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'A Mordaça Inglesa' - The English Gag*


"The English Gag - The story of a forbidden book"

Gonçalo Amaral's new book, "The English Gag - The story of a forbidden book", is launched on Friday, the 11th of December, 2009, at the Ler Devagar - Lx Factory bookshop, in Lisbon.

Gonçalo Amaral's new book promises more controversy, 04 December 2009
Gonçalo Amaral's new book promises more controversy 24horas (paper edition)

Gonçalo Amaral

In a new book, Amaral attacks everyone who wants to silence him

by Rute Coelho and Miguel Ferreira
04 December 2009
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Astro for translation

It is called "The Gag" and the launch, which will be handled by a Spanish editor, will be a major event. In his book, Gonçalo Amaral focuses on the McCanns and on everyone who has an interest in his silence

From his hasty exit from the Polícia Judiciária following the Maddie case and the nuisances with Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, who accused him of torturing his client, passing through the more present situation of the injunction that was requested by the McCanns and the consequent arrest of his assets. About all of this – including notes from his personal life – did Gonçalo Amaral write in his new book "The Gag", that is published by a Spanish editor and will be launched soon, as 24horas was able to establish.

"The Gag" is the name that was chosen by Gonçalo Amaral for his new book that is launched by a Spanish editor. The McCanns' injunction will be opposed.

"Gonçalo Amaral has explained to me that he is not authorised, due to the contract that he has with the foreign editor, to speak about the book or about its launch. The editor wants it to be a major surprise", 24horas was told by António Cabrita, Amaral's lawyer. Apparently gagged even by the editor, Gonçalo Amaral can say nothing about the new literary "bomb".

His lawyer only advanced that it will be a "book about the right to opinion and to freedom of expression" and added that Gonçalo Amaral "counted on the support of a lawyer that helped him with certain concepts".

Thesis about Maddie is left out

António Cabrita stressed that Amaral could not make any considerations about the disappearance of the English girl in the Algarve. "Due to the McCanns' injunction on the book 'The Truth about the Lie', he is forbidden from divulging the thesis that Madeleine died from an accident in the apartment and that the parents were suspects in concealing the cadaver", the lawyer said.

Forbidden from speaking about the case, Manuel S. Fonseca, head of Guerra & Paz – the editor of the book "Maddie, the Truth about the Lie" that takes part in the opposition against the McCanns' injunction – could only confirm to 24horas that the new book will not be published by his editing house.

Cabrita stressed the "financial suffocation" that Gonçalo Amaral has suffered through the McCanns' injunction. This is due to the Lisbon Civil Court ordering the arrest of profits that are obtained from the sale of the book "Maddie, the Truth about the Lie". All profits from sales of the book will be arrested for the eventual payment of a compensation of 1.2 million euros that has been demanded by the English couple.

"We have opposed the compensation request but not the arrest of assets, because Gonçalo has not been notified of the fundaments for the decision yet, so he can oppose it", said António Cabrita. The lawyer defends Amaral for free.

Witnesses heard on the 11th

On the 11th this month, the 13th Civil Court of Lisbon is going to hear a series of witnesses that were indicated by Gonçalo Amaral and by editor Guerra e Paz and the producer Valentim de Carvalho (which produced the documentary that was based on the book), the parties that are involved in the opposition to the McCanns' injunction, Amaral's lawyer confirmed to 24horas. Gonçalo Amaral does not have to attend the session, only the witnesses that he indicated. According to an initial information that was advanced by a source close to the former PJ coordinator, the book launch would be scheduled for that date. But neither Amaral nor his lawyer confirmed that information.

Gonçalo Amaral's new book, "The English Gag - The story of a forbidden book", 09 December 2009
Gonçalo Amaral's new book, "The English Gag - The story of a forbidden book" Joana Morais

"The English Gag - The story of a forbidden book"

By Astro
09 December 2009

«Gonçalo Amaral is not a character.
He is the boldness of Truth. He is the challenge of Truth.»

Francisco Moita Flores in Preface

Gonçalo Amaral's new book, "The English Gag - The story of a forbidden book", will be publicly launched on Friday, the 11th of December, 2009, at the Ler Devagar - Lx Factory bookshop, in Lisbon, at 6.30 p.m.

With a preface by Francisco Moita Flores, the book will be presented by Professor José Adelino Maltez.

Madeleine book launch 'regrettable', 10 December 2009
Madeleine book launch 'regrettable' Daily Star

Daily Star, 10 December 2009

10th December 2009

The decision of a Portuguese policeman to launch his second book on the day a libel trial is to start concerning his first book on Madeleine McCann has been described as "regrettable" by her parents' spokesman.

Goncalo Amaral, who was involved in the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, will launch his second book, A Mordaca Inglesa (The English Gag), at a Lisbon bookshop on Friday.

The launch, set to take place in the evening, coincides with the start of a libel trial in the Portuguese capital on the same day.

Kate and Gerry McCann were set to travel to Portugal ahead of the trial opening.

Their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "It's regrettable that Mr Amaral chooses to do this on the same day as the trial opening.

"Most people would expect him to concentrate on the trial rather than launching any new book and the court will take its own view of his activities."

Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007 while her parents dined with friends nearby. Despite a massive police investigation and huge publicity worldwide, she has not been found.

Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, were at one point made arguidos, or formal suspects, by Portuguese police investigating their daughter's disappearance. They were questioned by detectives but their arguido status was later lifted.

Mr Amaral was involved in the initial investigation but was later taken off the case. In his first book, The Truth Of The Lie, he claimed Madeleine was dead and questioned the McCanns' account that she was taken while they were eating with friends.

After a year-long campaign by the McCanns' lawyers to prevent the publication of the book and a subsequent DVD, in September a Portuguese judge granted an injunction banning its further sale or publication.

