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McCanns Try To 'Gag' Gonçalo Amaral (2)*

Gerry McCanns' press conference and ongoing reports

Gerry McCann - Press Conference, 09 September 2009
Gerry McCann - Press Conference Sky News


By Nigel Moore

Gerry McCann: I'd like to read this statement on behalf of Kate, myself and our three children:

We're pleased with the judges decision today preventing further distribution and sale of Mr Amaral's book and DVD, 'The Truth of the Lie'.

Mr Amaral's central thesis has no evidence whatsoever to support it.

To claim, as he did, that Madeleine is dead and that we, her parents, were somehow involved in her disappearance has caused our family incredible distress and continues to do so.

Without doubt Madeleine will have suffered as a result of the negative effect this book and DVD will have had on the search for her.  

Sean and Amelie need protection too, from such awful claims.

Hopefully this injunction today will go a long way towards reducing further uneccessary and unjust distress to us all and allow people to concentrate completely on what is important; finding Madeleine.

Thank you.

Madeleine McCann book banned, 09 September 2009
Madeleine McCann book banned ITN News (with video)

Gerry McCann - Press Conference, 09 September 2009

Wed Sep 9 2009 20:08:57

A Portuguese judge has banned further sales or publications of a former policeman's book which claims Madeleine McCann is dead.

Clarence Mitchell said Kate and Gerry McCann were "absolutely delighted" that The Truth Of The Lie by Goncalo Amaral will be taken off shop shelves.

He said the book had hampered the search for missing Madeleine and added to her parents' distress.

Mr Amaral worked on the investigation into three-year-old Madeleine's disappearance from an apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007 during a family holiday.

He was removed from the investigation after criticising British police.

The injunction, granted today after a hearing last week, means he has to ensure that all unsold copies of the book are removed from shops and warehouses across Europe or he faces a 1,000 euro-a-day (£877) fine.

Video Transcript

By Nigel Moore

Gerry McCann:
We didn't want to take action - as usual. It was a last resort.

It took us a long time to get the files translated so we knew exactly what was in them and by the time we'd... we had done that completely we were into January and we... we did take advice and, to be honest, we were advised to, errr... issue proceedings at that point.

But we didn't want to enter into an adversarial process. We want to work with the Portuguese and we will continue to work with the Portuguese authorities to try and find Madeleine.

But when we launched, errm... the documentary with the fresh appeals and we had, errr... repeated statements from Mr Amaral; and his own documentary; and the DVD; and the book, then, you know, we had to take action because, at that point, we felt that it was completely damaging the search.

We had hoped that everyone would have had the opportunity to see what was in the file and to see the Portuguese judiciary's verdict of what is in the file and they are very clear; there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead.

Gonçalo Amaral - "They won't shut us up, that is for sure", 09 September 2009
Gonçalo Amaral - "They won't shut us up, that is for sure" TeleJornal


By Joana Morais

Sandra Felgueiras (voice over): The judge's decision on a request for an injunction of secret character that had been filed by the McCanns arrived this morning. Starting at the moment when Gonçalo Amaral's editor is notified, the sale of any books and videos that are still in stores will be forbidden. The editor has not been informed about this decision yet, but from what can be read, it is impeded from performing any new editions, and Gonçalo Amaral is strictly forbidden from making any comments that correspond with the parts of the book that defend the thesis that Madeleine died.

Gonçalo Amaral: What makes this worse is that they are trying to shut us up, but they won't shut us up, that is for sure, and the book will be published in English, even more so because the conclusions that are in the book are in the process.

SF (voice over): What is certain is that if Gonçalo Amaral and the editor do not obey the order, the court can condemn them to pay a fine of 1000 euro per day.

GA: It's a very dangerous decision. It's a decision that places the freedom of expression at stake. Let's see what the political parties will say. They will certainly have to say something.

SF (voice over): In Rothley, Kate and Gerry McCann rejoiced over the decision, even more so because it paves the way for a satisfactory outcome in the other civil action that they have filed in June against the former inspector, who was removed from the case and later abandoned the Polícia Judiciária. Over alleged moral damages, they demand compensation in the amount of one million and two thousand euro.

GA: What they want is to make money in order to pay for their house in Rothley, which is what they have been doing.

SF (voice over): Gerry and Kate have not heard Gonçalo Amaral yet, but from England they assert that the most serious part is that the former inspector's book damaged the search for Madeleine.

Influenced by this piece of news or not, the truth is that 'The Truth about the Lie' sold out in many Lisbon bookshops, this afternoon. This is almost a unique copy of a non-fiction book that became the most sold book during the entire year of 2008. 175,000 copies have been sold, and that is not counting with the editions that were translated for Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany. The adaptation of this book into a television documentary was watched by 2,209,000 people and became the single most watched television programme in Portugal, apart from football matches.

But is it the truth or a lie? This thesis from Gonçalo Amaral about the Madeleine McCann case has never been proved, and now, until an order to the contrary, it will have to be silenced.

The prohibition of the sale of "The Truth About The Lie" and the freedom of expression and opinion: Impressions, 09 September 2009
The prohibition of the sale of "The Truth About The Lie" and the freedom of expression and opinion: Impressions Dr Marta Madalena Botelho's webpage

by Marta Madalena Botelho, lawyer
09 September 2009
Thanks to Astro for translation

The book "The Truth about the Lie", by Gonçalo Amaral, which focuses on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, that happened in May of 2007 in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, is going to be removed from the market, following a decision from the Civil Court of Lisbon, which forbids its sale.

In "The Truth about the Lie", Gonçalo Amaral subscribes the thesis that the parents were involved in the little English girl's disappearance, a conclusion that is essentially anchored on the fact that the PJ's dogs detected blood and cadaver odour inside the apartment where the child disappeared from, and inside the automobile that the McCanns hired after the disappearance.

Unsatisfied about the publication of the book in Portugal – and very likely, trying at any cost to prevent the book from being translated and published abroad, mainly in the United Kingdom – the McCanns, on their behalf and on behalf of their children (including Madeleine), have requested an injunction against Gonçalo Amaral and the editors Guerra e Paz, Editores, SA (for the book) and VC-Valentim de Carvalho Filmes, Audiovisuais (for the video that was meanwhile produced from the book), almost two years after the publication and the sale of 175 thousand copies (in Portugal alone).

In its decision, the Court decided in favour of the petitioners. Therefore, and according to the judicial decision that was made public today, any expressions of the theory of the child's death and a concealment of the cadaver with the parents' involvement, are forbidden in any shape or form. The author of the book and the editors are forbidden from "citing, analysing or commenting upon, verbally or in writing, the parts of the book or the video that defend the theory of death or concealment of the body", as well as from "reproducing or commenting, giving an opinion or an interview, where said thesis is defended or where it can be inferred". In order to prevent that either the book or the video can be published abroad, the author and the editors are also prohibited from selling the book's and the video's copyrights.

The decision goes even further and does not merely prohibit the sale of the remaining copies or of new editions of the book, but also prohibits the edition of "other books and/or videos that defend the same theory and that are destined to be sold or published by any means in Portugal". In order to prevent both the book and the video from being publicised abroad, the author and the editors are also forbidden from selling the rights that they hold over the works (source).

Well, in "The Truth about the Lie", Gonçalo Amaral described the investigation, listed the collected evidence, and based on that, he built a thesis and presented his own conclusions. Therefore, this book is a free exercise of opinion, divulged under the freedom of expression that is constitutionally acknowledged and guaranteed in our country.

Deep down, it seems that Gonçalo Amaral does nothing more than to emit his perception of what he believes is the most likely scenario for the disappearance of Madeleine. According to the impressions that he has collected, he believes that the evidence point into the direction that the child died inside the apartment, and he considers the possibility that the parents had some kind of direct or indirect intervention in the concealment of the cadaver.

It does not seem possible to infer, from this, that the former inspector states that the parents are responsible over the disappearance. This is merely a mental construction that is based on the investigation that was carried out, which is to say, an exercise in (free) opinion about certain facts.

By preventing the divulgation of any opinion that establishes the connection between the McCanns and the disappearance of Madeleine, the Court is limiting the freedom of expression not only for Gonçalo Amaral, but for all the people who reach the same conclusion. By forbidding the publication and divulgation in Portugal of any books and/or videos that defend the same thesis, the Court is limiting the right to emit an opinion about certain facts. What seems to be at stake is an act of censorship on what is thought and expressed about the "Madeleine McCann" case in Portugal.

According to the Court, this is a situation where fundamental rights are at conflict: on one side, Gonçalo Amaral's right to freedom of expression, and on the other, the McCanns' personality rights. In that conflict, the Court decided that the personality rights should prevail.

But it is important to clarify whether or not this is indeed a matter of conflicting fundamental rights, which is to say, it is absolutely essential to analyse whether or not the McCanns' personality rights are being damaged, as there re no doubts that the book was published under the freedom of expression of its author.

It is at this point that I disagree with the Court's decision. In effect, while Gonçalo Amaral merely expresses personal convictions, which is to say, an opinion about certain facts that took place, and only taking personal conclusions thereof, not making any accusations, it seems that although one may admit that the situation is uncomfortable for the McCanns, it does not damage their personality rights. It would be damaging if the conclusions were unreasonable or baseless, but given the fact that the author of the book elaborates a logical reasoning and bases his conclusions on facts, what may be said is that the conclusions may be wrong, but not that they are gratuitous, and therefore, that their purpose is to target the McCanns' fundamental personality rights.

On my behalf, I would say that in this case, the McCanns' fundamental personality rights were not violated, and that, on the contrary, the Court's decision attacks Gonçalo Amaral's freedom of expression.

Hypothetically, and taking this matter to an extreme, I dare to say that to forbid the emission of a free exercise in opinion, in logics and in argumentation like the one that was made by Gonçalo Amaral, is to open the door to the possibility of considering that personality rights are being damaged by, for example, any accusation from the Public Ministry that comes to be considered as not sustained due to a lack of proof. Excessive, maybe, but possible, using a reasoning that resembles that of this judicial decision.

Given the fact that everything indicates that Gonçalo Amaral and/or the editors will appeal this decision, we shall see whether or not the superior instances agree with this point of view. Anyway, what remains to be seen is if the Court maintains the now expressed opinion, if there is, at least, opposition and if the process moves into trial.

Maddie hunt will 'go on', 10 September 2009
Maddie hunt will 'go on' Daily Star

Gerry McCann during a press conference at Rothley Court, Rothley

By Jerry Lawton
10th September 2009

GERRY McCann last night pledged that the search for his missing daughter would continue, insisting: "There is no evidence that Madeleine is dead."

The heart consultant spoke out after disgraced ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral was gagged by a Portuguese judge.

