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Philomena McCann: "They tried to get Kate to confess"
Philomena McCann: "They tried to get Kate to confess"

In the days following Madeleine's reported diappearance, Gerry's sister, Philomena, acted as an unoffical 'McCann family' spokesperson to the UK media.
She later became a familiar sight when the McCanns were constituted as arguidos, famously, and incorrectly stating that Kate had been offered a "deal" to "confess".
Note: Sky News do not allow the embedding of any of Philomena's videos, so, in order to view them, click on the Sky News video link supplied and type 'Philomena McCann' into the search box.

Philomena McCann

'Dont't like her aggressive I am right don't question it attitude'

Entry for 11/02/07 (since removed)

Aunt criticises Portugal police, 05 May 2007
Aunt criticises Portugal police BBC News video

Philomena McCann before she realises she's on camera
Philomena McCann before she realises she's on camera

05 May 2007
Philomena McCann, the aunt of missing toddler Madeleine McCann, has criticised police in Portugal.
By Nigel Moore
Interviewer: It's, errr... now more than 30 hours since 3-year-old Madeleine McCann went missing at the, errr... family holiday resort in the Algarve. Her parents, at the time, were having dinner nearby.
Let's speak to Phil McCann, who is Madeleine's aunt. Errr... hello to you, Phil, thank you for joining us, errr... this morning. Errr... You must be in constant contact, errr... with the family out there in the Algarve. Errm... Just give us an idea what the police are doing to try and find Maddie?
Philomna McCann: Well, the police have stepped up the search, much more than before anyway, and I spoke to Gerry about half an hour ago and he said that they are doing everything... the sniffer dogs are really evident. There's lots and lots of activity but he just thinks it's too little too late.
I: Do they feel, Phil, that, errr... the police missed an opportunity, on that first night, after, errr... Maddie's parents reported her missing?
PM: Absolutely. It was hours before the local police turned up and we're talking two bobbies that totally downplayed the incident and said that Maddie had maybe just wandered off, and that... but what 3-year-old would wander off for hours on their own? It took the CID 5 hours before they responded to come and even then it was, kind of, shrug of the shoulders. There's been no feedback from the Portuguese police to Gerry. The stress levels have been through the roof because of this, it's just been shocking.
I: Phil, do, errr... Maddie's parents think that she has been snatched then or do they think there's any chance that she might have... might have gone missing because she just opened the door of the apartment and... and did go for a wander?
PM: I mean, it is completely ludicrous that anyone would suggest that Madeleine went for a wander. She's a 3-year-old that loves her family. She was sleeping between her brother and sister. She dotes on her parents. She's just like a normal 3-year-old; happy, carefree... Why would she wander away from people who love her? Gerry and Kate knew instantly - which is why Kate responded by being hysterical - that someone had snatched her daughter. Convincing other people has been the hardest job. Kids don't just walk away when they're happy, carefree and well-adjusted, and that's what Madeleine is. But, she must be so petrified now.
I: Errm... We know the sort of operation which would have been, errr... kick-started in this country when a child goes missing. Errr... there would be a televised appeal; there would be a press conference. Do you know if anything like that is taking place over in Portugal to... to, errr... widen the search for Maddie at this time?
PM: Well, Gerry says that anything that's happened has been British led. They had some posters put up and people have been helping distribute... and the kindness of people that they don't know, as well as their frem... family and friends, has been utterly immense. But in the Portuguese end it's been so subdued, it's all low-key; it's not enough, they have to do so much more. I don't know what the press is like in Portugal today, in the media, but certainly the response we have had from the media in Britain has been tremendous but it's not mirrored in Portugal, from what we can see. It's just a case of: 'Well, how can this happen in a family-friendly resort?', 'How can... errr... it's not...', you... you know, 'You're over-reacting', 'Calm down', 'Blah, blah, blah'. Well, you know, almost two days later, Madeleine's missing. Calm down? I don't think so. They need to get their act in order. It's shocking.