Portuguese detective sued by Gerry and Kate McCann releases new Maddie book, 11 December 2009
Madeleinee detective sued by Gerry and Kate McCann releases new Maddie book Daily Express

By Nick Fagge
Friday December 11, 2009

THE disgraced Portuguese policeman who claimed Kate and Gerry McCann were involved in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine is to publish a second book about the case, it emerged yesterday.

Former detective Goncalo Amaral will release the book – called The English Gag – today as the McCanns go to court to sue him for libel for his first book, The Truth Of The Lie.

The launch, to be held at one of Portugal's most respected bookshops, will take place just hours after the couple embark on a court room battle with Amaral.

The McCanns are seeking up to £1million damages over his claims that they were involved in their daughter's death.

They have been cleared of any wrongdoing and claim the book has harmed the search for Madeleine because Mr Amaral said he believed she was dead.

Kate and Gerry McCann dramatically returned to ­Portugal yesterday to face him across the courtroom in a bid to stop him peddling lies.

Last night their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "It's regrettable that Mr Amaral chooses to do this on the same day as the trial opening.

"Most people would expect him to concentrate on the trial rather than launching any new book and the court will take its own view of his activities."

Madeleine was nearly four when she vanished from the McCanns holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve, in May 2007.

Mr Amaral led the investigation and was instrumental in making the couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, official suspects in their daughter's disappearance.

But he was taken off the case after he criticised British detectives who had been brought in.

The McCanns were later cleared of any involvement. In his best-selling first book about the case, he claimed Madeleine was dead and questioned the McCanns' account that she was abducted while they were eating with friends.

The couple's lawyers were granted an injunction banning further sale or publication of the book in September following a year-long campaign.

The court order also banned Mr Amaral from repeating his claims about Madeleine or her parents. But in court today the detective, who resigned after he was found guilty of professional misconduct in relation to a separate child abduction case, intends to deny vigorously the McCanns claims of ­defamation.

Mr Amaral, who enjoys ­widespread sympathy in Portugal, has said he will call high profile witnesses including British police officers.

The 54-year-old former ­detective said he decided to write a second book after he was faced with censorship about the case.

His second book will be launched at the prestigious Lisbon bookshop Ler Devagar at 6.30pm local time.

In it, Mr Amaral defends the publication of his original book and claims he was gagged by the British establishment.

Portuguese detectives have claimed their investigation into Madeleine's disappearance was seriously hampered by the publicity campaign run by the McCanns and their supporters.

Senior police officers have claimed they were unable to carry out their inquiries properly because the couple were protected by a network ­of powerful people that included millionaires, celebrities and politicians.

McCanns sue detective over bestselling book, 11 December 2009
McCanns sue detective over bestselling book Daily Star

By Jerry Lawton
11th December 2009

MADELEINE McCann's parents flew to Portugal to sue a detective over a bombshell book only to find he has written another.

Gerry and Kate McCann will be in court in Lisbon today to launch a £1million libel action.

The couple are suing disgraced officer Goncalo Amaral who was sacked from the case over all­egations that he made against them in his bestseller The Truth Of The Lie.

But the McCanns, both 41, were shocked to discover he is hitting the shops today with a second book about the case.

Hours after the libel hearing begins he will launch The English Gag at a bookshop near the court.

Last night the fam­ily's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the timing was "regrettable."

He said: "Most people would expect him to concentrate on the trial rather than launching any new book.

"The court will take its own view of his activities."

Madeleine vanished, days before her fourth birthday, from the McCanns' holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, while her parents dined with friends at a nearby tapas bar.

Despite one of the biggest hunts in Portugal's history and vast publicity worldwide she has never been found.

Four months later the couple were made formal suspects by Portuguese detectives, led by Amaral.

He was later axed from the investigation after accusing British police of siding with the McCanns.

The case was eventually "archived" as an unsolved mystery and the McCanns' suspect status was lifted.

But that did not stop Amaral – who has since quit the force – penning a controversial account of the case which included damning allegations against the couple.

He claimed Mad­­eleine was not ab­ducted and was dead.

Two months ago – after a year-long campaign by the McCanns' lawyers to have the book and a subsequent DVD stripped from shelves – a Portuguese judge banned it.

It also barred Amaral from repeating his claims about Madeleine or her parents.

But he says his new book emerged from his indignation in the face of censorship.

The McCanns, who live in Rothley, Leics, say they would use the £1m damages – the profit the detective is understood to have made from his bestseller – to pay private eyes to carry on looking for their daughter.

After attending the opening of the trial they plan to return to the UK.

The couple say that they do not intend to return to Praia da Luz.

Gonçalo Amaral presents his new book 'The English Gag', 11 December 2009
Gonçalo Amaral presents his new book 'The English Gag' Público

Gonçalo Amaral has released a new book today
Gonçalo Amaral has released a new book today

"The English Gag" is the name of the new book by Gonçalo Amaral, which has been presented at the 'LerDevagar' bookshop at LX Factory, in Alcântara, Lisbon. It is a book in which the former PJ inspector, who followed the beginning of the Maddie McCann case, tells the story of the persecution by the little girl's parents - and by English justice - against the publication of his first book about the case: "Maddie: The Truth of the Lie", which was removed from bookshops and for which a lawsuit from the McCanns hangs over the former inspector. Coincidentally, the trial started today, despite having been adjourned due to Amaral's lawyer’s illness.

By Pedro Cunha
11.12.2009 - 20:58
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Astro for translation

The parents of Madeleine McCann, who disappeared on the 3rd of May 2007, in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, allege that the book and the video that has been on sale after a documentary on TVI, divulge Gonçalo Amaral's theory, which they consider unsustainable, that both of them are involved in their daughter's disappearance.

Therefore, through a request that has been presented by lawyer Isabel Duarte, the British couple has requested the court to remove the book and the video from the market, albeit in a provisory way, which ended up being granted on the 9th of September.

There is another action filed against Gonçalo Amaral, with the accusation of defaming statements, in which the couple asks for compensation of, at least, 1.2 million euros.

Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of the English child that disappeared in the Algarve in 2007, arrived at Lisbon's Palace of Justice at around 9 a.m., while Gonçalo Amaral arrived at 9.20.

Before entering the court, Gonçalo Amaral told the journalists that "Portugal is a country with freedom of expression".

The citizens' movement Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral has already gathered approximately three thousand euros to support the former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) inspector in the processes that have been filed by the McCann couple, the parents of the child that went missing in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in 2007.

Luís Arriaga, the spokesman for the project that supports Gonçalo Amaral, told Lusa agency that the amount that has been gathered within a month "is manifestly insufficient to sustain several processes", but asserted that the collection of financial means will continue.

"We want to gather the sympathy of people who can help the creation of a support fund", Luís Arriaga said, next to Lisbon's Palace of Justice, where other members of the project met, before the first hearing about the prohibition of the book "Maddie – The Truth of the Lie", by Gonçalo Amaral.

The trial ended up being postponed to the 12th, 13th and 14th of January due to the illness of Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer, António Cabrita, but before the adjournment was confirmed, approximately ten of the project's members symbolically distributed red carnations.

"That is the main focus: to capture the public opinion towards the need to recover the spirit of the 25th of April in freedom of expression. We cannot return to obscurantism, to the rejection of freedom of expression. Everyone can speak, obviously there are no limits. The limit lies within the law", Luís Arriaga explained.

The spokesman further defended the need for "a new revolution if the Portuguese judicial system is badly designed and is protecting the access of rich people to Justice".

Apart from the presence of members of Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral, with t-shits that read "Freedom of Expression" and "Censorship Never Again", other people protested against Kate and Gerry McCann at the moment when both acceded to giving the Portuguese and British journalists a statement.

'I am the same citizen who believes in the values of justice and of freedom', 12 December 2009
'I am the same Citizen who believes in the values of justice and of freedom' Nova Gente (paper edition only)

Gonçalo Amaral

The former Maddie case inspector tells how his life turned into hell after the injunction. His wife had to undergo shock therapy against depression.

12 December 2009
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Astro for translation

Is 'The English Gag' a book to counter-attack the McCanns?

'The English Gag' is a book that was written from the point of view of defence and revolt against a decision that I consider to be unconstitutional, therefore against the law. It is a counter-attack from those who defend the "planned and premeditated abduction theory", which, to say the least, offends the intelligence of any policeman, anywhere in the world. Even that of a common citizen...

Do you feel gagged?

I have no doubts about the "gag" that people wanted to impose on me, even when I was still a Polícia Judiciária coordinator. But I won't be silenced, and I won't stop trying to discover the truth. This is no obsession; the truth is a principle.

Why is [the book] published by a Spanish editor?

Because no Portuguese editor was brave enough to publish it. And this has nothing to do with any "conspiracy", I think it is the fear that the editors feel of suffering major financial damages due to a hypothetical injunction, in fact an "undercover" prohibition. This is Portuguese censorship, which returns 35 years after the Spring of '74, with the agreement of our own judicial system.

Gonçalo Amaral and Sofia Leal

Did you feel the need to portray a bit of your family life, namely in the chapter where you speak about your daughters and where you describe some emotions and situations that happened with them and with [your wife] Sofia?

Those who attack me should not forget that I am a "head of family", with a wife and daughters, with other relatives and also with friends. Which is to say, I'm a citizen like so many others. I am not, nor have I ever been, that which my detractors want to make me look like. On the other hand, my family has suffered just as much or even more (if suffering is measurable at all) than those who attack us. To speak about family is to focus on the core issue, on what is important, on what matters above everything else.

The injunction that is being fought by you in court, which prohibits the sale of the book 'Maddie – The Truth about the Lie', the consequent seizure of assets and the freezing of all of your income sources, has this shaken you financially and emotionally?

It is an attack on all fronts, with the purpose of asphyxiating me economically, and putting my capacity of defence at stake. Just to give you an idea, for me to fight the main action, which demands 1.2 million euros from me, I will have to pay judicial expenses that amount to approximately 30 thousand euros. Firstly, I pay, and only then I am able to oppose [the action]. I think I answered that clearly. Given the fact that the judicial costs are indexed to the requested amount, [the plaintiffs] demand a lot, to prevent me from reacting. This is how it works for citizen Gonçalo Amaral or for (almost) any other Portuguese. The seizure of rights and assets is not a consequence of the request, it is a process "on the side", which seeks to reinforce the asphyxia. An arrest is not obligatory when there is a request for compensation. But if both processes run simultaneously, as is the case, they ask a fortune from me, I have to pay in order to be heard, and I cannot use the means that I gained legally from my work, to defend myself.

According to the family's British lawyer, Ed Smethurst, Madeleine McCann's parents defend that you produced "continuous and gross" statements about the little girl's disappearance…

Given the fact that the injunction, apart from everything else, also forbids me from speaking about the contents of the book 'Maddie – The Truth about the Lie', I can only tell you that what is written in there is based on the process that supported the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann. On the limit, it is a duly based technical opinion.

Are you confident, concerning the court's decision?

I have no doubts. I am sure that the judicial system will work and that it will declare the unconstitutionality of the decisions that have been made so far, in a provisory manner.

What are you going to try to prove?

That in Portugal, in 2009, it is not possible to limit responsible freedom of expression.

Is the injunction only valid in Portugal?

Yes. There is neither in Portugal, nor anywhere else in the world, a court that is competent beyond its territorial jurisdiction, which is to say, beyond its borders. That is why apparently the couple's lawyers seem to be on a world tour, selling the provisional injunction as if it were definitive, in the countries where the book is on sale.

Explain the arrest to me. Are you unable to touch anything that you own?

I would like to explain the contents of the arrest to you, but I do not know the specific decision that it is based upon, because, strangely enough, I have never been notified.

The McCanns have filed an action against you in which they demand compensation of 1.2 million euros. Do you consider the possibility that you might lose and have to pay them that amount?