Gerry, 41, told how Amaral's lies had damaged the search for Maddie, now six. He said: "A lot of people in Portugal believe that Madeleine is dead but there is no evidence to support that."

He described the ex-cop's claims in his book The Truth Of The Lie as "unforgivable".

Any damages received by Gerry and GP wife Kate, 41, will be spent on the search.

He said private investigator David Edgar strongly believed Amaral had hampered the 28-month hunt for Maddie.

Gerry – speaking at a press briefing near his home in Rothley, Leics – said the couple are hoping to get a payout from Amaral, who now has 30 days to appeal against the ruling.

He added: "The important thing for us is that the search goes on."

Banned: book that claims McCanns to blame, 10 September 2009
Banned: book that claims McCanns to blame Irish Independent

Maddy's parents got rid of her body, says author

By Tom Worden
Thursday September 10 2009

A JUDGE in Portugal yesterday banned the sale of a controversial book which accused Madeleine McCann's parents of being behind their daughter's disappearance.

Gerry and Kate McCann, both 41, won an injunction ordering Portuguese bookshops to strip the shelves of 'The Truth About the Lie', by the disgraced former head of the police investigation Goncalo Amaral.

In his book Mr Amaral claims Madeleine died in the family's rented holiday apartment in the Algarve in May 2007. He accuses her parents of disposing of their daughter's body.

The judge's decision follows a secret court hearing last week in the capital Lisbon. Mr Amaral and his publisher, Guerra & Paz, will be fined €1,000 a day each if they breach the order.

The 49-year-old former chief inspector was also banned from making public statements supporting his discredited theory.

Mr Amaral was not warned about the behind-closed doors court hearing last week. If he appeals the judge's decision a full hearing will take place.

The McCanns' lawyers estimate Mr Amaral has personally made more than €1m profit from the worldwide sales of his book and an accompanying TV documentary, which was also banned yesterday.

The injunction bans Mr Amaral, who was thrown off the Madeleine case in October 2007 after five months in charge, from offering his book to publishers outside Portugal.

'The Truth About the Lie' has sold 330,000 copies in seven languages, including 180,000 in Portugal where it sold out 12 print runs and made the publishers around €2m. It has sold another 150,000 copies in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland.

The 50-minute documentary was watched by a fifth of the Portuguese population when it was first screened in April this year. It sold another 75,000 copies on DVD.

The court order does not prevent foreign publishers who have already bought the rights to the book from selling it.


However, it does ban Mr Amaral and his publisher from touting it to new publishers abroad.

Publisher Guerra & Paz said they had not yet been informed of the judge's decision.

Publishing director Mario Sena Lopes said: "We have not been told anything about this decision.

"We were not even informed there was a hearing last week.

"I cannot comment on a ruling I know nothing about."

Mr Amaral, a father of three, has become a celebrity in Portugal on the back of his book.

The McCanns are suing Mr Amaral for at least €1m for defamation and for breaching their human rights.

A writ filed in Portugal in June says the couple have been "totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view" as a result of Mr Amaral's lies.

In it the couple accuse Mr Amaral of being a self-obsessed, manipulative money-grabber with no morals. They believe they have a clear-cut case for defamation as they have already been cleared of any wrongdoing by Portugal's attorney general Jose Pinto Monteiro.

The defamation case is expected to go to trail in Lisbon next summer.

Judge explains decision of forbidding sale, 09 September 2009
Judge explains decision of forbidding sale SOL

The decision, by judge Amélia Puna Loupo, analyses the constitutional rights that are at stake and in conflict: those of freedom of expression and freedom of press, and those of physical integrity and personality. The conclusion was that the rights of personality should prevail

By Ana Paula Azevedo
09 September 2009
Thanks to
Astro for translation

The magistrate concluded that, with the evidence that she was presented – namely the archiving dispatch of the Public Ministry's inquiry into the child's disappearance, the editions of the book 'The Truth about the Lie' and the television documentary that is based on it - it had to be evaluated, as determined by law, which should prevail in fairness. And she concluded that the rights of personality should prevail.

Therefore, she considers that the fear that has been alleged by the McCann couple, that the dissemination of the book (which has already been published in eight countries), as well as the statements that Gonçalo Amaral has been making about it, will provoke new offences (against them and their children, Sean and Amelie), apart from hampering the continuation of searches for Maddie, is founded.

The magistrate recalls that the Public Ministry's archiving dispatch in the inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann concluded that there is no evidence to accuse the McCanns of any crime. Therefore, the repetition of the former inspector's thesis always causes serious and hardly repairable damage to the McCann family.

The decision to prohibit the sale of the book and the documentary has immediate effect. Gonçalo Amaral can appeal the decision to the Appeals Court or state his opposition to the decision (which in this case moves the process into a court session, that would be presided over by the same judge) but such action would have no suspension effect.

"The Truth about the Lie" to stay on the shelves, 10 September 2009
"The Truth about the Lie" to stay on the shelves SOSMaddie and 24horas

By Duarte Levy & Joaquim Eduardo Oliveira
Thanks to
Anna Andress for translation

The ruling by judge Amelia Puna Loupo that bans the sale of "Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie," will not have a direct impact on sales for the moment, in Portugal and anywhere else. This is because the order has not been completely formalised, as has been admitted by the lawyer representing the McCann family in this case.

Isabel Duarte noted that "the process has been secret until now to retain the utility of the decision obtained." In this case, the other parties have still to be heard - Gonçalo Amaral (author), Guerra y Paz (publisher) and Valentim de Carvalho (responsible for the screening of the TVI video).

As if that wasn't enough, there is also a 10 day delay to allow the three parties to oppose or 30 days to present before the Lisbon Court Of Appeal an appeal against the decision by the judge for the Third Civil Section of the 13th Lisbon Court. "As long as we have not received notification, we will continue to sell the book. When we have received notification, we'll see," a public relations officer for the publishing house Guerra y Paz, was quoted as saying by the press agency, Lusa.

The preventative order involves the publishers being banned from selling the books and videos, "that remain on their shelves or in shops and warehouses, and the requirement to collect (the copies) and hand them over to the authorised agent."

"The decision takes effect, despite the fact that it's not final, since the opposing parties, in keeping with, "the conflict principle," have the opportunity to express themselves," lawyer António Pinto Pereira explained to 24horas.

If Amaral and the publishers present arguments capable of convincing the judge that the decision carries serious and irreparable prejudice, "that would mean the results of the decision by the preventative order would be suspended."

Pereira Pinto would actually, "make a hybrid decision": not to produce any further editions of the book, but not to void the stocks or withdraw the books already on sale until there was a decision from the higher court.

If the higher court decides in their favour, Amaral and the publishers can go ahead with demands for compensation against the McCanns (for actual damage caused) and as individuals, against the judge Amelia Puna Loupo (for an illegal decision causing serious prejudice).

Elsewhere, it's business as usual

"We have neither been notified nor informed of the decision of the Portuguese court, and we shall continue to sell the book," stated Isabelle Mazzaschi, representing the publisher Bourin distributor of, ""Maddie : L'enquête interdite," (the French title of Gonçalo Amaral's book) in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

In Paris, Brussels and Geneva, the French version of the book by the former PJ coordinator was available yesterday afternoon in all the main outlets in spite of the fact that the order by the Portuguese court had been all over the media.

"The sale of the book will continue until we have been notified by the French courts," Isabelle Mazzaschi confirmed for 24horas, adding that, "the Portuguese decision has no weight in France." And she is right.

According to Pinto Pereira, "outside our country, the order is totally ineffective, because the principles of territoriality and sovereignty of other states cannot be violated."

The publisher, TM Publishers, which distributes the book in the Netherlands and in the Flemish region of Belgium, has also told 24horas that Amaral's book will stay on the market.

Delighted with the publicity surrounding the court's decision, this publisher (TM) has decided to place the cover of the book - "Maddie, De waarheid achter de leugen" the Dutch title, on the home page of its web site:

"The book has made it into the top 10 best sellers and has been well received by the public," the publisher's spokesperson acknowledged, stressing that, "that is not a logical or normal decision in a European country."

"The book has been on sale for some time in our country and without a legal order we are not going to change anything," he insists.

All foreign publishers of "Maddie: L’enquête interdite", contacted by 24horas, have refused to withdraw the book from the shelves without a local court order, at the same time as they admit that they will be contacting their lawyers and the Portuguese publisher to decide the book's future.

Among the best sellers

According to the publisher Guerra & Paz, the book "A Verdade da Mentira," has sold in Portugal alone ( because there are editions in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark) close to 175 thousand copies (including copies sold through the daily newspaper, "Correio da Manhã"), a much higher number than other Portuguese authors, according to the sales figures for 2008. "A vida num Sopro" by José Rodrigues dos Santos, was the next best seller by a Portuguese author last year, with 115 thousand copies, followed by "A Viagem do Elefante" by José Saramago, with 100 thousand.

Amongst the top sellers is "Equador", by Miguel Sousa Tavares, which has sold close to 370 thousand copies. With a cover price of 13.30 Euros, Gonçalo Amaral's book has already taken 2.3 million Euros - the profits are divided between the publisher and the author, with the author receiving a lower percentage.

Maddie book banned, 11 September 2009
Maddie book banned The Portugal News Online
The Portugal News, 12 September 2009
12/09/2009 (first appeared online 11/09/2009)

A Lisbon court has this week told the former lead detective who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann that he can no longer publicise his suspicions that she is dead and that her parents concealed her body. While Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer has blasted the ruling for limiting the freedom of expression, Madeleine's father Gerry has welcomed the decision, arguing Mr Amaral's views resulted in fewer people looking for his daughter. It was also revealed that Kate and Gerry McCann's legal representatives in Britain now plan to sue the former detective for a minimum of €1.2 million in damages.

Following legal proceedings that had been kept under wraps, a controversial book and a DVD by Gonçalo Amaral have been forced off the shelves by a Portuguese court.

'The Truth of the Lie' was on the verge of being published in English, explained António Cabrita, lawyer for the detective, and said he believed the ruling coincided with this very fact.

In comments to the Lusa News Agency, he said he found the timing of the injunction odd, saying the book has been on sale for a year and that sales peaked some time ago.

It has also emerged that Mr Amaral is facing a seven-figure civil claim over the publishing of the book.

"We are currently demanding €1.2 million in damages, but we are reserving the right to increase this value as soon as we can ascertain what profits have been generated from the sale of this book", Ed Smethurst, a lawyer for the McCanns said on Wednesday as news of the injunction was made public.

The action against Amaral was filed by Kate and Gerry McCann, along with Madeleine and her twin siblings, Sean and Amelie.