'It Is Abhorrent To Suggest Bad Parenting', 05 May 2007
'It Is Abhorrent To Suggest Bad Parenting' Sky News videos

May 5, 2007
Last night the family of Madeline McCann made an emotional appeal for her return, 24 hours after she vanished from her bed in the Algarve while her parents were having dinner nearby. The little girl's Aunt, Philomena McCann says the family is devastated.
By Nigel Moore
Philomna McCann: The childcare facilities: you're leaving people with other folk that you don't know. Gerry and Kate are in a clear line of sight of their kids. They regularly go across to check; maybe if the kids have been disturbed or crying or anything and if they'd come out the front they would have seen them. It is obvious that someone with malicious intent went through that window and took Madeleine from the safety and security of her family. To suggest in any possible way that Kate and Gerry are negligible pare... negligent pare... negligent parents, sorry, is just abhorrent to all of us. They love their family; they would never willingly, knowingly or in any way neglect them. It's horrible.
Ian Woods: Very difficult for Gerry and Kate to face the media last night, I mean, Gerry was... was very strong in... in reading his statement. Have you... have you spoken to them this morning? How are... how are they doing?
PM: I've spoken to Gerry several times. Errr... they're a bit better; they had a counsellor speak to them for an hour and a half this morning and it's helped give Gerry, errr... some perspective and really helped them, you know, get things... and make small steps is what they're trying to do; they're trying to keep it together. They had a small amount of sleep which has had an enormous impact on regenerating their... their zest and, you know, their life f... trying to find Madeleine is all they can think about and it's what everyone has to focus on. They need to find Madeleine; she has to come home.
IW: And it must be very frustrating for them to just be sitting, waiting for news. Is there... is there a temptation for them to... to get out and... and try and search themselves, even though, you know, that is only going to be adding a very small amount to the... the much wider search that the police are doing?
PM: Yeah, well, I mean, for Gerry and Kate, they want to get out there. They want to search everything; they want to leave nothing unturned but, then, that's for everyone that we've spoken to. This crisis has hit so many people, from our f.... close friends and family to people across the world. We've had an enormous amount of, errr... support from people; the media have been terrific in trying to, errm... show this to people and how much it's affected us. She's just a little girl.

Portuguese police not doing enough to find Madeleine, 06 May 2007
Friends and relatives of the McCanns alleged yesterday that the search was only upgraded to a major investigation after the intervention of John Buck, Britain's ambassador in Portugal. (…)
Meanwhile, Gerry's sister Philomena slammed Portuguese police for not doing enough to find Madeleine faster.
Speaking from her home in Glasgow she said Gerry was furious with the way the inquiry was being handled. "My brother is at his wits' end. They've just played it down from the minute he first approached them.
"I mean, you can hear his voice breaking. His wife, she can barely stand up. She can't sleep, she can't eat.
"They spent seven hours in the police station yesterday. What for? It took three hours just to get a statement from Kate, and Kate is an extremely articulate young woman. What's going on?"
Philomena McCann, (interviewed on 5/5/07 - appeared in Daily Express 6/5/07)

Aunt: 'Toddler's Parents Are Not To Blame', 09 May 2007
Aunt: 'Toddler's Parents Are Not To Blame' Sky News videos

May 9, 2007
Madeleine's aunt, Philomena McCann speaks to Sky's Kay Burley on day six of the search for the missing British toddler. She says they are a caring family and the parents should not be blamed for leaving their children alone.
By Nigel Moore
Philomna McCann: They were going back to check into a locked apartment, where they had left their kids sleeping, you know. They're good parents; they tried so hard to have kids. They've got three beautiful children that they absolutely dote on.
Kay Burley: You must be very... get quite cross when there's any criticism of... of them, having left them having left her on her own?
PM: Well, it's completely unjustified. They're normal parents who love their children and would never neglect them in any way and anyone suggesting that they... that they were neglecting them... it's just completely insulting.
KB: I'm sure that's true. How long are they, errm... how long are they going to stay out there? Until they find Maddie?
PM: They'll stay until they find Madeleine. How can they go on? They need their daughter. They absolutely need her and we... we... we just need to have Madeleine home. These person or people have to bring her back to us. I mean, the whole family needs her here - not just Gerry and Kate, although, I mean, she's just such an integral member of the family. If you... I mean you suggested that we are a close family; if, you know, a big part of that goes... and we love children, most of us, you know... my job's working with children; Gerry and Kate have caring occupations. Both of them dedicated their life to having people, you know, to helping having... getting out there, and, you know, to have this happen is just the worst possible scenario.
KB: Sure.

