim'; 13 June 07; 2'50"
SKY caption:'Portuguese police investigate claims Madeleine McCann has been buried not far from where she was abducted. An anonymous letter to a Dutch newspaper described a spot nine miles from the McCann's holiday apartment. Gaynor Jesus talks to Sky from Portugal.'

'Sniffer Dogs To Be Used In New Search'; 14 June 07; 1'51"
SKY caption:'Local translator Gaynor de Jesus has been following the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance. She spoke with Sky's Eamonn Holmes by phone, describing the area police will be searching and their likely methods.'

14 Jun 06:00 - Created Thu 14 Jun 07 06:48
'De Telegraaf' letter; Dutch police comment; Parents' post-Morroco interview with Sky;
Asheesh Joshi.

'School Joins Campaign To Find Madeleine'; 18 June 07; 1'04"
SKY caption:'Pupils from the school Madeleine McCann is scheduled to attend have joined the campaign to find her. Sky's Darren Little was at Bishop Ellis Primary School in Thurmaston where children turned themselves into human letters to spell out 'Find Madeleine'.'

'Sky Exclusive: McCanns' Plans For The Future'; 22 June 07; 3'02"
SKY caption:'It's 50 days since Madeleine McCann was abducted from a holiday apartment in Portugal. In a Sky exclusive, Gerry and Kate McCann speak exclusively to reporter Ian Woods about the future of their campaign to find their daughter.'

'McCanns Release Balloons For Madeleine'; 22 Jun 07; 0'52"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann have released 50 yellow and green balloons surrounded by well-wishers on a beach in Praia da Luz, close to where the four-year-old went missing exactly 50 days ago. Gaynor Jesus speaks to Sky's Kay Burley from the beach.'

'Are Arrests Linked To Madeleine Case?'; 28 June 07; 1'05"
SKY caption:'Portuguese police are investigating the case of two people arrested in Spain to see if there are any links with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. They say so far no direct links have been established. Sky's Anna Botting has more.'

'Man Quizzed Over McCann Extortion Plot'; 29 June 07; 1'32"
SKY caption:'Spanish police are continuing to question an Italian man and a Portuguese woman suspected of trying to extort money from the parents of Madeleine McCann. Sky's Ian Woods is in the southern Spainsh province of Cadiz where the arrests were made.'

JULY 2007
Brown Thanks Portuguese For Madeleine Help'; 9 July 07; 2'09"
SKY caption:'The Portuguese Prime Minister is Gordon Brown's first guest at Number 10. Mr Brown took the opportunity to thank those involved in the hunt for missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann. Watch his statement here.'

'Madeleine Suspect Quizzed By Police Again'; 10 July 07; 2'17"
SKY caption:'Robert Murat, the only suspect in the case of missing Madeleine McCann, has returned to the police station in Portugal to be questioned for a third time. Brendan de Beers from Portugal News speaks to Sky's Kay Burley about this latest development.'

'Murat's Ordeal Not Over, Says Sky Crime Man'; 10 July 07; 1'45"
SKY caption:'Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt has recently spoken to Robert Murat who has returned to the police station in Portugal for questioning over missing Madeleine McCann. Brunt tells Julie Etchingham he thinks the suspect's ordeal is far from over.'

'Madeleine Suspect Leaves Police Station'; 10 July 07; 0'47"
SKY caption:'The only formal suspect in the Madeleine McCann case has left a Portuguese Police station after being questioned for a third time. British expatriate Robert Murat made no comment as he left. He was driven off in a purple hatchback, as this clip shows.'

'Where All The Quizzing Takes Place'; 16 Jul 07; 0'27"
SKY caption:'Sky's Amanda Walker is in Praia da Luz. She takes a look at the central hub of the investigation - the police station where they are doing everything they can to find missing Madeleine McCann.'

'Madeleine Suspect's Portuguese Home'; 16 July 07; 0'21"
SKY caption:'Sky's Amanda Walker is in Praia da Luz, where she has been to the home of Robert Murat - the main suspect quizzed by police in the hunt for Madeleine McCann.'

''They Find Strength In Their Faith''; 16 Jul 07; 0'20"
SKY caption:'Sky's Amanda Walker is in Praia da Luz, where she has been visiting the church that Kate and Gerry McCann have been visiting since the disappearance of their daughter.'