The McCanns have so far received around €700,000 in damages from British newspapers, though Gerry McCann told The Portugal News back in April that he believed the cash in the Find Madeleine Fund will have run dry by the end of the year.

In the ruling, the judge at Lisbon's main civil court outlawed any further sales or publications of the book.

Mr Amaral has insisted since being taken off the case back in 2007 that there are a number of discrepancies in the accounts given by the McCanns as to what happened on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance.

The injunction states that Mr Amaral has to ensure all unsold copies of his book are removed from shops and warehouses across Europe or face a 1,000 euro-a-day fine.

But before going to press, publishers of the book said they were still awaiting legal documentation signalling them to remove the book.

The order bans the former detective from repeating any of his claims about the McCann family and also applies to a television programme, later produced as a DVD, he made earlier this year in conjunction with TVI.

Copyright for the book and film must also be passed to the McCanns' lawyer in Portugal, Isabel Duarte.

In May, the McCanns had said they were suing Mr Amaral for defamation over the "hurtful" book's "unfounded and grossly defamatory claims".

Mr Amaral has since said he would counter-sue the McCanns, had a clear conscience and was more than willing to face them in a court of law.

Following the decision, Kate and Gerry McCann released a statement praising the Portuguese court’s decision.

"We are pleased with the Judge's decision preventing further distribution and sale of Mr Amaral's book and DVD – 'The Truth of the Lie'.

"Mr. Amaral's central thesis has no evidence whatsoever to support it. To claim as he did, that Madeleine is dead, and that we, her parents, were in some way involved with her disappearance, has caused our family incredible distress and it continues to do so.

"Without doubt, Madeleine will have suffered as a result of the negative effect this book and DVD will have had on the search for her.

"Sean and Amelie need protection too from such awful claims.

"Hopefully this injunction today will go a long way towards reducing further unnecessary and unjust distress to us all and allow people to concentrate completely on what is important - finding Madeleine," the statement read.

In the only extensive interview granted to an English-language publication, Gonçalo Amaral told The Portugal News back in 2007 that his premature removal from the case hampered the search for the truth.

"We should have continued investigating the parents in order to either charge them or rule them out as suspects. If I had represented this couple, I would have insisted the police investigations continue. Not everything we do is to incriminate a suspect", he reasoned, adding: "Often a phone will be tapped in order to obtain information that will clear a suspect".

When questioned over legal action he would face over his views, Mr Amaral said: "My book is based on facts. It could be a good occasion to take all the case files to court and compare what I wrote with that which is contained in the files."

Arguing the opposite to be true, Gerry McCann told The Portugal News: "There's one thing that has been revealed in the case files which is that there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there is no evidence to suggest that Kate and I were involved in any theories. It's about Madeleine. As her parents, I hope people understand that we have to do what we are doing."

Kate and Gerry have also since referred to the Jaycee Lee Dugard case as an example of why they will continue their search for their daughter.

"Once again - this shows that children can seem to disappear off the radar, only to be found years later alive. It emphasises that we should never assume that someone is not alive without any evidence to support this - we should never give up. This case only makes us more determined to find Madeleine. She is somewhere and somebody knows where", the McCanns said.

Madeleine McCann went missing from the holiday apartment she was staying at on May 3rd, 2007 in Praia da Luz shortly before her fourth birthday.

Edition: 1027

McCann's Censorship: The Injunction's Prohibitions, 11 September 2009
McCann's Censorship: The Injunction's Prohibitons Joana Morais blogspot

Decision of Portuguese judge, page 1

Decision of Portuguese judge, page 2

Much rumour has been spread about the exact consequences of the injunction that was approved by the civil court of Lisbon, in the case against the book by Gonçalo Amaral, "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie".

In order to assist in the clarification of truth, and seeking to demistify this matter, we publish the translation of the decision that has been issued by judge Amélia Maria de Matos Puna Loupo, at the 13th section of the Civil Court of Lisbon.

By Astro
11 September 2009


Under these terms and due to the exposed fundaments, the Court defers the present injunction and, as a consequence, decrees as follows:

a) The prohibition for the requested parties [Guerra & Paz and Valentim de Carvalho] to sell the books and the videos that are still in stores or in other deposits or warehouses, and the obligation for the requested parties to collect them and to deliver them to the depositary that is nominated below;

b) The prohibition for the requested parties to perform new editions of the book or the video, or of other books and/or videos, that defend the same thesis, and that are destined to be sold or published by any means whatsoever in Portugal;

c) The prohibition for the requested person [Gonçalo Amaral] and the requested parties to cede the editing rights or the authorship rights over the contents of the book or the video, or of other books and other videos about the same theme, for publication anywhere in the world;

d) The prohibition for the requested person and the requested parties to cite, analyse or comment, verbally or in writing, on parts of the book or the video that defend the thesis of death of the third requesting person or of concealment of her body by the first two requesting persons;

e) The prohibition for the requested person and the requested parties to perform the reproduction or comment, opinion or interview, where said thesis is defended or from where it can be inferred;

f) The prohibition for the requested person and the requested parties to publish statements, photographs, or any other documentation that is allegedly connected to said book and video or said thesis.

Moreover, the Court condemns each one of the requested societies to pay a compulsory pecuniary sanction in the amount of 1000 euros for each day that the prohibitions or the order to apprehend the books and the videos are not respected.

The depository of the books and videos, whose collection is ordered, is the lawyer who represents the requesting persons.

Gonçalo Amaral: Editor contests prohibitions, 11 September 2009
Gonçalo Amaral: Editor contests prohibitions Correio da Manhã

Gonçalo Amaral
Guerra & Paz notified

11 September 2009 - 15h53
Thanks to
Astro for translation

The editor that publishes the book 'Maddie: The Truth about the Lie', Guerra & Paz, has informed that it is going to contest the judicial prohibition that involves Gonçalo Amaral's book, after having received the notification this Friday.

The action that was filed against the book includes the prohibition of selling the book's edition rights for foreign publications, as well as the impossibility to cite, analyse, give an opinion or interviews about the thesis that is defended by Gonçalo Amaral.

Guerra & Paz defends that these restrictions are "an attempt against the freedom of expression and the freedom of contract, hurting the most elementary rights that are consecrated by the Portuguese Constitution".

In the same press release, the editor names the decision as "unjustified and disputable", taking into account the international application of the decision.

"It is only out of respect to the institutions and due to our will to contribute to their prestige, that we obey this arbitrary position that we will contest in the Portuguese courts and, if necessary, at super-national instances".

Gerry McCann - Complete press conference, 09 September 2009
Gerry McCann - Complete press conference


By Nigel Moore

Clarence Mitchell: Errr... Ladies and gentlemen, thanks very much for coming at short notice. Errm.... Gerry would like to read a short statement; he will take a few questions after that; errr... he doesn't wish to do any other one-to-ones. So, thank you for coming. Gerry.
Gerry McCann: I'd like to read this statement on behalf of Kate, myself and our three children:

'We're pleased with the judges decision today preventing further distribution and sale of Mr Amaral's book and DVD, 'The Truth of the Lie'.

Mr Amaral's central thesis has no evidence whatsoever to support it.

To claim, as he did, that Madeleine is dead and that we, her parents, were somehow involved in her disappearance has caused our family incredible distress and continues to do so.

Without doubt Madeleine will have suffered as a result of the negative effect this book and DVD will have had on the search for her.  

Sean and Amelie need protection too, from such awful claims.

Hopefully this injunction today will go a long way towards reducing further uneccessary and unjust distress to us all and allow people to concentrate completely on what is important; finding Madeleine.'

Thank you.

Clarence Mitchell: If you could just say which news organisation you're from. David, from Sky News

David Crabtree: David Crabtree, from Sky News. How much do you think this has damaged your campaign and is there anything you can tell us which suggests it has actually been damaged?

Gerry McCann: I think there's a lot of people in Portugal who believe that there is evidence, errm... and further afield, that Madeleine is dead and if people believe that they won't search for her; and they may have information; and they may not come forward with that information; and we know for a fact that people have been told that... that Madeleine is dead; and there is no evidence to support that; and that is unforgivable.

David Crabtree: Has it slowed down the number of leads coming in, do you think?

Gerry McCann: I believe so; Dave Edgar believes so; and if people believe that Madeleine's dead then why would they come forward with information?

David Crabtree: It's taken a long time to get this book banned. Errm... Has it been a long struggle? A difficult struggle?

Gerry McCann: Errm... It's probably worth just expanding on that a little bit. We didn't want to take action; as usual. It was a last resort. It took us a long time to get the files translated so we knew exactly what was in them and by the time we'd... we had done that completely we were in to January and we... we did take advice and, to be honest, we were advised to, errr... issue proceedings at that point.

But we didn't want to enter into an adversarial process. We want to work with the Portuguese and we will continue to work with the Portuguese authorities to try and find Madeleine. But when we launched, errm... the documentary with the fresh appeals and we had, errr... repeated statements from Mr Amaral; and his own documentary; and the DVD; and the book, then, you know, we had to take action because, at that point, we felt that it was completely damaging the search.

We had hoped that everyone would have had the opportunity to see what was in the file and to see the Portuguese judiciary's verdict of what is in the file and they are very clear; there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead.

David Crabtree: Are you, errm... pursuing, errr... damages... compensation?

Gerry McCann: Yes, absolutely. Errm... this has been incredibly damaging; that action has been, errr... submitted earlier this year, errr... and we will pusue that, errr... people have profitted from the book. 

Clarence Mitchell: Lady at the front.

Helen Astle: Helen Astle, East Midlands Today. Errm... How is the investigation into Madeleine's diappearance going? What new information have you had since the second anniversary?

Gerry McCann: It's ongoing and, errr... you know, tonight is not about the investigation. There is information coming in but we will come public with information and Dave Edgar will be the person who will come forward if he thinks that putting information in the public domain will help the search. Thank you.

Rod Chaytor: Rod Chaytor, from the Mirror. Errm... If I read the injunction, or the translation of the injunction, correctly, errm... books have to be taken into the care of your solicitors after... after being taken from the shelves. Are you pulping them?

Gerry McCann: Pardon

Rod Chaytor: Are you pulping them? Are you destroying them?

Gerry McCann: Errr... We haven't considered that. The first thing is, errr... to have any books for sale removed and they've to be deposited and I know there is a penalty if that's not, errm... if that doesn't happen. So, that's a matt... a matter for, errr.... our solicitor in Portugal.

Rod Chaytor: And have you been told if Mr Amaral has, under the Portuguese judicial system, any recourse, any appeal... (inaudible)

Gerry McCann: Errr... I... I'm not a legal expert, obviously but I've been told that they have 30 days to appeal.