McCann Relatives Launch Fighting Fund, 16 May 2007
McCann Relatives Launch Fighting Fund Sky News videos

Philomena McCann, Sky News, 16 May 2007
Philomena McCann, Sky News, 16 May 2007

May 16, 2007
A relative of the McCann family has launched a fighting fund to allow Madeleine's parents to remain in Portugal until the missing girl is found. Phil McCann, has taken the campaign to Westminster where she was touched by the level of support.
By Nigel Moore
Philomna McCann: Errr... well, personally I... I'm heartened by the support I've received today in Parliament. There have been lots of suggestions; from the top, to some of the lesser, but as much appreciated, individuals within the Parliament. I have been galvanised by their support and I take on board some of their ideas which I have found very helpful, thank you.
Q: Could you give us an idea of what the Chancellor offered you in advice?
PM: Well, the Chancellor, more than anything, gev [gave] me some moral support and his advice I'd like to firstly share with my brother before I share it with the rest of the country and keep him in the loop rather than, errr... the media and people, errr... I'm sure at some point you will be made aware of the suggestions that have been made but for now I'd like to mull them over with my family because they deserve to hear them first, quite frankly.
Q: Were you moved by the mood of the house during Prime Minister's question time?
PM: What, the light-hearted mood when there was much of the jocularity? Or the support for the family? I presume you mean the second. Yes, it was very, errr... heartrending. It, errm... it really does help you to know that so many people support you and my family. It, errr... it is really, really nice.

Philomena McCann talks to RTÉ Liveline, 07 September 2007
Philomena McCann talks to RTÉ Liveline
07 September 2007
Alternative link direct to RTÉ - Liveline site
This is an interesting interview with Philomena McCann, sister of Gerry McCann, recorded on 07 September last year.
At the time Philomena is talking, Kate is being interviewed for the second time, as an Arguida,and Gerry is awaiting his interview.
The piece runs for just over 28 minutes.

"They're trying to get Kate to admit to having accidentally killed Madeleine and disposed of her body", 07 September 2007
"They're trying to get Kate to admit to having accidentally killed Madeleine and disposed of her body"


By Nigel Moore

Philomena McCann:
Part of it is that they're, errm... trying to get Kate to admit to having accidentally killed Madeleine and disposed of her body... hidden and disposed of her body - which is complete nonsense. Errr... It has no factual basis whatsover and, looking at the scenario: assuming that when they'd gone home, early evening, Kate has murdered her daughter and then gone out for some convivial company with friends, sat and had a meal and later rai... you know, raised an alarm - but sat through all that perfectly normal with people and then done it. It just beggar's belief; it's not true.

"They tried to get Kate to confess", 07 September 2007
"They tried to get Kate to confess"

By Nigel Moore
Philomena McCann: They tried to get Kate to, errr... confess to having accidentally killed, errr... Madeleine by offering her a deal through her lawyer, which was: 'If you say that you killed Madeleine by accident; and then hid her; and then disposed of the body, errr... then we can guarantee you a two-year jail sentence or even less. You may get off because people feel sorry for you; it was an accident.'

Transcript of Philomena McCann on This Morning 07 September 2007
This Morning, ITV1, 07 September 2007 Prime Time

Following the news that Kate McCann had been named as a suspect in the case, Madeleine's aunt spoke to Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langsford on the 'This Morning' show on ITV1.

Ruth: "Only a week or so ago, you were in here talking to us and so much has happened in such a short space of time. I know that you've spoken to Kate this morning, 11 hours she was at the station answering questions, how is she this morning?"

Philomena: "She's completely outraged, just like the rest of the family. It's inconceivable what’s happening to them out there. There they are, they're victims of this horrendous crime and now they're trying to sully their name in this disgusting manner with this smear campaign. It’s just unbelievable."

Ruth: "I know that during the news reports we've been seeing in the last couple of days it has been stressed that they are being questioned as witnesses not suspects. Is that still the case Philomena?"

: "Not that I am aware of, no. As far as I know they've changed their status and they are suspects. And I do know that some of the things that Kate has been asked are just incomprehensible. It's just the most shocking news ever."

Phillip: "We're confused because we've been waiting all week, in fact for longer then that, for this piece of forensic evidence which was supposed to throw the case wide open and certainly shed some light on the areas we haven't understood in the past. This is not what we were expecting, certainly not what you were expecting. Has there been anything mentioned to you about this forensic evidence we were supposed to be hearing about?"