'Author JK Rowling Backs Madeleine Search'; 16 July 07; 7'30"
SKY caption:'Madeleine's photograph is to be featured in every shop selling the new Harry Potter book when it is released this weekend. The McCann's have thanked and praised the author on Portuguese television for supporting their ongoing search. (RTP Television)'

Walker Apartment - Created Mon 16 July 07 13:44
Mini-clip: summation of events of 3 May 2007;
Amanda Walker, Algarve.

Walker Beach - FILE NOT FOUND:
Replaced by 'madeleine-walker-beach' clip???

'Beautiful Beach Masks Resort Horror'; 18 July 07; 0'16"
SKY caption:'Sky's Amanda Walker is in Praia da Luz. She visits the beach where many take their children to play - and where the McCann's take time out to walk and play with their twins.'

'Madeleine's Dad Speaks Of 'Hope' In US'; 25 July 07; 3'54"
SKY caption:'The father of four-year-old Madeleine McCann - who's been missing since May - has visited the US to meet with the Attorney General and experts on child abduction. During his trip, he took time out to talk to Sky News about the continued investigation.'
[NOTE: Even though it is listed by Sky, this clip appears to be unavailable from either the archive or through the Sky Video Player]

'E-fit Released After Madeleine Sighting'; 3 Aug 07; 0'49"
SKY caption:'DNA evidence is being analysed after a restaurant customer in Belgium said she was 100% sure she'd seen missing Madeleine McCann. Sky's Jeremy Thompson spoke to Katja van Doren, Public Prosecutor at Tongeren, about the sighting.'

'Madeleine: End To Search Of Suspect's Home'; 6 Aug 07; 1'59"
SKY caption:'Police in Portugal investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have ended their search of the house of their only official suspect, Robert Murat. Greg Milam tells Jeremy Thompson the ramifications of this third search of the property.'

Milam 6 Aug 08:00 - Created Mon 6 Aug 07 09:18
Second search of Murat villa; approach of 100 days;
Greg Milam, Algarve.

Mother 6 Aug 09:00 - Created Mon 6 Aug 07 09:57
Mini-clip: mother of Robert Murat walking from villa;
Greg Milam, Algarve

'Traces Of Blood Found In McCann Apartment'; 7 Aug 07; 3'35"
SKY caption:'It is claimed that British sniffer dogs found tiny specs of dried blood during a sweep of the Algarve flat where the McCanns stayed. Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate, said they still believed their daughter was alive. Sky's Amanda Walker reports.'

'Madeleine Latest As 100th Day Approaches'; 7 Aug 07; 8'35"
SKY caption:'Kate and Gerry McCann have spoken after reports that traces of blood were found at the apartment where they had been staying in the Algarve. Sky also spoke to Mark Williams-Thomas, a former child protection expert who has been following the case.'

7 Aug 10:30 - Created Tue 7 Aug 07 11:21
Blood spots; DNA testing; Belgium sighting; Portuguese media reporting; Amanda Walker, Algarve (poor quality sound).

Presser 7 Aug 13:00 - FILE NOT FOUND
Replaced by 'mccann_070807_1300' clip???

'Belgian DNA Does Not Match Madeleine's'; 8 Aug 07; 4'39"
SKY caption:'Tests on a drink bottle used by a little girl in a Belgian cafe have found the DNA does not match that of missing Madeleine. Last week diners in a restaurant claimed they saw the missing girl with a couple. Sky's Amanda Walker is in Praia da Luz.'

'Crime Scene: Searching For Madeleine Clues'; 9 Aug 07; 2'01"
SKY caption:'Traces of what appeared to be blood, found on the wall of the McCanns' holiday apartment, are being tested at a laboratory in Birmingham. Forensics expert Dr David Holmes discusses the importance of crime scene evidence.'

'Gerry And Kate McCann: The Full Interview'; 10 Aug 07; 10'06"
SKY caption:'Sky's Amanda Walker spoke to Gerry and Kate McCann as the 100th day since their daughter vanished looms. To mark it, Madeleine's parents are launching a dedicated channel on You Tube to draw attention to missing children across the world.'