Sally ???: Sally (inaudible), ITN. Todays banning for any future sales, Europewide. Can anything be done for the sales that have already taken place in Portugal? 'Cause it's been on sale for over a year, this book.

Gerry McCann: That's right, well, the... the action that we.. we have launched, errm... and the damages, is really to redress that, errr... so that the injunction is about further publication, errr... and damage to the ongoing search, errr... the other action is about the damage that's caused to ourselves, our children and Madeleine, obviously.

Sally ???: And what do you plan to do with the damages and compensation outside of the fund to help find Madeliene?

Gerry McCann: I mean, first of all, we... we have not been awarded damages, as yet. Errr... I guarantee that if we are awarded damages they'll certainly be used, errm... to continue the search for Madeleine and we'll certainly look at other worthy causes, errr... within that.

Sally ???: Have you any idea why Mr Amaral wrote this book in the first place?

Gerry McCann: You'd have to ask Mr Amaral. But the question I'd be asking is: 'Why would someone continue to purport a thesis that a missing child is dead when there is no evidence' and I hope that's a question people are asking, and what motivates someone? Thank you.

Clarence Mitchell: Anymore?

Rod Chaytor: Can I just ask. 200,000 people across Europe are said to have bought the book. What would you tell them to do with it? (pause) People who've got the book.

Gerry McCann: I think, errm... if they really want to know what the evidence is then there's a lot of information in the public domain rather than a skewed, errr... version of events, errm... the file has been made public, errm... I think the judiciary's summary of what has been done is very clear and, as parents, the search goes on and what I would ask is if anybody has information which may be relevant to come forward, please.

Clarence Mitchell: At the back.

???: Hi Gerry. I'm (inaudible) from (inaudible). Do you think that Mr Amaral's, errr... book is, in a way, to kind of try and... it's a kind of build up of tension between the Portuguese authorities and the British authorities and trying to deflect... deflect attention from the real search and the real nitty-gritty of getting to trying to find Madeleine? I mean...

Gerry McCann: You know, you'll have to ask Mr Amaral. The key thing is the... the injunction... the verdict of the judge today and, for us, the important thing is that the search goes on.

Clarence Mitchell: Well. ladies and gentlemen, that's it, if there's no more questions. Thank you very much for coming, as I say. Thank you.

Gerry McCann: Thank you. Thanks, Clarence. 

Freedom and truth about the lie, 12 September 2009
Freedom and truth about the lie Correio da Manhã

Gonçalo Amaral

Matter of fact

Gonçalo Amaral
12 September 2009 - 00h30
Thanks to
Astro for translation

In the book 'The Truth About The Lie' I spoke about the manner in which an investigation can be manipulated and deviated from its main goal: the discovery of truth and the performance of justice. In that case, it would be easy: just replace the coordinating policeman.

Nevertheless, just like the 'Golden Whistle' investigation, nobody cared about the danger for the independence of a criminal investigation. With the 'Freeport' case, things were more delicate, the people who needed to be replaced were not mere civil servants, policemen, anymore, but rather illustrious Public Ministry Prosecutors. That was when nearly 'all hell broke loose' (it's still threatening to) and leading personalities in this country alerted to the danger.

Today, I was notified about a judicial decision that will forbid me from expressing my opinion about the 'Maddie' case investigation, in which I was a policeman, in written or oral form. I will be forbidden from exercising my freedom of expression, yet being a mere citizen and a common former policeman, we will have to wait for the 'Casa Pia', the 'Golden Whistle' and the 'Freeport' cases for 'all hell to break loose' for good. But the times when people couldn't speak up is long gone and there cannot be class differences as far as rights, freedoms and guarantees are concerned. And I'm not shutting up.

Disgraced cop to be key speaker at Madeleine McCann conference, 13 September 2009
Disgraced cop to be key speaker at Madeleine McCann conference Sunday Mercury

By Vicky Farncombe
Sept 13 2009

THE disgraced cop who led the search for missing Madeleine McCann before pointing the finger at her parents is to be the key speaker at a Midland conference about her disappearance.

Chief Inspector Gonçalo Amaral was booted off the case after blasting the British police's handling of the inquiry.

But he made a reported £1 million from a book claiming Maddie was dead, and that Kate and Gerry McCann had concealed her body.

Last week a Portuguese judge banned Maddie: The Truth About The Lie from bookshelves because of its unfounded allegations. The fallen cop also faces a lawsuit from the McCanns.

But the Sunday Mercury can reveal that Amaral will not be silenced.

He has agreed to give the keynote speech at a conference organised by the Madeleine McCann Foundation, a group also claiming that the Rothley, Leicestershire girl's death was covered up.

As many as 150 people are expected to attend the conference in Castle Donington, just 16 miles from Maddy's home.

Organisers are refusing to divulge the exact whereabouts of the venue until three days before it begins.

Last night they said it was for "confirmed McCann-sceptics who do not believe that Madeleine McCann was abducted".

Secretary Anthony Bennett said: "We have a venue for the conference, booked and arranged.

"We dare not give out the venue publicly because of threats of disruption we have had from supporters of the McCann family.

"However, I am able to share one piece of news with you.

Gonçalo Amaral, the author of Maddie: A Verdada da Mentira ('Maddie: The Truth About The Lie') has agreed to be the key guest speaker at our conference."

Amaral, 49, worked on the original investigation into Madeleine's disappearance from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve coast of Portugal in May 2007.

He claimed that Gerry and Kate McCann, both 41, covered up their daughter's death, even though there was no evidence to support his theory.

In July 2008 the McCanns were cleared of any wrongdoing in a formal report by Portugal's Attorney General Jose Pinto Monteiro. They are suing Amaral for £1 million for defamation, and for breaching their human rights.

They also plan to take action against the Madeleine McCann Foundation for distributing a leaflet blaming them for Maddie's disappearance.

The sickening leaflets were received by 10,000 people in the McCanns' home village of Rothley.

A source close to the couple said they were "totally horrified" by the four-page publication. which said that if she died in the family's holiday flat those "This is an evil, despicable act," she said. "These people are self-obsessed, self-absorbed individuals."

McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "We do not wish to dignify the actions of the so-called Madeleine Foundation in any way."

Maddie: Gonçalo Amaral goes to England to talk about the case, 14 September 2009
Maddie: Gonçalo Amaral goes to England to talk about the case Diario Digital

Monday, September 14, 2009 | 11:36
Translation by Nigel Moore

Despite being banned by the Court from talking about the Maddie case, the former Inspector of the Polícia Judiciária Gonçalo Amaral has accepted an invitation from a foundation to explain, in England, the theory that Madeleine McCann is dead.

The news is advanced by the television station SIC, which also notes that the conference will be organised by The Madeleine Foundation, an organisation that has nothing to do with the girl's parents, and will take place a few miles from the McCann family.

The former PJ inspector, has assured that his presence at the event is not intended to challenge the law, but rather through an invitation extended to him some time ago.

Maddie's disappearance: The banned book, 15 September 2009
Maddie's disappearance: The banned book Police Etcetera

Georges Moréas

The blog of Georges Moréas
September 15, 2009
Thanks to Joana Morais for translation

Today, the only person prosecuted in the case of the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann is the officer who conducted the investigation. He will be sued for 1.2 million euros for his book  'A Verdade da Mentira' ('L'enquête interdite' at Bourin Publishers).

Pushed aside from the investigation, pushed to resign, the Inspector Gonçalo Amaral (even if he waived his legal duty of reserve) didn't do more than resume point by point the various stages of the investigations. But he especially highlighted some inefficiencies due largely to the weakness of the Portuguese authorities in face of the pressures from the government of Her British Majesty.

At the end of his book, he delivers the conclusions of his work and that of his team. That can be summarised as follows:

1 / Maddie died inside the holiday apartment on the night of 3rd of May, 2007;

2 / There was a simulated abduction;

3 / The parents are probably involved in the concealment of the body;

4 / The death could have happened as a result of a tragic accident;

5 / Probably there is negligence by the parents regarding the custody and safety of their children.

The McCann couple were indicted in September 2007, then they were cleared of all charges and the case has been "archived". They have always protested their innocence and with the assistance of a mysterious network ... they benefited with the support of leading personalities from the world of finance and politics. They have even been received by the Pope. They created an association that has drained, it is said, several million euros. Under the threat of libel, they've obtained, as they always say, 700,000 euros from several English-language newspapers.

And rather than reviving the investigation as the Portuguese legislation permits, they preferred to use private detectives, some of which were certainly not the cream of the profession.

The latest was the publishing of a sketch of a woman who, three days after the disappearance of Maddie, approached two men in Barcelona to tell them: "Do you have it? Do you have my new daughter?". Then she realised she had mistaken the interlocutors and left quickly.

Today, the McCann couple were able to obtain [an injunction] so that all the books by Gonçalo Amaral are taken out of sale and that the money made by the author copyright, received to date (that seems important, because the book sold well) is returned. They seek further 1.2 million euros compensation, "at least" for damages and interests. Most importantly, this book cannot be published abroad (I did not manage to contact the French publisher). Coincidentally, this decision comes just as the book should be translated into English.

But across the Channel, the story of the disappearance of little Maddie has profoundly influenced public opinion. With two camps:

Those for whom the McCann parents were unfortunate victims of harassment by the Portuguese police, and those who regard them as suspects or at least responsible for the failure to supervise their children.

The McCann couple have justified their action against the policeman saying (free translation): "(...) There is no evidence suggesting that Kate and I have been involved (...) I hope people understand that we must do this."

We are torn between compassion for the parents who cannot admit the death of their child and the many doubts that remain at the end of an investigation that was cautious from the outset - and that stopped too soon...

It is true that in France, it remains unclear what happened to little Tiphaine, disappeared on June 18, 2009, in the heart of Maubeuge. And there is no information either on Antoine, the little boy who disappeared from his home in Issoire, one year ago. For the latter, the prosecutor, so prolific at the time, simply stated a few days ago in Le Figaro: "The investigation has not made any significant progress".

I remember those old cops of the criminal department who used to say, when they wanted to calm down a chief or a magistrate too impulsive: An investigation that begins with certainties always end with doubts.


Note: The McCanns have not been 'cleared of all charges', for the simple reason no charges have ever been laid.

MPT considers the judicial suspension of Gonçalo Amaral's book unacceptable, 16 September 2009
MPT considers the judicial suspension of Gonçalo Amaral's book unacceptable Barlavento Online

Lusa Agency
16 September 2009 | 14:03
Thanks to Joana Morais for translation

The Earth Party Movement (MPT) today considered the judicial decision to suspend the sale of the book 'Maddie: The Truth About The Lie', by Gonçalo Amaral, on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, "an unacceptable restriction of rights, freedoms and guarantees".