Philomena: "Yes, there has been things mentioned, it's about body fluids being on the family's clothes. I'm not sure exactly, I don't know in-depth details. Some of it seems to me more then a little ludicrous. Of course there would be Madeleine's fluids on their clothes, they pick her up. She's a little girl who get's hugged and lifted. How does that change their status? As far as I can see all they're trying to do is fit Kate and Gerry up now because they haven't found this perpetrator, who's wandering about completely free to act as he pleases and possibly do that again. But at this time Kate and Gerry's names are just being totally sullied."

Phillip: "Does this mean that they are now formal suspects? Am I correct in saying they have moved up to this 'arguido' status?"

Philomena: "Yes that's true"

Phillip: "Does that offer them any other protection that they didn't have before?"

Philomena: "The only protection it offers is that they're allowed to take legal representation in with then when they're being questioned by the police and the other thing that it does is that allows them not to answer questions in case they incriminate themselves. But that's not what Kate and Gerry want to do. The police are trying to suggest that Kate has in some way accidentally killed Madeleine. How ludicrous is that when one of their friends actually saw Madeleine being carried up the street by some unknown assailant?"

Ruth: "How much was Kate actually allowed to tell you? What kind of things did they ask her that's made her now feel that they think she is a suspect in this?"

Philomena: "They were saying 'Tell us what you did with her?' Kate's like 'You must be insane to think we'd put ourselves through this'. It's just nonsense."

Phillip: "The relationship between your family and the police, up until now, has appeared to be very good. They're been frustration and certainly a discussion that mistakes have been made but that aside you do seem to have had a good relationship with the police."

Philomena: "My brother's telling me, do not antagonise these people. The enquiry is in their hands, we have to work with these people, they are our best hope. You have to be very political with what you say about them buy hey the gloves are off, these people are imbeciles."

Ruth: "Is it right that Gerry is being questioned separately today?"

Philomena: "He's going in at 2pm today. But he's not the main suspect, for some unknown reason there's something about a sniffer dog sniffing Kate. Suddenly a dog can talk and says she smelled a death. How can that be when a British sniffer dog came out months after Madeleine's case. They're doctors, if there's a smell of death on them could that possibly be a patient?"

Philomena: "You can imagine how low they feel about they with this, and yet there's this adrenaline pumping through them because at the end of the day all the time they're treating Kate and Gerry as suspects, the perpetrator is out there laughing that they've got away with this."

Ruth: "How much do you think these recent developments will affect your campaign now?"

Philomena: "I think with out a doubt they'll be a large number of people who think mud sticks. Whatever they say this has been covered by every news channel. It's all those adages, 'there's no smoke without fire'. Well it depends where that smoke's coming from and I think that smoke is just a smokescreen."

Phillip: "Philomena, we'll leave it there for the moment, all of us with our mouths wide open with shock and maybe we could speak to you again on Monday after the weekend and you could give us another update."

Philomena: "Can I just tell the whole audience out there. This is a complete fabrication. Gerry and Kate have got nothing to with the disappearance of their daughter. It has been them pushing this investigation from day one. It is just not true."

McCann Aunt: 'The Twins Come First', 09 September 2007
McCann Aunt: 'The Twins Come First' Sky News videos

Philomena McCann, Sky News, 09 September 2007
Philomena McCann, Sky News, 09 September 2007

Sep 9, 2007
Madeleine McCann's aunt, Philomena, told Sky's Kay Burley that coming back to the UK will help the twins to settle.
By Nigel Moore
Philomna McCann: It's a new stage of moving forward but, errr... primarily the twins have to come first. Their development is crucial and Kate and Gerry are putting their needs before everything else, errm... the investigation will carry on but they have to get the t... twins settled at home.

McCanns at an 'all time low', 10 September 2007
McCanns at an 'all time low' BBC News video