''We Will Not Be Bullied Into Coming Home''; 10 Aug 07; 3'25"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann hit back at their critics and say they won't be bullied into leaving Portugal. As the 100th day since Madeleine's disappearance looms, Sky's Amanda Walker spoke to Gerry and Kate McCann in the resort where she went missing.'

'Piper Plays For Missing Madeleine'; 11 Aug 07; 2'30"
SKY caption:'In Glasgow, a lone piper plays a march for Madeleine McCann, who has been missing for one hundred days.'

'100 Days On And Still No Sign Of Madeleine'; 11 Aug 07; 2'40"
SKY caption:'It's one hundred days since the four year old went missing from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal. Portuguese police have broken their silence, by saying for the first time that Madeleine McCann could be dead. Greg Milam reports.'

p12195 - Created Thu 16 Aug 07 07:12
'Blood from a man from north-eastern Europe'; Parents begin to consider their return;
Paul Brennan.

''The McCanns Will Never Recover''; 23 Aug 07; 5'37"
SKY caption:'Sky News Online speaks to psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson about the ordeal the McCanns are going through.'

'Gerry McCann Speaks About The Media'; 25 Aug 07; 2'09"
SKY caption:'The father of missing Madeleine McCann spoke to Sky's Chris Roberts about his experiences of the massive media interest in his daughter's disappearance.'

'McCanns Sue Over 'Hurtful' Allegations'; 31 Aug 07; 2'20"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann are suing a Portuguese newspaper which claimed they had killed their daughter. Kate and Gerry McCann said they were deeply hurt by the accusations. Sky's Ashish Joshi reports.'

'Madeleine Search Possible Breakthrough'; 5 Sep 07; 3'20"
SKY caption:'The Portuguese police investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance have been given details of DNA tests on samples found at the family's holiday department. The results are said to be 'significant'. Sky's Martin Brunt broke the latest news.'

'Madeleine's Mother Quizzed By Police'; 6 Sep 07; 0'30"
SKY caption:'Prior to her expected naming as a formal suspect, Kate McCann, mother of missing four-year-old Madeleine, arrives for more questioning by police in Portugal. There is no commentary with this footage.'

'Madeleine: The McCann's Campaign'; 7 Sep 07; 3'27"
SKY caption:'It is now 127 days since Madeleine's disappearance. The McCann's have run an unprecedented campaign to find their daughter - a campaign in which they have repeatedly denied any involvement in her kidnap. Sky's Catherine Jacob reports.'

'Friend: Kate McCann Declared A Suspect'; 7 Sep 07; 1'28"
SKY caption:'Live in Portimao, Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt tells Steve Dixon that Kate McCann, the mother of missing Madeleine, is to be named a formal suspect in the investigation. He said sources close to Kate described her as amazed and concerned .'

'Madeleine's Mum Arrives For More Questioning'; 7 Sep 07; 0'46"
SKY caption:'The mother of Madeleine McCann has arrived in Portimao, Portugal for further questioning over the disappearance of her daughter, prior to her being declared a formal suspect. Sky's Martin Brunt reports live from the police station.'

'Madeleine's Grandad: 'It's A Farce''; 7 Sep 07; 5'33"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's grandfather has told Sky News that he is distraught that his daughter, Madeleine's mother Kate McCann, has been questioned as an official suspect in the four-year-old's disappearance. Brian Healy said it was 'disgusting'.'

'McCann Camp: Suspect Status Is 'Ludicrous''; 7 Sep 07; 2'51"
SKY caption:'The campaign manager of Madeleine's parents strongly disputes any suggestions that Kate is in any way involved in the disappearance or death of her daughter, Madeleine. Justine McGuinness described the latest twist in the investigation as ludicrous .'

'Kate 'To Be Charged For Accidental Death''; 7 Sep 07; 1'18"
SKY caption:'Madeleine's Aunt, Philomena, says she understands Kate McCann will be charged with the four-year-old's 'accidental death' later today. Gerry McCann is still considered a witness. Sky's Martin Brunt clarifies the developments with Jeremy Thompson.'

''Kate's Involvement Is Not Plausible''; 7 Sep 07; 3'44"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's uncle, John McCann, has told Sky News that Kate McCann's involvement in the four-year-old's disappearance is 'not plausible'. He told Sky's Jeremy Thompson that all the family were behind Kate.'