"We are very concerned that under a court order - and we respect the decisions of the courts - there is a gag that is placed on a Portuguese citizen that prevents him from expressing himself, to speak. We think that this is an unacceptable restriction of the rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens contemplated in the Portuguese Constitution," said the president of MPT - 'Partido da Terra' - Pedro Quartin Graça, to Lusa News agency.

The party leader this morning heard the arguments and claims of Gonçalo Amaral, a hearing requested by him, concerning the suspension by court order of the sale of his book about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

"I requested a hearing of all the political parties who are represented in the Parliament, including the political party I belong to [PSD]," said Gonçalo Amaral, who showed "a certain bitterness" because he has not yet been received by his own party and has not received a response from the other parties.

"I will wait for the next few days. We will not be silenced and we will not keep silenced on this situation about the freedom of expression and of having my rights restricted," said Gonçalo Amaral.

The Lisbon Civil Court banned the sale of the book "Maddie: The Truth About The Lie" about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, authored by the former Judiciary Police Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, and ordered the withdrawal of all the available copies.

Gonçalo Amaral: Interview with Semanário Privado, 16 September 2009
Gonçalo Amaral: Interview with Semanário Privado Semanário Privado (appears in paper edition)

Semanário Privado, 16 September 2009
Semanário Privado, 16 September 2009

"The apprehension of my book only gives me more strength to discover the truth about the Maddie case"

Gonçalo Amaral is going to request the political parties and the Republic’s President an audience, after his book "Maddie – The Truth of the Lie" was ordered apprehended by a judge at Lisbon's Civil Court. The former inspector thinks that freedom of expression is under threat, at a time when new facts concerning Maddie's disappearance may come to light

by José Leite
16 September 2009
Thanks to
Joana Morais for translation

How do you comment on the apprehension of your book, "Maddie – The Truth about the Lie"? Do you think there's the "hand" of the McCanns in this? Has the book started to be apprehended from the stores?

My comment is a concerned one, as an author and as a citizen who still holds his full civil rights. I remind you that I left the PJ in June last year, in order to recover my freedom of expression and that, 15 months later, they want to strip me of that freedom. The "hand" is evident: those persons filed the request for the injunction. I have no idea if the book has started to be apprehended, the fact is that it hadn't been sold for months and now it seems to be sold out.

How many copies have been sold?

I don't know the number of copies that have been sold, it seems that those persons know more than I do, they must hold privileged information.

If your appeal wins, do you intend to sue the judge who prohibited the sale of your book, and the McCanns, over the damages?

As you know, it is not yet possible, in this democratic, lawful country, to notify judicial decisions through the media, at least when those affect and restrict fundamental rights. I will not pronounce myself about the illustrious judge, because I respect, obey and believe in the judicial system, and mainly because I do not know the fundament and the contents of the decision. As far as the authors of the injunction are concerned, I will exercise my rights, whether in a civil or in a criminal court.

When you mention limitations on the freedom of expression in Portugal, are you solely referring to your case, or also to other recent cases, like that of TVI? Or the processes that were filed against "bloggers" who disturbed the socialist power, especially José Sócrates?

It's not me that says it, it's the politicians who speak about an asphyxia of democracy in this 21st century Portugal, 35 years after the [revolution of the] 25th of April. There are limitations to the freedom of expression, there are journalists who are prevented from informing, this is a tragic reality. On the other hand, I do not point my finger at any specific party, the limitations come from those in power, who are possibly disturbed by the objectivity and the freedom that assists those who write and who have the duty to inform. As an attentive citizen, my opinion is that the concentration and the monopoly of the media have prompted a crisis and are limiting the freedom of information, of opinion and of expression. The journalists have become employees of corporations, more interested in profit than in informing (maybe not in its entirety, but it is close).

Has anyone at the PJ shown his or her solidarity with what has happened to you?

My friends stand with me. As far as others are concerned, it needs to be recalled that the PJ, just like other institutions, is going through an electoral period and some fear changes, therefore no major solidarity should be expected from there.

When will the English version of the book be launched?

It will be launched, that is all that I can tell you right now.

Do you think it was a mere coincidence, the fact that the judge who decided over the apprehension of your book was the same who condemned the Portuguese State to pay 131 thousand euro of compensation to Paulo Pedroso?

I trust the judicial system and its independence, therefore I'm not commenting on the coincidence, which is probably just that, but we are attentive.

Don't you think that there is a personal persecution against you, after you saw your pretension to run for mayor for the Algarve's PSD, dismissed?

That's a good question. Two or three days before the president of PSD vetoed my name, the now author of the injunction was in Lisbon. According to what is being said, he met with his then lawyer and with a politician from that party. We are interested in confirming said meeting and its relation with the decision that affected my civil right to be elected.

What hidden interests – masonry, national and international political lobbies – are moving in order to set you up?

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories, there may be coincidences concerning the people who are trying to destroy me, but on the other hand, I have been receiving support from people who are connected to the masonry. I do not believe in any concerted effort to destroy me, this is something personal, not organised.

Should Maddie's parents worry about the fact that Gonçalo Amaral mentioned that he is going to continue, in private, to investigate the case of the disappearance of little Maddie? What passage of your book may have disturbed them most?

The authors of the injunction are worried about the fact that I am a rather experienced criminal investigator. My book tells about that experience and knowledge. Many books have been published about the little girl's disappearance, some more aggressive and more violent, but written by journalists, and they were not targeted by any injunction. The authors of the injunction fear my knowledge and my experience.

One of the new facts that have already been revealed by our newspaper – and that was also mentioned during the McCanns' interview with Oprah Winfrey – concerns a blanket that disappeared from the Ocean Club and that, allegedly, was used as a shroud during a funeral. Could that be one of the worries for those who persist in preventing the discovery of the entire truth about what happened to little Maddie?

I'll explain: this child, like so many others of her age, slept with a certain blanket and with a certain soft toy. During that interview that you mention, the interviewer spoke to the mother, saying that she knew about her concern in knowing if the abductor covered her with "her blanket". So far, nothing much. Now notice this, the blanket was left behind when the disappearance happened. There is documentation that proves that it was not taken with her, and there is no known testimony saying that it was seen when she was being carried away in a man's arms.

What is being asked is the following: Was this a gaffe by the interviewer? Was "her blanket" the one that was left behind? How did "her blanket" go back to the child? These are the questions that need an answer and at the very least, they may indicate that there is something wrong.

Is there any other fact in the process that should be investigated further?

Yes. To find out why the soft toy that the little girl used the most – and that was later used by Kate McCann in all of her public appearances – was washed before the sniffer dogs, that are experts in detecting cadaver odour, arrived in Portugal.

Do you continue to defend that the key to the mystery lies in Aldeia da Luz?

We have no doubts whatsoever. That is where the little girl disappeared from and where she was seen for the last time. A reconstruction is still necessary.

Does this episode of the veto on the book give you strength to proceed with your investigation, or to publish more books about this case?

They want to destroy me. They started out by attacking my good name, my honour and my professional pride. Now they want to attack my patrimony, apart from affecting my civil rights, the freedom of expression and of opinion. What is still left is freedom and life, will the next step be an attack against those? I have reasons to be afraid, but they won't shut me up, and this sad and worrying episode will give me strength to proceed and to contribute towards the discovery of the truth and the fulfilment of justice. God protect me, but they won't shut me up.

Attorney General receives information that may reopen the Maddie case

We have been informed that psychologist Paulo Sargento, a regular commentator of the Maddie case on television, has sent the Republic's Attorney General a letter with information that may reopen the "Maddie case" process.

Although he declined to reveal the contents of this letter, he advanced that there is something "very important" concerning the cuddle cat (Maddie's soft toy, that Kate often carried with her during her media appearances), an object which, as has been made public, was positively signalled with cadaver odour by the sniffer dogs. Together with "Maddie's blanket", the pink soft toy may be a starting point to reopen the process "at a time when, apart from an attempt to silence Gonçalo Amaral, through an injunction against his book 'The Truth about the Lie', a shameful picture of an attack on the family of the former inspector, by the British media, is starting to emerge," the psychologist told Semanário Privado.

Amaral defies the McCanns, 24 September 2009
Amaral defies the McCanns Correio da Manhã

Madeleine case: McCanns returned yesterday to Portugal

by Magali Pinto
24 September 2009 - 00h30
Thanks to Astro for translation

Gonçalo Amaral pledged that he would not be silenced by the injunction ruled by the Lisbon Civil Court, prohibiting the circulation of the book 'A Verdade da Mentira' and the video, which defend the theory of Madeleine McCann's death and the cadaver concealment by her parents.

He fulfilled his promise. The former PJ Inspector appears now with the book 'A Mordaça Inglesa' [The English Gag], to be presented on the 3rd of October in the Algarve.

Gerry and Kate seek compensation of 1.2 million. The court's decision also prohibits Gonçalo Amaral to make any statements. Doing so he will have to pay a thousand euros to the English family, for each comment.

However, Amaral is not intimidated and challenges the McCanns by starting his book with a quote from Mário Soares after the 25th of April 1974 on freedom of expression.

Yesterday, Kate and Gerry were in Lisbon to "explore strategies" with their lawyers and advisers. The objective, according to Gerry, is to "get back on course and continue to search" for Maddie, who disappeared in Praia da Luz, Lagos, in 2007. To represent them in the Portuguese media, the couple hired the Public Relations company 'Lift Consulting'.

Visibly nervous with the first return to Portugal, Kate said she believes that her daughter is alive. "Madeleine deserves that we believe in her," she said.

With a choking voice, Kate also admitted to return to Praia da Luz: "I want to return to the place where I embraced my daughter for the last time". Gerry on the other hand said: "Although it is painful, we are learning to live without Maddie".

Gonçalo Amaral leaves the country in order to accuse the McCanns, 24 September 2009
Gonçalo Amaral leaves the country in order to accuse the McCanns tvi24

Forbidden to speak about his version of the Maddie Case, which places the parents at the centre of the child's disappearance, the former Inspector gives an interview to TV Record, in Spain.

24-09-2009 - 09:08
Thanks to Joana Morais for translation

Gonçalo Amaral

Silenced in Portugal, Gonçalo Amaral went to Ayamonte, Spain, to again tell his version of Maddie's story, revealed in his book "The Truth about the Lie".

The Former Inspector of the Maddie Case bypassed in this way the injunction that prevents him from speaking freely on the thesis of the child's death and the concealment of the corpse by her parents. However, the daily press today reveals that the ban on Gonçalo Amaral will be enforced anywhere in the world.