Philomena McCann, 10 September 2007
Philomena McCann

10 September 2007
Gerry McCann's sister, Philomena McCann, has said that her brother and his wife are at an "all time low".
By Nigel Moore
Dermot Murnaghan: Good morning, to you. Errm... have you managed to speak to Gerry or Kate since their return to Britain?
Philomna McCann: Yes, I did, last night.
DM: And how would you describe their mood?
PM: Well, it was very mixed, actually. There was relief at being home in familiar surroundings but they were exhausted emotionally and physically and just wanted to have some rest, basically, and take stock of where they are now.
DM: It must have been an emotional return, though, for them; returning to a house they left four months ago with three children... with just two?
PM: It was very emotional, Dermot. There was genuine relief to come back and get the kids home into a safe environment because that has been their utmost concern recently; the safety of the children, especially with the media spotlight being on them. The kids needed to be out of that at home, errr... the British journalists have been much more responsible than the Mediterranean journalists, who have continued, throughout this ordeal, photographing and filming Sean and Amelie, specifically after they were not... and even some journalists had, errr... entered the villa grounds without permission; climbing the wall; coming through the gate, etcetera. It's a real concern and Gerry and Kate are glad to have the kids back but they are really desperately upset that Madeleine is not with them and, you know, it's a very emotionally trying time for them.
DM: How angry are you; how angry are they about being made official suspects by the Portuguese police? We heard a little bit from Gerry as they emerged from the plane at East Midlands airport when he... he made that statement, errm... he did look very, very drawn - very, very angry.
PM: Well, actually, he looked very distressed to me. I could hear his voice quivering and breaking. The fact that they have been made this 'elguido' status. They're not allowed to discuss things; they have been effectively gagged by the Portuguese. I'm furious; the rest of the family are furious. It's adding insult to injury. They're at an all time low and we are shocked by how they have been treated, especially when we had no real understanding of what this 'elguido' status meant and the Portuguese legal system, to us, is a complete maze and we now need help to negotiate that; and that process has already started. So, Kate and Gerry have met with some legal representatives to help guide us though this maze and what they could potentially face.
DM: You say it's a maze, you say it's very confusing but are they still prepared to fully cooperate with the police investigation; are they expecting to return to Portugal; will they return if asked for further questioning?
PM: Errr... yes, they absolutely will cooperate with the police. They are more than prepared to undergo more questioning. It is their intention, regardless of whether they are asked to return, to return at regular intervals to try and put pressure on the Portuguese police to change the direction of the investigation in order to look for Madeleine - a live, little 4-year-old girl who's desperately sought by her parents, the rest of the family and, from what I hear, the rest of the world. We all want her home safely.
DM: Just want to ask you, though, about the cooperation with the... with the Portuguese police. It's reported in a lot of papers this morning, I don't know if you've seen them yet, that when they were questioned at the end of last week, by the police, they refused, between them, to answer about 40 questions, they remained silent on so many issues. Why did they do that? Why won't they just say everything they know; answer all those questions to the police?
PM: Well, Dermot, you're saying that they didn't answer 40 questions. That's certainly not coming from Kate and Gerry and I'd imagine if they refused, which I doubt, to answer questions they were either fatuous or spurious and contemptible. Therefore they probably felt that those questions were not at all justified or possibly that they had already answered them and as fully as they possibly could, therefore there was nothing else they could say to further that. 
DM: And a genuine feeling coming from you...
PM: I have... I don't know because... sorry, Dermot...
DM: Go on.
PM: But Gerry and Kate are not talking about their questions; they can't. They have been gagged by the Portuguese system. You saw Gerry on the tarmac reading the statement saying that they would love to say more but are unable to because they could be por... prosecuted, under the portuguese system, if they discuss what was said at their questioning.
DM: And... and.. finally, Philomena, back to what you were saying earlier, do... do they fear this... this cloud of suspicion, errm... is masking, what they see as... as... a the real issue here; the disappearance of Madeleine?
PM: Absolutely. The... the way the Portuguese have turned this investigation round and they are no longer looking for a live child. They are assuming, on spurious evidence, that Madeleine is now dead. Well, we don't agree with that - in any shape or form - and we want the investigation changed round to look for Madeleine alive, as we reckon she is, because the evidence from, errr... the organisations that look for missing and exploited children, points to kids like Madeleine being alive - not murdered - because their value is too high. We believe Madeleine is alive. We don't know her current status; how well she is; but we want her actively sought.