'Reports: Kate Offered Deal To Confess'; 7 Sep 07; 2'53",
SKY caption:'The aunt of Madeleine McCann, Philomena McCann, has said the four-year-old's mother, Kate, was offered a deal by Portuguese police for a lenient prison sentence in return for confessing to Madeleine's accidental death. Sky's Ian Woods reports.'

'What Those In Portugal Think Of McCanns'; 8 Sep 07; 2'13"
SKY caption:'In Britain, the mood among friends and family of the McCanns is one of anger - but what about the mood in Portugal? Sky's Andrew Wilson has been finding out.'

'Kate's Mum: No Proof Madeleine Is Dead'; 8 Sep 07; 2'20"
SKY caption:'Madeleine's grandmother, Susan Healy, spoke to Sky's Kay Burley about Kate and Gerry's formal suspect status.'

'Gerry And Kate Virtually Under Siege'; 8 Sep 07; 3'22"
SKY caption:'Gerry and Kate McCann have both been declared official suspects by Portuguese police investigating the disappearance of the couple's daughter Madeleine. Detectives believe she may have been accidentally killed. Sky's Ian Woods has the latest.'

'McCanns At Airport Bound For Britain'; 9 Sep 07; 2'00"
SKY caption:'Watch as Gerry and Kate McCann arrive at Faro airport in Portugal on their way back to the UK. Sky's Martin Brunt talks to Kay Burley about the status of the investigation into their daughter's disappearance.'

'McCann Aunt: 'The Twins Come First''; 9 Sep 07; 0'20"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's aunt, Philomena, told Sky's Kay Burley that coming back to the UK will help the twins to settle.'

'Fellow Travellers' Thoughts On McCanns'; 9 Sep 07; 2'00"
SKY caption:'Sky's Kay Burley spoke to people at Faro airport, from where Kate and Gerry flew home.'

''Parents Played No Part In Disappearance''; 9 Sep 07; 1'22"
SKY caption:'The McCann family spokesperson gave this statement as the couple boarded their flight to the UK.'

'McCann Family Return To The UK'; 9 Sep 07; 5'37"
SKY caption:'The McCann family has returned home to the UK. They have again protested their innocence over their daughter Madeleine's disappearance. Sky's Ian Woods followed the day's events.'

'The State Of The Madeleine Investigation'; 9 Sep 07; 4'38"
SKY caption:'With the rest of the McCann family now back in the UK, one vital question still remains -- what has happened to Madeleine? Sky's Emma Birchley has been looking at the state of the investigation.'

Woods Burley 07:30 - Created Sun 9 Sep 07 07:41
Sky reporters 'chat' outside Lisbon airport as parents leave Portugal.

'McCanns' First Full Day At Home In Rothley'; 10 Sep 07; 2'01"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann are spending their first full day back at home for four months after flying back from Portugal. There are reports that police in The Algarve are about to start new searches as part of their investigation.'

'Police 'Found Full DNA Match' In McCanns' Car'; 10 Sep 07; 1'40"
SKY caption:'Portuguese police claim to have found a full DNA match which links Madeleine McCann's body to a hire car rented by her parents five weeks after she went missing. Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt has the latest.'

'Madeleine: Is The Forensic Evidence Strong?'; 10 Sep 07; 2'00"
SKY caption:'Forensic consultant Allan Bayle speaks to Eammon Holmes about the forensic investigation of Madeleine McCann's disappearence.'

'McCann Case Referred To Prosecutor'; 10 Sep 07; 1'20"
SKY caption:'Papers outlining evidence on Gerry and Kate McCann are expected to be passed to public prosecutors in the Portuguese town of Portimao. Madeleine's great uncle Brian Kennedy says the couple are coping well following the news.'

'Portuguese Community Speak Out On McCanns'; 11 Sep 07; 3'49"
SKY caption:'For 130 days the McCann family were forced to make Praia da Luz their home. But now they have left, what is the impression they have left behind? Andrew Wilson has been speaking to members of the community who both supported and shunned the McCanns.'

'Madeleine: 'Full DNA Match Found In Car''; 11 Sep 07; 1'56"
SKY caption:'Police in Portugal believe they have found evidence which will show Madeleine McCann was in her parents hire car after she was reported missing. Sky sources say scientists have found a full DNA match to Madeleine in the vehicle. Sara Merchant reports.'