I consider the possibility of - and because I owe them nothing, apart from the damages that my family and me are suffering - me counter-attacking and demanding that, or any other value, from them. Which is to say, what they are doing to me, can also be done to them. Some people call it "karma", or "you reap what you sow". That is not the intention. It is a matter of following the judicial instruments that are available to citizens.

Have these two years been difficult?

If the path was easy, what would our merit be?

Who was, and who is now Gonçalo Amaral? Do you still fight for what you believe in?

I am the same father, the same husband, the same friend. What I have is more free time. I am also the same citizen who believes in the values of justice and of freedom.

If the McCann couple comes to Portugal to attend the trial, would you like to approach them to ask some questions, to tell them anything, any questions that remain unanswered?

… (Silence)

It has been said that you made a lot of money and even bought a Jaguar. Did you make that much money?

There are so many authors in Portugal selling (good) books. Many of them are even public figures, colleagues of yours. I still question myself (even though I know the answer) why they only mention the "money", the "profits", the "luxuries" of Gonçalo Amaral. You know, I was born into a very poor family, with six children to raise and to educate. Just like any other parent, I like to offer my daughters everything which they deserve and wish for. I would even spoil them more, it's Sofia who doesn't allow me. As far as the car is concerned, it is merely a car, which was bought by my consultancy firm.

Would you explain the story of the Jaguar to me…

It is called a Jaguar, but it was a lot less expensive than some lower category cars. When it was bought it was being sold for half its price. The brand had stopped producing that model. Apart from that, it was bought from the car dealer where Sofia's family has always bought their cars, which made the negotiation even easier. But that is all that it is, really, a car.

The McCanns also accuse you of charging for interviews. Have you ever charged for one?

That is another lie that sustains the damage request. Apart from Bill Clinton, or any other world famous celebrity that charges for philanthropic purposes, do you really know anyone who is willing to pay 80 thousand euros for an interview?! To a retired cop?!


Sofia Leal: Deep depression supporting her husband

Has your family been hurt in this process?

This year in April, I started feeling very low. I did some blood tests and the result revealed that my body (this was not even a psychological matter anymore) was at its limit. The pressure had been huge (moving house, changing schools, changing jobs, defamation, Gonçalo's early retirement). All the common patterns were fine, including the hormonal part. Nonetheless, until today nobody understands how I managed to get so far.

By the end of April, my body had not even a trace of adrenalin, dopamine or serotonin. In physical and emotional terms, I had given everything I had, plus what I didn't have. The McCann couple, that is clearly and directly responsible, certainly knows what this means. Nevertheless, due to my psychiatrist and to my family that tried to protect me, I made it through the summer "on one foot". Afterwards, and due to the processes, the threats, in October my body failed and broke down. I went through shock therapy that included being "shut off" for two weeks. My husband didn't sleep, in order to "watch over" my sleep.

How do your daughters react to the information that they receive about their father?

Concerning the information that reaches the girls, it's not easy, but there is a basic principle: to tell them the truth, according to their age. Rita, who is 11 years old and surprisingly mature, is able to understand almost like an adult. Ines, who has just become six, knows that Maddie's parents loved her so much that they refuse to believe that she died. That her father, Gonçalo, who is a great policeman, with the help of other policemen, of the laboratory and of the dogs, managed to prove that Maddie died. But the little girl's parents don't want to believe that, and they don't want her father to say that. But I always tell her that the parents didn't hurt her, that we don't know how it happened yet, but Maddie died. And that Gonçalo won't give up on finding out "how", because that is the only way that Maddie's parents will believe, and she can become another angel just like Joana.

To speak the truth, 12 December 2009
To speak the truth Correio da Manhã

Gonçalo Amaral

Matter of Fact

Gonçalo Amaral
12 December 2009 - 00h30
Thanks to Joana Morais for translation

Two years ago a company of private detectives, hired by the parents of the child who mysteriously disappeared in the Algarve, announced that the end of the drama was at hand. The child was about to be found and spend Christmas with her family. The desire of all those who wanted a happy ending was defrauded.

Today we discuss the opposition to an injunction that withdrew the fullness of freedom of expression, based on multiple violations on the truth. It is said in the injunction that a book written by me was to blame for the failure of the search for the missing child. To speak the truth would be to question the work of private detective firms, hired since the early days of the investigation, that could be considered disastrous.

To speak the truth is to say that at the date of publication of the book, July 2008, the private detective companies had already been working on the case for many months. To speak the truth would mean to say that at Christmas 2007 I was a policeman in service, soiled and smeared by the support staff of the parents of missing child. To speak the truth is to make clear that to restore the fullness of my freedom of expression I had to retire from the Judiciary Police, because only in that way could I defend myself.

Locard's Truth - The preface to 'The English Gag', 14 December 2009
Locard's Truth - The preface to 'The English Gag' Joana Morais

The following text is the translation of the Preface to Gonçalo Amaral's new book, "The English Gag". Titled "Locard's Truth", the preface is authored by Francisco Moita Flores, a former Polícia Judiciária inspector, now the Mayor of Santarém, and a renowned criminologist and author.

"The English Gag"

14 December 2009
Thanks to
Astro for translation

Locard's Truth

I read this outcry for freedom by Gonçalo Amaral at a time when the country wallows, and when I say the country, I say the politicians, some characters within the judiciary system supplying the pyrotechnical material for the fireworks that the media launch every day around the 'Face Oculta' process [major corruption scandal presently being investigated in Portugal]. And it is the greatest example of hypocrisy. Exactly the same newspapers, the same columnists, who in the name of respect for the parents' 'pain', in the name of respect for arguidos with no other coercion measure, practically imposed the end of any newscast about Maddie, they are exactly the same that, forgetting today what they had said yesterday, flog personalities from the areas of politics or economy with suspicions, half truths and hearsay, based on wiretaps that nobody knows, savagely destroying the character and honour of their targets.