The McCanns were in Lisbon yesterday in a meeting with their lawyers to proceed with the reopening of the inquest into their daughter's disappearance and "refresh the searches". The couple refused to make any comments regarding their conflict with the former PJ inspector.

On her return to Portugal, for the first time since the disappearance of her daughter, Kate McCann reurns to ask for help.
Read the whole story in this weeks Lux, on newsstands Friday!

Gonçalo Amaral's interview with TV Record will be broadcast in 70 countries, the date is still unknown.

Fury at new Madeleine book 'slur', 25 September 2009
Fury at new Madeleine book 'slur' Daily Mirror

By Victoria Ward


Kate and Gerry McCann were furious yesterday as it emerged the ex cop they are suing for £1.2 million over claims that Madeleine is dead has written a SECOND book.

The couple have already taken legal action to ban former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral's first book, The Truth of the Lie.

In his second book, The English Gag, he suggests there is something significant about a pink blanket which he claims disappeared on the night the three-year-old vanished from the resort of Praia da Luz in 2007.

A source close to the McCanns said: "They just despair. This is the level of distortion and lies they've been up against."

The source refuted any suggestion that a blanket had disappeared. He said: "You could see it on the bed in the first photographs taken of the room. Amaral wasn't even there."

Gonçalo Amaral opposes suspension of book, 25 September 2009
Gonçalo Amaral opposes suspension of book Joana Morais blogspot

by Astro
24 September 2009

Gonçalo Amaral has presented opposition to the Lisbon Civil Court's decision that prohibited the ongoing sale of the book "Maddie: The truth about the lie".

The former Polícia Judiciária inspector's defence considers that the book does not reveal anything beyond what is included in the judicial process, which is public.

Lawyer António Cabrita says that the book "does not offend the McCann couple's good name, consideration and reputation in any manner and does not harm the continuation of the searches for Madeleine in any form".

Following an injunction by the McCann couple, the Lisbon Civil Court determined, earlier this month, to prohibit the sale of the book and any comments by Gonçalo Amaral about the English girl's disappearance.

The former inspector has presented opposition to the dispatch today, and delivered a list of seven witnesses, including British policemen, who may be heard by the judge.

Dr António Cabrita: "We have presented a counterclaim to the attempted injunction, within the deadline that we were given. In our view, what Dr Gonçalo Amaral has written in the book, does not offend the McCann couple's good name, consideration and reputation in any manner whatsoever and does not harm the continuation of the searches for Madeleine in any form whatsoever. What is written in Dr Gonçalo Amaral's book, and which is called 'Dr Gonçalo Amaral's theory' in the injunction, is what results from the inquiry by the Public Ministry."

source: Rádio Renascença, 24.09.2009

Crystal Night, 26 September 2009
Crystal Night Correio da Manhã

Stamp used by the State Police to censure

Matter of Fact

By Gonçalo Amaral
26 September 2009 - 00h30
Thanks to Joana Morais for translation

With amazement, I saw the statements of a representative of a couple whose daughter disappeared in the Algarve in May 2007. Standing on her tiptoes, covered by her blond hair, I heard: "We seized seven thousand books!".

Tragic news. To seize is even worse than to receive, conforming to the judicial decision. How does a lawyer agree with the apprehension of books? Didn't this lady say that she was just the trusted depositary and that the activity of seizing books is a thing of the past?

The PIDE (Police of Investigation and Defense of the State [Political Police under the Salazar's Regime]) were the ones that apprehended books, in addition to those that were only censored. At their free will. In the old regime that which was considered illegal was apprehended by those who held the power.

I am proud that during the period (more or less about 26 years), in which I worked for the Judiciary Police, of never having seized one book. Just and only that that was considered illegal under the law, nothing that was a result of a free will; a personal decision away from the tone of legality.

Distorting reality and 'tucking' in the old days, what is left is to see the distinguished representative dancing around the campfire. And it won't be on St.Anthony bonfires, we will be closer to the 'Crystal Night' or to other 'acts of faith' that served so well the obscurantism and intolerance.

Profits from Gonçalo Amaral's book apprehended, 21 October 2009
Profits from Gonçalo Amaral's book apprehended Expresso

A Verdade Da Mentira


The Civil Court of Lisbon has ordered the apprehension of all the profits that were obtained through the sale of the book "Maddie, the truth about the lie", by former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, following a process that was filed by the parents of the little English girl that disappeared in the Algarve in May 2007

Ricardo Marques
18:12 Thursday, 21 October 2009
Thanks to
Astro for translation

According to the court order, the editors that published the book have already been notified that all profits from the sales and marketing of the book will be apprehended for the eventual payment of an amount of 1,2 million euro.

The court notifications about this injunction have already been sent to Italy, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, countries where the book has been translated and published.

Gonçalo Amaral, the inspector who led the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in 2007, was removed from the case after statements that he made to the media.

The investigation into the disappearance of the 3.year-old English girl, in Praia da Luz, was archived on the 21st of July 2008.

In September, under an order from the Civil Court, the book had already been removed from the shelves.

The book "Maddie, the truth about the lie" was published in July 2008, by editors Guerra & Paz, and in the two following months had 12 editions, of 10 thousand copies each.

Criminal Investigations, 21 October 2009

Enquetes Criminelles

Enquêtes criminelles : le magazine des faits divers

Tonight at 20:35: Criminal Investigations: the news items magazine

Maddie: What has really happened?

Through two unreleased documentaries, "Criminal Investigations" is an update on the disappearance of Maddie McCann, which occurred on May 3, 2007.

In summary:

"The prohibited investigation"

Gonçalo Amaral, the Portuguese detective who led the investigation, is convinced of the guilt of the parents. He published a book on the case in which he expounds his thesis and agrees to recount, minute by minute, what happened on the day of the disappearance of the girl.

"The parents' thesis"

Despite the filing of the case, Gerry and Kate McCann still believe their daughter is alive. They have hired detectives and continue to search, collecting unpublished evidence.


Note: This documentary was pulled at the last minute, due to the contribution and participation of Gonçalo Amaral.

Gonçalo Amaral - Press release, 21 October 2009

Gonçalo Amaral
21 October 2009
Thanks to Astro for translation

It may be written in every law that a citizen is free to think and to express his thoughts, but that will become completely worthless if it can be targeted by censorship whenever it expresses an opinion that is contrary to the status quo, to the interests of the dominant caste or to who simply has money.

The confrontation of responsible theses about objective facts should take place in the open field of democratic debate and not through recourse to courts and to juridical coercion. And yet, as is publicly known, a Portuguese court has immortalised the book “The Truth about the Lie” by deciding what cannot be opinionated and expressed in Portugal about the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann, by censoring a thesis that is based on logical reasoning about concrete facts and material evidence that are part of a criminal process and that never intended to diffuse, to the public, in a gratuitous and irresponsible manner, the notion that a third party holds any kind of responsibility in the disappearance of little Madeleine.

Even more serious. Having already been notified about the preventive arrest of his credits, the signatory fears that he may be prevented from defending his reasons in court, due to the very high monetary cost that the judicial action that has been filed against him by Gerry and Kate McCann impose to him, in terms of lawyers’ expenses and millionaire judicial costs, of which apparently only the indigent are exempt.

Whereupon follows that, at the moment, the signatory is not only deprived of his elementary right to freedom of expression, as he also faces constraints relating to his own defence, which cannot be designed but under the shadow of the expression of forbidden ideas and convictions, and in exchange for absolutely insufferable pecuniary amounts.

Thus the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine is at risk of being decided in the office. This is how we live in Portugal, as far as freedom and democracy are concerned.


Portimão, the 21st of October 2009.

Assets frozen, 22 October 2009
Assets frozen Correio da Manhã

Gonçalo Amaral

'Maddie - The Truth About The Lie': McCanns ask for 1.2 million euros in damages

Paulo Marcelino
22 October 2009 - 00h30
Thanks to
Joana Morais for translation

The share of Gonçalo Amaral in his company proprietorship, a third of his salary as the manager and the values delivered to that company by way of author rights - or via commercial trademarking of works made by the former Judiciary Police Inspector - were seized, obliging the order of the process for defamation brought by the McCanns.

"This is a siege, they are trying to asphyxiate me at the desk", said the former Policeman to the CM.

The claim for damages follows the injunction that banned the book 'Maddie - The Truth About The Lie', written by Gonçalo Amaral, who led the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine in the Algarve. The English family - Kate, Gerry and their children, including Maddie - ask for 1.2 million euros to the former coordinator. The attachment is a precautionary measure until the decision of that judicial proceeding.

António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer, has already added the contestation to the the claim for damages. "What is in question here is an unconstitutional decision, to the extent that the book reflects the right of expression and freedom of opinion," said the lawyer to the CM. António Cabrita alleges in the contestation that the book "has nothing offensive to the McCann family, nor accuses them of killing their daughter." And he stresses that Amaral's conclusions in the book are the same of the archived process, of which the final report leaves open several possibilities, including murder.

Gonçalo Amaral suspects of the intention of financial asphyxiation , given the high cost of court fees in order to contest and for which legal aid was sought (see support). "I do not have a fund, a fund to finance my defense," said Gonçalo Amaral. And concludes: "Not only I am deprived of my basic right to freedom of expression but I also face constraints related to my defense."



The Justice fee to contest a claim for damages of 1.2 million euros is worth more than two thousand euros. Amaral asked for legal aid, so that the contest could be made, although there is still no decision regarding the support.


The Publisher Guerra & Paz was also notified to hold back the royalties payable to Gonçalo Amaral. Valentim de Carvalho was also notified, because of a video based on the book, however it was not possible to confirm this information until the closure of this edition.


The McCanns arrived at a figure of 1.2 million claiming that Amaral received 25% of author rights and that he charged for interviews. "Not true," says Amaral.

The book is being sold in 5 countries and was to be published in England when the legal action took place.

French documentary on W9 rescheduled?, 25 October 2009
Enquêtes criminelles : le magazine des faits divers

25th October 2009

04/11/2009 at 22h30 on W9

Duration: 120min.
Genre: Docu-info - Society
Presenters: Sidonie Bonnec and Paul Lefèvre

"Criminal Investigations" proposes to take stock of the disappearance, on May 3, 2007, of little Maddie McCann. In summary: "The prohibited investigation". Gonçalo Amaral, the Portuguese policeman, is convinced of the guilt of the parents. - "The thesis of the parents." Gerry and Kate believe their daughter is still alive.

Update, 28 October 2009 W9:

W9 schedule for 04 November 2009
Click to enlarge

This screenshot from the W9 site, showing the schedule for 04 November 2009, confirms that the documentary and discussion previously planned had been withdrawn and not rescheduled.