Philomena McCann - The Breakfast programme, 10 September 2007
Does the evidence stack up? BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast
Richard Jackson
10 Sep 2007, 09:17 AM
Millions of words have been written about the McCann family and the disappearance of Madeleine. They've used the media astutely over the last few months - and within the family there are some powerful advocates.
This morning on the Breakfast programme we spoke to Gerry McCann's sister Philomena who again put the case for the family very powerfully.
Nicky spoke to Philomena McCann - listen back to the interview here.
The frustration in covering the story is that so much from the police point of view has to be conjecture - because they are saying so little. There is talk of DNA evidence in the hire car - and some forensic evidence from the apartment. The Portugese have strict rules about secrecy and so its hard to discover what this actually consists of - and how reliable it may be.
Now of course there's discussion about the media role too - I'm listening to Victoria's phone-in where there's a lively debate about the role of the papers and broadcasters in this story.
By Nigel Moore
Nicky Campbell: ...Gerry McCann's sister, Philomena McCann. Philomena, good morning, thank you for talking to us and joining us.
Philomena McCann: Good morning.
NC: Errr... good morning. Errm... give us an idea what Kate and Gerry are going through right now.
PM: Well, they're going through torment, aren't they? They've had to leave Portugal without their daughter; their beloved daughter who's the apple of their eye. They've left a country - that they never wanted to leave without Madeleine - and it's heartbreaking. However, they have had to look at Sean and Amelie and their safety and security and bring them home. They've done what's right for the children and to protect their welfare.
NC: And the fact that in some people's minds, now, because of the fact that they are suspects - 'arguido' - and, you know, there is... a doubt about their innocence has been sewn. How do they feel about that?
PM: Well, they're irate (laughs)...
NC: Irate?
PM: we all are.
NC: Mmm...
PM: But peo... Yeah, of course, they're irate. They're very angry; they can't believe how this has turned round, but not just for the blackening of their name, but because the status of the investigation has changed. The Portuguese police need to be looking for Madeleine, not trying to look at evidence that implicates Gerry and Kate, who have absolutely nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance. There is an abductor out there who must be laughing in his socks right now, knowing that the... the limelight has now totally gone from them and has been deflected onto Gerry and Kate, who are entirely innocent of this matter.
NC: What about these claims about the... the DNA? What... what do you make of that? The finding of Madeleine's blood, or rather DNA, in... in the... speculation is the hire car and also in the apartment.
PM: Well, I'm no criminologist, and no expert in this, but there's a phrase that I've watched in many a TV show and that's: 'Transference DNA'. Trans... Madeleine's DNA would be on their clothes, their hands and things and that lasts for a long, long time. I'm no expert, as I said, I don't know how long it lasts but now that Gerry and Kate know what the evidence is, they will be able to take legal advice on this and will understand this much further. You can't expect us to know exactly how to treat this; we need help and advice. As I said, this is completely new to us and we want experts to tell us exactly what this means.
NC: It's a nightmare for you, isn't it?
PM: It is a nightmare. Apart from anything else, we are, kind of, just professional people who go about our daily business and the media scrutiny has been intense - which also goes back to the fact that Kate and Gerry have been under immense media scrutiny since this happened. How could they possibly have done some of the things that are being suggested? Like: hide her body; dig her body up; put it in a car. There's not been a time when the media camera has not been on them; as soon as they've left the apartment; gone for a walk. We've watched it, on 24 hours, on TV. How can it be possible that they could have done these things? The allegations are ridiculous, at best.
NC: And just the other... another couple, just to... to get you to... to comment on: The claim that Kate had the smell of death on her clothes and also the claim that Madeleine had been sedated.
PM: (long pause) Yeah... I mean, sedated by what? I know the strongest thing that Kate and Gerry give to the kids is Calpol. If that's a sedative, then there must be 90% of the British public quaking in their boots because they all use it. It's pathetic. If that's what they're trying to suggest, it's fatuous, at best, and, other than that, Kate and Gerry are loving parents; they tried so hard to have children. They had to undergo IVF; Kate had difficult pregnancies. They were delighted to have Madeleine; their first born child. They would never do anything to harm her. The worst I've ever seen Kate and Gerry do, or even heard them say, is go and sit on the naughty step. That's hardly, you know, undermining her physically and mentally. It's crazy.
NC: What do you think, errr... Philomena, of the Portuguese police?
PM: Well, I think that they should be looking for Madeleine alive; I don't want Madeleine lost in all of this; on these allegations and counter allegations of whatever else. I don't really care about, you know, what's been said, I just want them to get out there and find Madeleine; do their job, look for her; look for her alive. The abductor has her, or has passed her on to someone else. They need to be looking for her actively. That's what's important in all this, it's Madeleine.
NC: Do you think she's still alive?
PM: Yes, I do think she's still alive. We have had no evidence contrary to that and as for cadaver dogs sniffing death on Kate; I mean, what is she? Lassie? Is she gonna speak to them and ask what they're smelling? Kate's a doctor - what does this mean? You know, they've been given a team that send her to go and sniff Kate's clothes and the dogs are told what to do. If they start barking, how are we supposed to interpret that? Except, perhaps, they're 'barking'.
NC: Philomena McCann, thank you very much.

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