Two weights and two measures. And now, after reading this painful, nostalgic, and yet brave book, following a temporary injunction against 'Maddie – The Truth of the Lie', accepted by a Portuguese court, I understand even better what I always understood: the McCann couple's strategy, since the first day of their media folklore, never had any other purpose: to discredit the Portuguese Justice, the Portuguese Police, and, fundamentally, Gonçalo Amaral, the man who knew the most, and still does, about what they did. And what they didn't.

Gonçalo Amaral is not a fictional character. He is the boldness of truth. He is the challenge of truth. Even if he doesn't fully know it. He knows what nobody else does, about Maddie's hidden destiny. And it's no use to try to conceal the sun with a sieve, which seems to be the child's parents' only obsession, because like Sherlock Holmes invariably replied to his unavoidable friend Dr. Watson, the method of deduction, applied to facts, as long as they are seen in connection, becomes elementary, even for the most stupid living beings, that if action A produced result B, if result B is coherent with consequence C, then A is related to C. It is elementary! Aristotle formulated this reasoning in the shape of syllogisms, Edmond Locard, the father of modern criminal investigation, recovered it to become the instrument of all investigation police forces worldwide, and the results are there.

Even CSI, written under the shape of future fiction, evokes Locard. He is the true God of criminal investigation. Without exception. Be it for the Portuguese PJ, the FBI, Scotland Yard. There is only one exception. It applies to all criminal cases except to the disappearance of Maddie. The exception. The divine exception which protects the parents to continue the farce. Since the beginning of the investigation. None of what has been explained by the hired 'detectives', none of what is related to the reconstruction of facts, more or less proved, none of what is advanced by the 'spin's', hired journalists, protective political chains, manages to resist the implacable evidential logic of Edmond Locard. The instrument which Gonçalo Amaral used. Nothing escapes it. Neither the 'moral' indignation, nor the silly piety, nor faith, nor propaganda, or any injunction, manages to trample over what life produces, as such, and Locard never ceased to be right. Just like Gonçalo Amaral. Just like all professional policemen who know, who are competent, who master the techniques of criminal investigation.

Gonçalo Amaral lives in the artlessness of the very best policemen. He believes that working so uninterestedly, in such an selfless way, where only the solution of the enigma matters, he didn't pay attention to the dark manoeuvres, he didn't realise that behind every column that was written against him, behind every indignant comment or editorial, behind every report that was serving the McCanns' sieve, a current of sinister associations and complicities was organising itself, which had nothing to do with the material truth, or the investigation into the mysterious disappearance. The ingenuity of those who love their job and deliver themselves to their profession in an unconditional way.

Gonçalo Amaral never realised that nothing was done, apart from him and his team, to solve the case. On the contrary. Everything was done, from propaganda to commissioned detectives, to screw up his case. Nothing else mattered.

And one just has to look at the results. After all the silences, after all the interviews, after all the 'reputed' detectives, after millions of euros, after the Pope's blessing, and his negation, after so many words, squeezed to the last drop, that what has been advanced since the day that the process ended was zero. ZERO! That is to say, everything was done to shut up Gonçalo Amaral. Nothing was done to discover the truth. And the abduction theory, now the injunction, just like all the other pieces of this farce, had only one goal, just one: to tell the world that the little girl's parents are saints and that the bad guy, the really bad guy, in this story is the policeman.

But Locard is right. Here and anywhere else in the world. And therefore, just like Galileo, Gonçalo Amaral is right. Even if it takes years (in Galileo's case it took centuries) to demonstrate that he is right. Despite all mystifications, all insinuations, all calumnies, all injunctions, the truth, the only truth, that remains to be discovered is the time at which everything happened and the destiny that befell the pitiful child.

There is no inquisition, no censorship, no rhetoric, no ridiculous staging of shamelessly moralist and lying statements, no falsehoods, no little pieties that can violate Locard. The most cruel of all investigators. The one to whom the entire world owes the discovery of the method that became indifferent to witness statement or confession. The Truth is there, even if others persist, and sanction it, as a Lie. The world of material truth, taken from laboratories, pulled from Aristotle's syllogisms, reconstructed with the methods of scientific police, has no pity for tears and no mercy for staging. Not even official censorship can silence what is built by life, the material testimonies, no matter how small, tear down the most staged and plentiful weeping.

It is certain that the process did not reach absolute conclusions. It is true. The formalism of the process imposes itself to the substance of evidence. But do not try to deceive yet another truth. Because it did not reach its end, but it went a long way. In another country, maybe it would have been enough for a condemnatory decision. Not here. There are no condemned. All are innocent. In the shape of law. Although those who carry out criminal investigations know that not a single law can change the entropy of life. Which is, after all, its greatest wealth which the poverty of norm never succeeds in capturing.

Francisco Moita Flores

Gonçalo Amaral to present 'The English Gag', 14 December 2009
Gonçalo Amaral to present 'The English Gag' TVI24

Gonçalo Amaral to present The English Gag

14 December 2009
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Astro for translation

The former PJ inspector focuses on injunctions that "put citizens' rights at stake"

On Tuesday, former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral presents his new book, "The English Gag", in Oporto, a book that he "never" expected to write and in which he focuses the issue of injunctions that "put citizens' rights at stake".

"I never expected to write this book. It is about freedom of expression, which is something that I thought was well defined in this country. But I keep perceiving that something is not working well under this regime, with decisions that are unconstitutional", Gonçalo Amaral told Lusa.

The new book appears after his book "Maddie – The Truth of the Lie" was targeted by an injunction that was presented by the McCann family, leading to the book being removed from the market in September.

The parents of Madeleine McCann, who disappeared on the 3rd of May, 2007, in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, alleged that the book and the video that was sold after a documentary that was broadcast on TVI, divulge Gonçalo Amaral's thesis, which they consider unsustainable, that both are involved in their daughter's disappearance.