'McCann Evidence Passed To Prosecutors'; 11 Sep 07; 2'47"
SKY caption:'Portuguese prosecutors have received most of the files of evidence on the McCanns from police investigating Madeleine's disappearance, according to Sky sources. Martin Brunt reports from Portimao.'

'Madeleine File Is Passed To Portuguese Judge'; 11 Sep 07; 2'35"
SKY caption:'Portuguese prosecutors have handed a file on missing Madeleine McCann to a judge, meaning her parents could hear within 10 days whether they will face charges. Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt has the latest.'

''Madeleine Fund Will Not Cover Legal Fees'; 12 Sep 07; 2'29"
SKY caption:'Kate and Gerry McCann have been told they cannot use money from the Find Madeleine fund on legal bills. This follows the couple saying that they do not want access to the money. This is the fund's official statement.'

'McCanns 'Happy' Not To Use Donations'; 12 Sep 07; 0'49"
SKY caption:'A spokesman for Gerry and Kate McCann has confirmed the couple will not be using cash, which was donated to help find their daughter, to cover legal fees. The couple could be charged over four-year-old Madeleine's disappearance.'

'Push For Evidence Seizure In McCann Case'; 12 Sep 07; 1'58"
SKY caption:'A prosecutor in the Madeleine McCann case is asking for emergency powers to gather more evidence. Authorities reportedly want to seize an item which they believe will strengthen their case against the girl's parents. Sky's Sara Merchant reports.'

''British Police Prepare To Seize McCanns' Items''; 12 Sep 07; 2'18"
SKY caption:'Sky News has learned that British police are preparing to help the Portuguese authorities gather evidence from Madeleine McCann's parents. It is understood prosecutors want to seize Kate McCann's diary, a laptop and correspondence. Martin Brunt reports.'

'Cops May Seize Gerry McCann's Laptop'; 13 Sep 07; 1'12"
SKY caption:'Detectives are set to gather evidence at the Leicestershire home of missing girl Madeleine McCann's parents. Police may seize her father's laptop. Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt reports.'

'Kate And Gerry McCann Meet Social Services'; 13 Sep 07; 2'57"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann have met social services representatives at their home to discuss their case. It is understood Kate and Gerry McCann, who have two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie, requested the meeting. Sky's Martin Brunt has the latest.'

'McCanns May Sell Home To Meet Legal Bill'; 14 Sep 07; 1'51"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann may have to sell their home to cover legal fees, if they are charged over the young girl's disappearance, Sky's Andrew Wilson reports from Portimao, Portugal.'

''Police Want McCanns For Reconstruction''; 15 Sep 07; 2'30"
SKY caption:'It has been a week of rumour, accusations, leaks about evidence and uncertainty for the McCanns. Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt is in the Algarve with the latest from the Portuguese media.'

'McCanns To Launch New Ad Campaign'; 15 Sep 07; 1'05"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann are to launch a fresh ad campaign to help find their daughter. It comes as the Kate and Gerry McCann say they will not return to Portugal, unless they are ordered to by police. Sky's David Crabtree reports.'

'John McCann On Fresh Ad Campaign'; 15 Sep 07; 0'41"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann are to launch new ad campaign to help find their daughter. Up to 80-thousand pounds will be used from the Find Madeleine Fund. Gerry McCann's brother John is the director of the fund and here speaks to Sky News.'

'Spotlight On The McCanns' Media Campaign'; 15 Sep 07; 4'32"
SKY caption:'As they search for their missing daughter, Kate and Gerry McCann have had to adjust to being at the centre of worldwide media attention - much of it critical. Communications consultant expert Mark Jeffries tells Emma Crosby how they are coping.'

'Max Clifford Talks About McCanns' PR Battle'; 16 Sep 07; 3'55"
SKY caption:'PR consultant Max Clifford comments on the decision by the parents of Madeleine McCann to launch another campaign to turn the focus of the investigation back onto finding their daughter.'

'Ex Police Boss Explains Madeleine Inquiry'; 16 Sep 07; 4'48"
SKY caption:'Former Detective Inspector Hamish Brown explains more about the Portuguese police's investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and looks at the new stories surrounding the inquiry in the Sunday papers.'

