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Madeleine or Maddie? *


"Madeleine called herself 'Madeleine', and that was very much the name in the family as well, so that makes us wonder if this was indeed Madeleine," said Clarence Mitchell to the BBC in August 2008, in relation to another false 'sighting'.

McCanns at press conference in Madrid
The 'Look for Maddie' presentation in Madrid

In spite of Mr Mitchell's words, all the nannies who came into contact with Madeleine at the Ocean Club claim that Madeleine was presented to them under the diminutive "Maddie".
Indeed, the rest of the family, including Gerry and the twins, all refer to Madeleine as 'Maddie'.
Which begs the question: Why is Kate now saying that they "never called her anything like that" and that 'Maddie' was a name "invented" by the media?

The McCanns never called Madeleine 'Maddie'?

Kate, without a smile, at the meeting

Kate McCann
"My consolation is that on the cover he calls her Maddie, the name that the media have invented. We never called her anything like that."
Expresso interview, Kate talks about 'The Truth of the Lie' by Gonçalo Amaral, published 06 September 2008

Kate, without a smile, at the meeting

Kate McCann
"She has a lot of personality and her name actually means 'tower of strength'. But she hated it when we called her Maddie - she'd say, 'My name is Madeleine', with an indignant look on her face."
Women's Own interview, published 13 August 2007

Kate, without a smile, at the meeting

Kate McCann
"Maybe because they're growing. They express themselves better. When they see Madeleine's cat, they say "Maddie". When they see her bag, as well."
Paris Match interview, talking about the twins, 04 September 2007

Gerry arrives for questioning at Portimao

Gerry McCann
'April 2005- Back in Leicester and looking for a job. Now father of three with Sean and Amelie joing Maddie.'
Gerry's Friends Reunited entry, April 2005 - entry updated May 2007 but 'Maddie' remained 

Gerry's Friends Reunited page, Click to enlarge

Gerry arrives for questioning at Portimao

Gerry McCann
"Today we think that if Maddie had been taken or killed quickly, there would have been evidence [of this]."
Paris Match interview, 04 September 2007

'' screenshot, 15 May 2007

Madeleine's Fund launched
By phone:
Text "MADDIE" to 60999 and £1 will be taken from your phone for the Madeleine Fund. (Standard network charges apply), 16 May 2007

Trish Cameron

Trish Cameron (Gerry's sister)
"When Kate checked, she came out screaming. Maddy had gone. The door was open and the window in the bedroom and shutters were jemmied open."
Daily Mirror, 05 May 2007 Link

Eileen McCann

Eileen McCann (Gerry's mother)
"Anyone who knows Gerry and Kate knows that they cherished Maddie."
"Somebody came into Maddie's room, carried her out in her pyjamas..."
The Sun, 28 April 2008 Link

John McCann

John McCann (Gerry's brother)
"They're much more positive about things that can be done to get Maddy back."
Liverpool Daily Post, 10 May 2007 Link

John McCann

John McCann (Gerry's brother)

"We are hoping this is going to be resolved very soon. We have got one objective - we want to get our darling wee Maddy back."

Daily Mirror, 10 May 2007 Link

John McCann

John McCann (Gerry's brother)
"Kate dressed Amelie in her sister's pyjamas and the baby said: 'Maddy's jammies. Where is Maddy?'"
Sydney Morning Herald, 15 May 2007 Link

Susan Healy

Susan Healy (Kate's mother)
"This is a set-up. Maddie is Kate and Gerry's world. They would never do anything to harm her."
Daily Mail, 08 September 2007 Link

Susan Healy

Susan Healy (Kate's mother)
"We want her back, we're not going to accept that Maddie's gone from our life altogether."
Antena3 interview, 22 October 2007 Link