Gonçalo Amaral asks for legal aid assistance, 26 October 2009
Gonçalo Amaral asks for legal aid assistance Jornal de Notícias

by Nuno Miguel Maia
26 October 2009 - 00h30m
Thanks to Astro for translation

Former PJ inspector alleges economical insufficiency to defend himself from the lawsuit by Madeleine McCann's parents.

The former coordinator of the Maddie case investigation is asking the State for help in order to be able to defend himself in the lawsuit that has been filed by the parents of the child that went missing in the Algarve. He alleges economic insufficiency in order not to pay court costs.

Gonçalo Amaral has requested the help of legal aid shortly before contesting the injunction that was presented by Kate and Gerry McCann, which aimed at removing the book "The truth about the lie", and the documentary that is based on the same work, from the market, as well as to cease the sale of author's rights into foreign countries, through editors Guerra e Paz. And further, to prohibit the investigator, who is now retired from the Polícia Judiciária, from continuing to publicly speak about his theory in the case of the little English girl.

Madeleine McCann's parents demand damages in the amount of 1.2 million euros, which means that the value of the justice tax that has to be paid surpasses five thousand euros, for contestation only, and excluding other costs.

More recently, only days ago, the former Maddie case inspector saw the Civil Court of Lisbon preventively seizing the profits from the sale of the books and the documentary, through a sole-proprietorship company in Amaral's name, as a way to guarantee that there will be money to pay an eventual compensation, whose pertinence will only be evaluated in the main action.

According to information that was collected by JN, in the request for financial assistance, due to economical insufficiency, Gonçalo Amaral has declared a liquid yearly income of 39 thousand euros, presenting a family aggregate of four persons: the former investigator himself, his wife and two girls, aged 11 and five.

The author of "The truth about the lie" has no further assets in his name – he has no property and no vehicles. The only family car, a Ford Focus of 2003, is in his wife's name, who is a technician at Portimão's City Hall.

In a press release dated days ago, the former Judiciária coordinator stated that he fears that "the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine is at risk of being decided in the office". And he is also afraid of "being prevented from defending his reasons in court, due to the extremely high monetary costs" of the process, concerning lawyers' fees and "millionaire judicial costs, from which, it would seem, only the impoverished are exempt".

For now, Gonçalo Amaral has requested legal aid to exempt him from paying the justice fee and other costs of the process; the final decision, which may also pass through an appeal with the courts, is not known yet.

Revoking of the injunction has been requested

Gonçalo Amaral asks the Civil Court of Lisbon to revoke the injunction, alleging that its extent impedes not only the disclosure of the contents of the book "The truth about the lie", but also the disclosure of the terms that are part of the Maddie case investigation process, which ended up being archived. Thus it is disproportionate and unconstitutional, offending the right to freedom of expression.

The former PJ investigator stresses that he does not accuse Kate and Gerry McCann of having murdered their daughter and concealing her cadaver. And that he only defends the theory of her death in the Ocean Club apartment, in Praia da Luz, Lagos – not referring anyone's authorship – and "suspects" posterior involvement of the parents in concealing the cadaver. He further underlines that his entire report is based on facts that have been established within the process and that even the inquiry's prosecutors say it is "most likely" that the little girl is dead.

More: Amaral recalls that the McCanns themselves and their spokesman have already publicly admitted, in interviews, that Madeleine may be dead.

Amaral seeks state aid in fighting McCanns Portugal News

31/10/2009 (appeared online 30/10/2009)

Gonçalo Amaral has this week applied for legal aid to assist him in litigation with the parents of missing toddler Madeleine McCann.

The former chief detective in the case has justified the application by stating he has insufficient funds to support the legal costs involved. Kate and Gerry McCann have sued Amaral for 1.2 million euros in damages for suggesting they might have been involved in the death of their daughter. A Lisbon court this week also ordered Amaral to hand over his €70,000 Jaguar purchased in May in the name a company registered as Gonçalo Amaral Unipessoal Lda.

Edition: 1034

Court gets Gonçalo Amaral's Jaguar, 28 October 2009
Court gets Gonçalo Amaral's Jaguar Expresso

Copyright and shares in the company created by the former inspector of the PJ, Gonçalo Amaral have also been seized.

Gonçalo Amaral

Ricardo Marques and Rui Gustavo
22:35 Wednesday 28 October 2009

The Civil Court of Lisbon, this week ordered the seizure of copyright on Gonçalo Amaral's book about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, as well as the documentary that followed, considering that the sole company created by the former coordinator of the PJ may allow him to receive and remove the proceeds that are personally destined to him for the sale of books and videos.

Therefore, following the claim for compensation from the McCann family, it was decided through a precautionary procedure, to apprehend also shares in Amaral's company, a third of his salary as manager and even the Jaguar that the former policeman drives - but which belongs to the company.

The car, with a capacity of 2700cc and a price of around 70 thousand euros new, was purchased in May and registered in the name of the company Gonçalo Amaral Unipessoal Ltd., with a capital of 5000 euros. The company, established in November last year, provides consulting, research and analysis in the field of criminal investigation and specializes in the dissemination, promotion and communication of technical work.

Notifications to the publishers who published the book "Maddie - The truth about the lie" followed earlier this week to several European countries: Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain and France. The publisher Guerra & Paz (which published the book in Portugal), Presslivre (owners of "Correio da Manhã" where Amaral is a weekly columnist), Valentim de Carvalho and TVI were also notified of the seizure of copyright that applies to the former coordinator of the PJ until a final decision in the ongoing process.

Contacted by Expresso, Gonçalo Amaral declined to make any comment on the decision of the Civil Court, referring his position to a press release issued on Wednesday. In this document, the man who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann fears "that he may be prevented from defending his reasons in court" and admits to "constraints relating to his own defence."

Kate and Gerry McCann, were constituted arguidos in the course of the investigation, and their three children, Sean and Amelie and Madeleine, are the applicants of the ongoing process in civil court. They require the former PJ inspector to pay compensation of 1.2 million for defamation due to "continued and blatant" statements about the investigation of the case from 2007.

However, according to the assessment made by the court, the assets of Gonçalo Amaral do not provide sufficient guarantees for the payment in the case of a conviction. The house at Olhão - which he bought together with his wife in 2002 with a loan from the BIC, but which is registered only in her name - was seized in 2005 due to a debt of around 130 thousand euros.

A year later, the National Treasury registered an attachment on the house as collateral for payment of 16,900 euros. Finally, two years ago, the BES (which now belongs to the BIC) proceeded with enforcement proceedings against the couple for the collection of more than 300 thousand euros - new attachment.

The book "Maddie - The Truth about the Lie" was released in July 2008 and within two months, by the end of September, had 12 editions, that is, 120 thousand copies. However, in September, also by decision of the court, its sale has already been banned.

Gonçalo Amaral retired from the Polícia Judiciária in June last year after 26 years of service. At the time, he said he left to have "full freedom of expression," after he had been removed, months before, from the investigation into the disappearance of the English child because of statements made to the media. Currently, Amaral receives a retirement pension of 2039 euros. The investigation of the case was archived in June 2008, clearing of responsibility the parents of the English girl who disappeared three years ago on the third of May 2007, in Praia da Luz.

American book about Maddie's disappearance defends Gonçalo Amaral's theory, 29 October 2009
American book about Maddie's disappearance defends Gonçalo Amaral's theory SIC


The theory that Madeleine McCann was not abducted will again be printed on the pages of a book, this time authored by Brian Johnson. Written in English, "Faked Abduction" defends that the abduction theory was built to conceal what the book alleges to be the truth about what happened to Madeleine. The publishing is programmed for the internet and for the North American market before Christmas and is a response to the prohibition of Gonçalo Amaral’s book, "Madeleine, The Truth About The Lie"

Rita Jordão

29 October 2009 12:43
Thanks to
Astro for translation

In a statement to SIC, one of the persons responsible for the book's publication and the author of the website stated that he had been in negotiations with the former PJ inspector to publish the book on North American soil. "The negotiations were cancelled after the Portuguese judge's decision, so we decided to write a book in English, which is factual and non speculative," defended the person known as Stevo.

According to the same source, the title "Faked Abduction" is the conclusion of deep investigative work. The document also includes countless excerpts from the files of the investigation that was carried out by the PJ, and is already being translated into German for possible international publication.

According to the author, the book "illustrates the various witnesses' inconsistencies, the constant changes in the versions and the lack of cooperation from the McCanns and their friends, known as the Tapas 7, with the police". "The McCanns have tried to prevent people from publishing the truth about the case (…) after reading the book, you decide for yourselves if this was a Faked Abduction or not," says Brian Johnson in the text that introduces "Faked Abduction".

Kate and Gerry McCann's spokesperson stated that he had no knowledge about the book, yet asserted that any attempt to defame will face justice.

How the McCanns made his life a living hell, 29 October 2009
How the McCanns made his life a living hell O Crime (paper edition only)

Gonçalo Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral never hid the doubts about the McCanns' conduct. Elected to be their 'international enemy', he is now subject to legal persecution, forbidden from opening his mouth, with the book suspended and the assets seized.

29 October 2009
Thanks to
Astro for translation

Amaral could be a disciple of famous Inspector Columbo, the 70s television series' star. Played by actor Peter Falk, Columbo was a detective with a neglected look, although methodical and with an almost obsessive dedication to the cases that he investigated.

Of course, the former Portimão PJ coordinator wears better looking suits, but he displays a vaguely distracted expression that conceals the same astuteness and attention to detail that were Columbo's trademark.

In two and a half years, almost everything changed in the life of Gonçalo Amaral: he became disgraced at the PJ, he was grinded by the English media machine, persecuted and sued by the McCanns who demand a compensation of 1.2 million euros from him.

The reason for so many hassles is widely known: Amaral does not believe the English couple, he doubts the story that they tell about their daughter's disappearance. And, understandably, the McCanns do not forgive him for that mistrust.

The Maddie process entered his life like a hurricane, swept his sleep away and now threatens to compromise his patrimony. It is the price to pay for having become the 'thorn in the side' of the McCanns. After managing, in September, to obtain approval for an injunction that suspended the sale of the book "The truth of the lie", which reproduces aspects of the official investigation that was carried out by the PJ of Portimão, they equally managed to convince the civil court to advance towards seizing the former inspector’s personal assets.

The siege has closed in so tightly that the court went as far as determining that Amaral cannot speak about the book in Portugal, or in any other country in the world.

For now, the target was a firm that the former policeman uses to receive the money that is generated by author's rights. Furthermore, there is the brutal compensation that is claimed by the English through the law firm that represents their interests in Portugal.

Apart from the legal threats, that are now starting to materialise as lawsuits, it seems evident that Amaral's steps are under tight scrutiny. As recently as this week, the McCanns' lawyers managed to prevent a French television channel from broadcasting the documentary about the 'Maddie case' that was produced by Valentim de Carvalho, as well as an interview with Gonçalo Amaral.