'Close Friends Defend Kate McCann'; 16 Sep 07; 1'59"
SKY caption:'Close friends have described Kate McCann as a devoted mother who could never harm any of her children. They say the McCanns are an 'amazinglly strong' couple and have a tight network of friends and family to support them. David Crabtree reports.'

'Branson Pledges Thousands To McCanns'; 16 Sep 07; 2'39"
SKY caption:'Sir Richard Branson has pledged '100,000 to Kate and Gerry McCann - to help them with their legal costs. The couple remain suspects in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine. Sky's David Crabtree reports from their hometown of Rothley.'

'Charges Deadline Looms Over Missing Girl'; 17 Sep 07; 2'05"
SKY caption:'There are fresh reports that the mother of missing girl Madeleine McCann could be interviewed this week by British police acting on behalf of the Portuguese authorities. Sky's Ashish Joshi reports from Portimao.'

'Mitchell Rejoins Campaign To Defend McCanns'; 18 Sep 07; 3'55"
SKY caption:'Clarence Mitchell, who has quit his civil service job to work for Gerry and Kate McCann, said speculation about charges against Madeleine's parents had to end. He was live on Sky News outside their home in Rothley.'

'Will McCanns Be Quizzed By British Police?'; 18 Sep 07; 2'27"
SKY caption:'There's confusion in Portugal over the police inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt tells Andrew Wilson the latest from Portimao.'

''No Need To Re-Interview McCanns''; 19 Sep 07; 2'42"
SKY caption:'Portuguese prosecutors have told Kate and Gerry McCann that they will not be re-interviewed, but they do remain official suspects in the disapperence of their daughter Madeleine. The family spokesman Clarence Mitchell speaks to Sky News.'

'Madeleine's Parents Begin The Fightback'; 19 Sep 07; 1'40"
SKY caption:'Gerry and Kate McCann are confident they can explain how DNA evidence - supposedly from Madeleine - came to be found in their hire car weeks after she went missing. Sky's Mark Stone reports'

''Let's Concentrate On Finding Madeleine''; 20 Sep 07; 4'41"
SKY caption:'The McCann family's spokesman Clarence Mitchell has told Sky News that Madeleine's parents are willing to return to Portugal at any time to help police. But he told Martin Stanford they were now hoping to concentrate on the search for the four-year-old.'

'Photo Clue: Is This Madeleine In Morocco?'; 26 Sep 07; 2'02"
SKY caption:'Child abduction experts are examining a photo taken in Morocco that could show Madeleine McCann. The picture, taken by a Spanish tourist at the end of August, features a fair-haired child with a group of adults and was. Derek Tedder reports.'

'Tourist On The Photo That Could Be Madeleine'; 26 Sep 07; 0'45"
SKY caption:'Spanish tourist Clara Torres says she took a picture of a fair-skinned girl being carried in a sling whilst on holiday in Morocco. She gave the image to police after hearing other tourists in Morocco had reported possible sightings of Madeleine McCann.'

'Girl In Photo Is Not Madeleine McCann'; 26 Sept 07; 1'46"
SKY caption:'It seems the picture of a blonde girl taken in Morocco is not Madeleine McCann, as had been hoped. Evening Standard journalist Rashid Razaq flew there from London and saw the youngster for himself. He speaks to Julie Etchingham.'

'Madeleine: The Search For The Truth'; 30 Sep 07; 7'22"
SKY caption:'It was five months ago this week that Madeleine McCann vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal. In this special report, Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt examines the investigation so far and separates fact from fiction.'

McCanns' Hopes For A Revitalised Search'; 3 Oct 07; 0'37"
SKY caption:'McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell tells Sky News they hope the sacking of the policeman in charge of the search for missing Madeleine will help re-energise the search for the four-year-old.'


'Thank You Ben! McCanns Praise Star Over Film'; 9 Oct 07; 0'59"
SKY caption:'Madeleine McCann's parents have thanked Ben Affleck for pulling his new film because of its similarities to their daughter's disappearance. It features a girl who is abducted after being left home alone. McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell speaks to Sky.'


''We Want New Police Chief To Clear Us''; 9 Oct 07; 1'14"
SKY caption:'Gerry and Kate McCann have welcomed news that one of Portugal's top cops is taking over the case. They hope Paulo Rebelo will quickly clear them as suspects - and get on with the search for their daughter, their family spokesman Clarence Mitchell says.'