As the coordinator of the PJ's Criminal Investigation Department of Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral was a member of the investigators' team that tried to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann.

The start of this process' trial had been scheduled for the 11th of December but ended up being adjourned to January due to the former inspector's lawyer being ill.

Today, Gonçalo Amaral clarified that this new book "does not include any novelties relating to police cases", even because he cannot "express anything" about his thesis, which, he defended, "is a based opinion that is shared by other inspectors".

"The peak of peaks"

The English Gag "brings the issue of public injunctions that put citizens' rights at stake into public opinion", the former inspector stressed, adding that "the injunctions have been used by the McCanns' lawyers to intimidate other people".

In his new book, Gonçalo Amaral discusses "the base for the injunction" (that he has been targeted with) and that "it is based on lies".

Amaral thinks that it would be "the peak of peaks" and "an attack against the Portuguese people's intelligence" if this new book is equally targeted by an injunction.

The book "The English Gag – The Story of a Forbidden Book" is presented on Tuesday at 6.30 p.m., at Leitura bookshop, located at Shopping Cidade do Porto.

Gonçalo Amaral: "This is a book of protest", 15 December 2009
Gonçalo Amaral: "This is a book of protest"

Gonçalo Amaral - The English Gag

'Freedom of expression is the enemy of restrictions to criminal investigations and of the manipulation of public opinion'

Alice Barcellos
15 December 2009, 23:53
Thanks to Joana Morais for translation

"35 years after the 25th of April I never thought that I would write a book on censorship and freedom of expression". These were the first words spoken by Gonçalo Amaral at the presentation of his new book in Oporto. In 'The English Gag - The Story of a Forbidden Book' the former Judiciary Police Inspector tells how he saw his first publication, about the Maddie Case, being taken out of the market in September.

"This is a book of protest", said Gonçalo Amaral to SAPO, stating that he is not outraged with the Portuguese justice "that is still working" but with the way that the provisional injunction imposed by the McCanns was made. "It [the decision] was taken in secret without all the parts being heard", explained the former PJ Inspector who wrote 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie' in 2008.

The McCann couple also accuse Gonçalo Amaral of defamatory statements and ask, at least, for 1.2 million Euros. The trial was postponed to January. Gonçalo Amaral believes he can win the case. Also present at the book launch was the lawyer and author, Carlos Abreu Amorim, who also disagrees with the injunction imposed on Gonçalo Amaral.

Carlos Abreu Amorim, one of the author's of
Blasfémias blog considers the injunction an attempt to impose a "single version". "The McCann couple was able to impose on the Portuguese Justice the idea that Gonçalo Amaral's thesis is false", said the lawyer, considering that the prohibition of the book was "an attack on the right of freedom of information".


Voice Over:
The new book by Gonçalo Amaral can be understood in its title. The former Judiciary Police Inspector who followed the Maddie McCann Case at the beginning, wrote 'The English Gag' that reveals the story of a forbidden book. Gonçalo Amaral tells his readers how he saw his first book go out of circulation, at the same time that he reflects on censorship and freedom of expression.

Gonçalo Amaral: This is a book of protest. It's not a book of revolt against Portuguese justice, because Portuguese justice is still working. Now, it is Portuguese justice who allows this type of precautionary measure [the injunction] without the parts, without the requested parts being heard - The decision regarding the injunction was made in secret. It is this system, this 'Justice' between inverted commas, this system that we have and the lack of other jurisdictional resources, as for example, the recurso de amparo [constitutional proceeding]* which lead us to this moment, where after a few months we are still waiting for a decision, and after we certainly still have to go to another instance [a superior court], until one day we finally reach the constitutional court. So, there isn't a recurso de amparo* which could allows us to go straight to the constitutional court to question what is happening relative to this matter.

Voice Over: The first book by Gonçalo Amaral, 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie', was taken out of the market in September via a temporary injunction imposed by the McCann couple, who also accuse the former PJ inspector of defamation. With the beginning of the trial set for January, Gonçalo Amaral believes he can win the case.

Gonçalo Amaral: I have hope, I have faith and I have the certainty that justice will be made, and we will win this cause. I have no doubts regarding that. If the other book will be published again that is an editorial matter that does not include me. Actually, the period for the book, that is another strange issue... All the books have a life period, the life period for that book had already ended, the book wasn't selling anymore, in fact, it started being sold again because of the injunction. So, the ends to which it was destined [the injunction on the book] only caused more problems, if the book indeed caused, as alleged, problems to the search of the child.

Carlos Abreu Amorim, Lawyer: I believe this decision will be reverted, because this decision does not have any sustainability, and in fact, I believe that the Portuguese magistrates - I have already said that, in the Judiciary Studies Centre, and I say it now here in public - they should start being more careful and have a better preparation in what concerns the fundamental rights.

Voice Over: What is left to know is if the second book by Gonçalo Amaral is also going to be forbidden to circulate on the market.

Gonçalo Amaral: People asked if the book wouldn't be forbidden again, this book. Usually I tell them "let's see" - in terms of let's wait and see - but that would be the limit, really. To forbid a book that is exactly on that matter, on freedom of speech, on another book that was forbidden. I think it would be a redundancy.

* The recurso de amparo

A distinctive feature of the Portuguese constitutional justice, compared to other constitutional jurisdictions, particularly in relation to the Spanish one, consists in the absence of one type of resource that can be described as "assistance" or "constitutional complaint procedure" (the resource to complaint or Verfassungsbeschwerde, foreseen respectively, in the Spanish and German systems). We refer, on the purpose of assistance, to the establishment of a procedural form (resource or action) specifically destined for the protection of fundamental rights in order to obtain an assessment of the constitutionality in relation to the conduct of the holders of the political power, of the Administration or of the judicial power. Specifically what the Spanish Constitution provides in its Articleº 53, nº223 and to what the Ley Orgánica del Tribunal Constitucional 24 establishes in its III Title (Articles 41º to 58º).