Jon Corner

Jon Corner
"Kate phoned me in the early hours totally devastated.
"She just told me that Maddy had been abducted, that the shutters of the apartment had been forced and someone had taken her.
"Maddy was asleep in the room with Sean and Amelie and whoever has taken her has gone straight past the sleeping twins, left them completely alone and snatched Maddy."
Liverpool Daily Post, 06 May 2007 Link

No image available

Mark McQueen (Sean's godfather)
"We know Maddie very well. She is an adorable, glorious and funny three-year-old."
Liverpool Confidential, 09 May 2007 Link

Charlotte Pennington

Charlotte Pennington (Ocean Club nanny)
'The informant adds that Madeleine was usually called "Maddie" given that it was under that name that Madeleine introduced herself to the informant, the shortened form of her first name.'
Excerpt summary of Charlotte Pennington's police interview on 07 May 2007

Charlotte Pennington

Charlotte Pennington (Ocean Club nanny)
"She didn't get the name, but she said it sounded something like 'Abbey, Gabby or Maddie'. We automatically went into lost-child procedure. In these situations, the first thing we do is investigate the scene.
"We knew that one of the other nanny's charges was called Maddie."
Daily Mail, 25 September 2007 Link

Charlotte Pennington

Charlotte Pennington (Ocean Club nanny)
'... a woman she did not know, but who must have been a tourist, went to their building asking if they were aware of the disappearance of a child called "Maggie" or "Maddie".'
Excerpt summary of Charlotte Pennington's police interview on 07 May 2007

Woman silhouette

Ocean Club nannies
'all the child-care workers, having contact with Madeleine, state that Madeleine introduced herself to them by her shortened name "Maddie".'
Excerpt summary of police interviews carried out from 05 May 2007 to 07 May 2007

Dr Russell O'Brien

Russell O'Brien (Tapas 7)

'Kate returned through the reception area standing at the end of the path near the stones, and yelled over towards our table in the Tapas bar I cannot recall exactly what she yelled but it was along the lines of Maddy is missing. We all got up immediately except Dianne who remained at the table.'

Excerpt from rogatory interview, 10 April 2010

Woman silhouette

Parents' anguish as toddler is 'abducted'...
'But when Ms McCann, a GP, checked at 9.45pm, Madeleine,­ known to her family as "Maddy",­ had gone.'
The Independent, 05 May 2007 Link

Woman silhouette

'Maddy was abducted... '
'She (Jill Renwick) said Madeleine - known as Maddy - was "gorgeous, active and chatty and intelligent, not shy".
Daily Mail, 05 May 2007 Link

Woman silhouette

Maddy, 3 goes missing
'A friend said: "Kate rang us totally hysterical, saying Maddy was abducted. They're devastated."'
Daily Mirror, 05 May 2007

Pat Perkins

Pat Perkins (close family friend)
'Whether you are in the UK, Portugal, Europe or beyond, please forward to all your family, friends,colleagues and business associates. Someone out there will have some information that will lead to Maddy's return.
The internet can be a powerful tool in finding Maddy, who is so loved and missed by us all.
Let's use it positively.
Please pray for Madeleine and all the family at this devastating time.
We need your help. We know you won't let Maddy down.'
extract from chain e-mail sent 07 May 2007

Text "MADDIE" to 'Help find Madenleine'

Madeleine's Fund launched (see screenshot below)
The Madeleine Fund - 'Leaving No Stone Unturned' Appeal
Wednesday, 16 May 2007
Funds will be used to help find Madeleine McCann, support her family and bring her abductors to justice. Any surplus funds will be used to help families and missing children in United Kingdom, Portugal and elsewhere in similar circumstances.

By phone:
Text "MADDIE" to 60999 and £1 will be taken from your phone for the Madeleine Fund. (Standard network charges apply)

If you enlarge the screenshots below, you will see that the original versions of the official site asked people to 'Help find Madenleine'. It is surprising that this glaring error was carried thoughtlessly over from the original '' site without correction.

Maddie text screenshot
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Screenshot of original '' site
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