'Madeleine Parents Launch Mountain Search'; 9 Oct 07; 0'38"
SKY caption:'Gerry and Kate McCann are launching a new campaign to find their daughter. They will focus on the remotest mountain villages in Morocco, Portugal and Spain to reach those who have never heard of the missing girl. Their spokesman speaks to Sky News Online.'


'McCanns Launch Private Hotline In Spain'; 24 Oct 07; 2'50"
SKY caption:'The parents of Madeleine McCann have launched a 24-hour phone hotline to help find their daughter. It will be based in Spain and run by private detectives. Their family spokesman says it will be run in conjunction with the Portuguese police's own probe.'


'Emotional Kate Breaks Down In TV Interview'; 24 Oct 07; 1'36"
SKY caption:'Kate McCann has given an emotional TV interview. The family spokesman says she is visibly upset by the end. He denies it is a change to her usual calm TV demeanour, saying she is a perfectly normal emotional human being . Interview will be shown later.'

'Watch Kate McCann's TV Interview In Full'; 24 Oct 07; 13'30"
SKY caption:'In their first TV interview since Kate became a suspect, the McCanns insist they had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance. The couple spoke on Spanish television, so the broadcast would reach Spain, Portugal and north Africa.'


'Madeleine's Parents Insist They Are Innocent'; 24 Oct 07; 3'00"
SKY caption:'Kate McCann has broken down during her first television interview since being named as a suspect over her daughter's disappearance. The couple maintain their daughter is alive. Paul Harrison reports.''

'Madeleine's Father Returns To Work'; 1 Nov 07; 1'56"
SKY caption:'Gerry McCann has returned to work, nearly six months after his daughter Madeleine vanished from their holiday apartment in Portugal. He will be working three half-days a week initially, at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital.'

'Madeleine Spoof Editor: 'It's Funny, Isn't It?''; 1 Nov 07; 1'34"
SKY caption:'Martin Sonneborn, editor of German satirical magazine Titanic, has said he does not regret publishing a mocked-up supermarket advert featuring Madeleine McCann's face on a number of products. He added that the Madeleine case was a big story in Germany.'

'McCanns Plan Action Over 'Sick And Hurtful' Spoof'; 1 Nov 07; 1'45"
SKY caption:'The McCanns are considering taking legal action after a German magazine published spoof adverts mocking Madeleine's disappearance. Kate and Gerry have described the publication as sick and extremely hurtful. Sky's Jonathan Samuels reports.'

'Madeleine Cop Squad Coming To Britain'; 27 Nov 07; 1'57"
SKY caption:'Four Portuguese police officers investigating the disappearance of British four-year-old Madeleine McCann are coming to the UK. Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt reports.'

'Madeleine Cop Squad Comes To Britain'; 28 Nov 07; 1'57"
SKY caption:'Portuguese detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are coming to the UK to talk to members of the forensic science service. They are not expected to meet the McCann family. Sky's Martin Brunt explains the backround to the visit.'

'Madeleine McCann Case Police Review'; 29 Nov 07; 1'47"
SKY caption:'Portuguese police and forensic experts are reviewing the Madeleine McCann case with their colleagues from the Leicestershire force. Sky's Darren Little reports from Leicestershire Police headquarters.'

'McCanns Make Moving Festive Plea'; 21 Dec 07; 3'18"
SKY caption:'Video of Madeleine McCann opening her presents last Christmas has been shown as part of a new festive appeal. Kate and Gerry McCann made the renewed plea for information, saying they faced the 'hardest Christmas imaginable'.'

'Xmas Images Of Madeleine Released'; 22 Dec 07; 2'19"
SKY caption:'Kate and Gerry McCann have released new footage of their missing daughter Madeleine opening her presents last Christmas. They are also asking anyone with any information to call their hotline, which appears on screen throughout their video.'

'New Lines In Madeleine McCann Hunt'; 23 Dec 07; 02'40"
SKY caption:'Sky News has learned the private detective leading the search for Madeleine McCann is focussing on two main areas - one of which speculates that British paedophiles were involved in her abduction. Crime correspondent Martin Brunt has this special


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