Gonçalo Amaral: "I owe the McCanns nothing", 16 December 2009
Gonçalo Amaral: "I owe the McCanns nothing" ionline

Gonçalo Amaral

The investigator and former Judiciária coordinator in Maddie's disappearance speaks about his book "The English Gag". Controversial

Pedro Sales Dias
16 December 2009
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Astro for translation

The investigator and former PJ coordinator in the case of the disappearance of Maddie presents a new book in which he says he is silenced by the "English gag". In an interview to i, he speaks about the [revolution of the] 25th of April [1974] and reveals that his future passes through the practise of law, and speaks about the recently published book: "The English Gag".

You have already mentioned that you never expected to write this book. What are the reasons for that feeling?

On the 25th of April [1974], I was 14 years old. As a matter of fact, I thought that 35 years after the 25th of April [revolution which reinstated democracy in Portugal] there would be no acts of censorship or limitations on freedom of expression. People may say that I was somewhat distracted or that I was a bit naïve, but I thought those things had already been overcome and none of that would return to this country. It seems that it did, with my case.

Did you feel censored and gagged when "Maddie – The Truth of the Lie" was taken off the Market (in September), after having been targeted with an injunction that was presented by the McCann family?

I felt censored and gagged, hence the title of book. It is a gag which is English because it is an English couple that demands the gag. In fact, being told to shut up while we believe we are offering a technical and founded opinion, we are using freedom of expression in a responsible manner, then it it very hard for us to accept being told to shut up and to remain silent. I have respected the injunction until the day that I have to violate it in my own defence. So far it has not been necessary, but if it becomes so, I will violate the injunction.

When and why will it be necessary?

It will be necessary... We are presently experiencing a campaign from the injunction's plaintiffs whose purpose it is to discredit me. By discrediting, they are destroying not only me, but also my family. This has been growing. Since September, well orchestrated and well planned news has been coming out, which rummages through my private life. We are going to act against those who make propaganda out of less positive things in life, like my debts. I have gone on holidays with my three daughters, with debts. When I returned, I brought my daughters and also my debts. We all have debts. There is an official campaign, and a parallel one. Some day, we will try to understand whether or not they are connected. It puts my reputation at stake, whether or not I am a good father, a good husband, and the debts. It is necessary to put this man's reputation at stake, and to silence him... I do not accept that, and if necessary, I will violate the injunction.

What can we expect from this book, some news, and the clarification of the truth?

A while ago, I said that it is a protest against this injunction. A condensed travel – it is small, easily read – about these problems of freedom of expression. I think it serves as a support and clarification document, even for the young people who did not live that period, and can only imagine it... At this moment, specific situations are being experienced and I think that the youth have an historical opportunity to understand how things were in practical terms, how things were. They are not exactly like that time, but they become very similar. To silence people, to remove books from the market, or to apprehend books, to seize their assets, those are things from way back when, before the 25th of April [1974]. It is happening to me in that way, they want to asphyxiate me financially.

Is there anything new in the book?

I don't have to write about cases all of the time. And in this case, I even cannot. If I could, I would have written. There was a discussion among the lawyers who helped me to perfect the book, whether or not I should speak about the private detectives' work, about the abduction theory and to clarify that they did a disastrous job. Those gentlemen accuse me of being guilty of all evil, of not having found the missing child. They forget about the activity that they have done so far – I am not speaking about their responsibility in anything – and the detectives' work.

The thesis about Maddie's disappearance is not merely a thesis, it's an investigation that is based on facts...

I cannot speak about that. I can tell you that what is in the book is in the process, that is to say, it reports about an investigation that is also supported by the process itself. One thing is the other. And it is only the work from May until October, while I led the investigation. Then, the work continued. We have already presented documental and witness evidence that what is in the process, is in the book. It is factual. There is no defamation. What is in there, is a technical and founded opinion about reports of what happened there...

The process is public...

But it should have been censored. If they say that this book, which is based on the process, is defaming, then the process also defames. Why don't they censor the process itself? It is in circulation... It has been distributed to all journalists.

What is the truth about the Maddie case?

At the moment, I am forbidden from speaking about truths and lies, therefore I have to keep silent about that. I cannot even share my thoughts, as foreseen in the injunction. Now look at what things have come to...

The parents of Madeleine, who disappeared on the 3rd of May 2007, in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, consider that the thesis that Gonçalo Amaral defends in the book, that both are involved in their daughter's disappearance, is unsustainable...

I can tell you that I have not seen written anywhere, anything that rebuts what is written in the book. They say that the book defames, but nobody picks up any part of the book to say what is a lie and what is not in the process. That is the major issue. Nobody questioned what is in the book, page by page. Nobody says why it is defamatory. Justice is performed in silence when it runs its normal course. I was already silent, I was writing another book about the Police. When this happened, I had to put it aside to give a public reply.

As a former Polícia Judiciária coordinator, in one of the most recent and most media-exposed investigation cases in Portugal, what is the priority in the scale of juridical values, for you: an injunction that is imposed by an English couple, or the right to freedom of expression?

There are limits. There is a hierarchy of values. The use of responsible freedom of expression will always be above private life itself. If you look at the Republic's Constitution, freedom of expression is worth more.

What will you do in the future?

I will start my practise in law... I am going to be a lawyer...

'The English Gag', 16 December 2009
'The English Gag' Correio da Manhã

Carlos de Abreu Amorim


Carlos de Abreu Amorim, Lawyer
16 December 2009 - 00h30
Thanks to Joana Morais for translation

I do not know what happened to little Maddie McCann - I just assume that her fate was too sad.

The news about the case startled me, especially the possibility of the parents involvement. I saw the chronic resistance of the McCanns to everything that contradicted their own version of events, using financial and media resources that, here, had never been seen. And I noticed one of the PJ inspectors who sacrificed his career on behalf of what the investigation had obtained.