The argument was precisely the Lisbon Civil Court's injunction.

International Enemy

Amaral bought himself the 'war' of a lifetime, by becoming involved, professionally at first, then from a personal point of view, with the searches to find the little girl that went missing on the 3rd of May 2007, while spending a holiday in Praia da Luz, Portimão. And it could have been no other way. Amaral was in a command post at the PJ, and his curriculum was filled with solved cases. This was just another one.

But it had a special component: it involved a couple of doctors with political connections in England. That condition almost always crossed paths with the police investigation's data. The arrival of the English dogs in Portugal operates a turnaround in the process, opening new hypotheses to explain Madeleine's disappearance. Amaral, who headed the investigation, became the target to shoot.

Pressures at the highest political level, at a time when the Portuguese Government needed to approve the Lisbon Treaty, counsel extreme caution in the relationship with the English.

What is for sure is that Amaral is removed from the investigation and the process ends up being archived. Singed by the events, as he leaves the PJ under circumstances that are publicly unfavourable for his image, the former coordinator embraces the case in his new civil life, insisting on the thesis that the police had followed but the court had not validated.

"The premature end to his career, did not only remove him from the case, but it also emphasized a certain obsession in trying to solve it, and that implied colliding with the McCanns head on, with the results that are known," an investigator who knows Gonçalo Amaral tells "O Crime".

Another investigator mentions: "I have no doubts that he is, at present, the McCanns' strategy's main target. They want to shut him up, fit him into a legal straight jacket. The amount of the lawsuit, 1.2 million, is a sign of that intention. Does anyone think, starting with the McCanns, that he owns assets in that amount, or anything near it?".

Amaral surprised about book that defends him, 02 November 2009
Amaral surprised about book that defends him 24horas

24horas, 02 November 2009

A detective on the other side of the Atlantic believes in the thesis of Madeleine's death, which is defended by Gonçalo Amaral. The former inspector swears that he knew nothing about it

By Miguel Ferreira
02 November 2009
Thanks to
Astro for translation

"I don't know the book and I have never been contacted by the author," says Gonçalo Amaral about a book about the Maddie case that investigator Brian Johnson promises will soon be available in the United States. "I have received news from that gentleman only yesterday, through an email that he sent me to inform me about the cover, where one can read 'Madeleine McCann, Faked Abduction'", added the former PJ inspector.

Accompanying the image, a brief text: "To be published soon in the United States. In support of the many and good investigators that dedicated themselves to finding the truth that lies behind the disappearance of Madeleine McCann".

The book, with data from the Judiciária's investigation, points towards the death of Madeleine McCann.

An unexpected story

According to information that is published on the Internet, where Brian is also responsible for the "" website, the book highlights "the inconsistencies in the various alibis, the ever-changing witness accounts and the lack of police cooperation from the McCanns and their friends, the so-called Tapas 7". Brian Johnson also mentions that "while researching the book, the McCanns have declined to answer important questions relating to the disappearance of their daughter". For the North American, there was a clear attempt to gag the persons that wanted to publish the truth about the case.

And Brian advises, "after reading the book, decide for yourself if this was a Faked Abduction".

For Amaral, this is an unexpected story. "It was surprising to see my name and that of inspector Tavares de Almeida cited right on the cover". The policeman, who retired from the PJ, further states that he does not know the book's content and also rejects that it could be "an attempt to reply to the prohibition" of his book "The Truth about the Lie".

Concerning news that have been published in the Portuguese media, referring to negotiations between Brian and Amaral, the policeman states that they are false, and recalling that the publication rights over his book belong to editor "Guerra & Paz", he further questions "if that gentleman wanted to write a book, what could he possibly want to negotiate with me?"

Kate and Gerry McCann's spokesperson has already stated that he does not know the book, but asserted that any attempt towards defamation will face justice.

A new lawsuit from Joana's mother

Gonçalo Amaral is serene over the news that come "from the other side of the Atlantic", but restless and revolted about the news that have been imposed by the Portuguese justice. Yesterday, he was summoned to give a statement, at the Public Ministry at the Court of Portimão, within the certificates that have been extracted from the process that opposed Leonor Cipriano to several Judiciária policemen, namely Gonçalo Amaral.

Unsatisfied with the jury court's decision, Marcos Aragão, Joana's mother's lawyer, has filed new lawsuits against the former Polícia Judiciária inspector. Within those, he returned to court but remained silent. "I will only speak when the complaint that I have filed in April, against Marcos Aragão, suffers some sort of advancement," he indignantly told 24horas, explaining that, relating to that case, "nothing was done, nobody was heard".

In his complaint, Amaral requests, for example, that Marcos Aragão is subject to a mental evaluation.

McCanns deny censorship against Gonçalo Amaral but they claim to have rights, 22 December 2009
McCanns deny censorship against Gonçalo Amaral but they claim to have rights ionline

Kate and Gerry McCann

22 December 2009
Thanks to 
Joana Morais for translation

Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ inspector, led the investigation of the Maddie Case. He ended up publishing a book - in which he defended the thesis of the death of the British child - whose sale would be suspended after action brought by the McCanns. Gonçalo Amaral ended up writing a new book, titled "The English Gag". In an interview to i Amaral said that he owes nothing to the British couple and considers the suspension of the sale of his first book a restriction on freedom of expression.

Through their lawyer in Portugal, Isabel Duarte, the McCanns contend, to i, the position of the former inspector: "Gonçalo Amaral only acknowledges, and poorly, the limits of the rights of others. The Law and the Constitution contain an essential democratic and imperative rule which orders that the reputation of people, not convicted criminally, be respected. What to say then of two people who were not accused of any crime? Did the book bring an advantage or boost the investigation into the disappearance of our daughter?", they stressed.

Maddie's parents argue that they still have the right to face Gonçalo Amaral "in the courts, whose decisions are sovereign and free". "What comes next, be it in our favour or against us, is not the censorship of other times, it's just a result of applying the rules of democracy, which the author of the book(s) does not seem to appreciate", they added. In an interview with i, Amaral considered that the case of Maddie, who disappeared in the Algarve on May 3, 2007, should not have been made public.


Note: The last sentence, which refers to Gonçalo Amaral's previous interview with i, is misleading and implies that he wishes that the process had 'never been made public'. What Gonçalo Amaral actually said, in an ironic response to a statement about the process being made public, was that "it should have been censored. If they say that this book, which is based on the process, is defaming, then the process also defames. Why don't they censor the process itself? It is in circulation... It has been distributed to all journalists."

I must have missed something, 23 December 2009
I must have missed something Joana Morais

By Astro
Wednesday 23 December 2009

From Lusa, the central Portuguese news agency, yesterday:
Madeleine: McCanns deny "censorship or undue benefit" in the prohibition of Gonçalo Amaral's book

Lisboa, 22 Dec (Lusa) – Today, Kate and Gerry McCann rejected that the injunction that prohibited the sale of the book "Maddie – The Truth of the Lie", by former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, is "censorship or undue benefit".

In a press release to the Lusa agency, the parents of the little English girl Madeleine McCann, who went missing in the Algarve in 2007, defend that the injunction, that starts being tried from the 12th to the 14th of January, at Lisbon Civil Court's 7th Section, is "merely the result of the free consideration of the democratic rules and fundamental rights", which, they stress, the couple and the book's author are subject to.

"The decision to grant the injunction that apprehended the book already has two judicial stamps and can and should be publicised, because it is of interest to all citizens who, in the name of freedom of expression, are at stake of being publicly accused for life, after having been declared innocent by the courts", Kate and Gerry McCann refer.
'Declared innocent by the courts'?

I definitely must have missed something.

The last bit that I heard, from any Portuguese judicial authority, concerning the couple's innocence, was this:

"We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified."

That was the Public Prosecutor's opinion about the missed reconstruction. In the famous archiving dispatch, which certain people fervently invoke to proclaim the McCann couple's 'innocence', Dr. Magalhães e Menezes not only states that Madeleine's parents' and their friends' statements concerning the checks on the children were not conforming to the truth of facts – he writes that by boycotting the reconstruction, they failed to prove their innocence and disturbed the investigation.

That is precisely why the archiving dispatch does not declare them innocent of any crime. It merely states that the process is archived, and arguido status lifted, because "there are no indications of the practise of any crime".

It is worthwhile to mention that the Public Prosecutor actually had another option.

He could have proclaimed their innocence.

Portuguese law foresees two types of archiving: a) an archiving because "enough evidence" was collected to prove that either there was no crime, or that the arguidos did not commit it under any circumstance; or b) an archiving because it was not possible to obtain "enough evidence" to prove the crime or to accuse anyone.

I don't think further comments are needed – because frankly, I have not lost my confidence in people's ability to think by themselves and to draw their own conclusions.

In the mean time, if anyone finds out which "courts" have declared the McCann couple "innocent", please be so kind as to share the information, because I hate to miss important things like that.

Maddie Case posted on the net for the English, 24 December 2009
Maddie Case posted on the net for the English Jornal de Notícias

Processo forensics

By N.M.M.
22 December 2009
Thanks to
Joana Morais for translation

A supporter of Gonçalo Amaral has published on a "blog", on the Internet, excerpts from the investigation records of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann on 3 May 2007.

The pages of the process, translated into English, are nothing less than the foundation of the thesis of the former PJ coordinator. That is, that the minor died in the apartment at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, Algarve, and the parents are involved in the disappearance of the cadaver.

At the website "" various procedural files of the Judiciary Police investigators can be consulted, from which stands out a service report that describes the McCann couple's jitters, when they heard they would be questioned about evidence; a witness statement from a friend of the couple, which describes the strange behavior of another friend and an intercalary report signed by the Inspector-Chief Inspector Tavares Almeida, who defends the thesis of death.

Following an injunction brought by Kate and Gerry McCann, the former investigator is prohibited from making public comments about what he believes to have happened to the girl. But the judge of the Civil Court of Lisbon has not prohibited friends from doing so, instead of Gonçalo Amaral - who has recently launched the book "The English Gag".
Maddie: Amaral risks 100 thousand euros, 08 January 2010
Maddie: Amaral risks 100 thousand euros Correio da Manhã

08 January 2010 - 00h21
Thanks to Astro for translation

Gonçalo Amaral may have to pay a fine worth 100 thousand euros every time that he speaks about the Maddie case. Such is the request that was made by the little English girl's parents, in a process that the couple has filed against the former Portimão PJ inspector, who oversaw the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie, in May 2007, from Aldeia da Luz.

With thanks to Nigel at McCann Files


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