Gonçalo Amaral expressed his opinion in a book. The McCanns were able to make a Portuguese Court to prohibit it. An Englishman, John Aikin, once said, to choose a good book, look in an inquisitor's prohibited list.

But Amaral is not an easy man to silence - and a new book is already here.

Amaral answers to the McCanns: "I did what I could to find Maddie, but I made a few mistakes", 23 December 2009
Amaral answers to the McCanns: "I did what I could to find Maddie, but I made a few mistakes" O Crime (appears in paper edition only)

O Crime, 23 December 2009

23 December 2009
Thanks to
Joana Morais for translation

The former coordinator of the Judiciary Police considers that "a police officer is not obliged to obtain results", but do the best that he can. In addition, he is convinced that he will win the case in which he opposes the English couple regarding the temporary injunction over his book. "Do not underestimate me", he warns.

O Crime – How do you answer to the observation made by the couple, in an interview with our newspaper, that none of the PJ investigators have done more than their job, unlike you, who has accused people that the prosecutor and the judge have declared to be innocent?

The couple are misinformed. The process never reached within the scope of any judge, it stayed with the prosecutor. Then, the prosecutor did not make a definite archival but a provisional one, leaving the case on 'double boiler', pending the production of better evidence.

However, the final dispatch concludes that, for the parents, there could not be any responsibility laid in the disappearance of their daughter...

Also not true. What the prosecutor said in the archiving dispatch was that the non-involvement of the parents in any illegal action "seems to result" - it does not say "results", he said "appears to result" – from a set of elements on which he issued an opinion. An opinion that is valid for the process, but that does not establish an absolute truth which limits public discussion. We are no longer in the Middle Ages.

Don't you think that you had the obligation to find little Maddie, as the couple argues?

A police officer is not obliged to obtain results. He is obliged to do the best that he can. That was what I did, my Portuguese and British colleagues and me. With mistakes, I admit it. I have already made self-criticism of the investigation in the book "The Truth of the Lie".

If there had been no errors in the investigation, would it have been possible to find the girl alive?

Maybe we could have found the girl. I cannot say anything else due to the temporary injunction.

The McCanns are convinced that the thesis of the alleged death of Madeleine undermines the efforts being undertaken in order to find her alive...

The Public Ministry prosecutor who archived the investigation - and who distributed the archival dispatch to the media around the world - wrote in that dispatch that Madeleine's death is the "most likely scenario". And he has not yet been sued.

The McCanns accuse you of pronouncing over situations related to their family, something that they don't do in relation to yours…

I speak about a criminal case and not over situations related to their family. And they don't speak over situations related to my family because they don't need to. Perhaps there is someone who does that professionally and without them knowing it. There are many who forget that I have worked for 30 years in criminal investigation. At a certain point I will request the adequate means of evidence, find the truth and ask for rectification of the damages that I have suffered.

It is true that, until now, you have not lost anything, not even the only two euros that remained deposited in your bank accounts?

So far I have not lost anything, nor will I lose it. I will win the case, of that you can be sure. What happened was that they froze my income in order to prevent me from paying the court expenses and the payment of fees to lawyers. Do you have any idea of how much it costs to support such a process? It costs a fortune. Indeed, much more than my Jaguar...

Speaking of the Jaguar, it is said that it was bought with the returns made from the book "The Truth of the Lie"...

However, what is not said is that before this second hand Jaguar, I had another, a much older one.

In your book "The English Gag", you criticize in a very contentious manner the judicial decision that ordered the withdrawal from the market of the book "The Truth of the Lie". Would you care to explain?

I say that it is an illegal decision, an unjust decision, a case of censorship. The court did not hear me before they decreed the provisional injunction; it was decided solely on the basis of the elements submitted to them by the McCanns. The court did not know the motives of what I said in the book and, therefore took my words as gratuitously offensive and not as a fundamental opinion.

Do you believe that after the witnesses hearing that you have requested, the decision will be reversed?

I do, yes. I presented witnesses and presented the criminal process for the court to analyse. Such elements of proof will be, in my opinion, sufficient for the lady judge to obtain an enlightenment that until then she did not possess. I have been in contact with judges for almost 30 years. Among judges, I have many friends. What they do is always founded in the elements that they have at their disposal and, at this moment, madam judge of the civil court of Lisbon has more elements than she had previously. Therefore, I am convinced that she will decide in my favour.

The McCann couple felt offended with your conclusions on the book "The Truth of the Lie".

It is not because of the fact that a person feels offended, or alleges to feel offended, that the censorship of a publication is legitimized. If it was so, and if the majority of citizens had the economic capacity of the McCanns, no newspaper would go to the newsstands. Half of the pages would be blank. A news piece, just like an opinion, does not have to be correct to be freely expressed and published. It has to be substantiated; it has to be conceived without the intention of harming anyone.

"The English Gag" also violently criticizes politicians. Why?

Did any reputed politician in this country speak out against what happened to me? But when it's they themselves or their friends, the target of a judicial proceeding, even if it is for paedophilia or corruption, they all immediately come out offending the judges, the prosecutors and the Judiciary Police, saying they are politically manipulated, that they are incompetent, etc...

Were you expecting politicians to criticize the decision made by the Civil Court of Lisbon?

The least that I expected was for politicians to come out publicly to say that the institutionalized pre-trial procedures must be rethought so that never again would it be possible for a judge to decide to limit freedom of expression of a citizen solely based on the elements that are provided by the party that alleges to be offended. This is censorship and there is no way to turn it around.

Depending on the outcome of this process, will you stop here?

The future belongs to God. However, if I have the financial conditions, there may still be surprises. I was almost 30 years in the Judiciary Police. Do not underestimate me.

Gonçalo Amaral: 'Companhia das Manhãs' interview, 28 December 2009
Gonçalo Amaral: 'Companhia das Manhãs' interview SIC

Sic morning show 'Companhia das Manhãs'

28 December 2009
Thanks to
Joana Morais for transcript/translation

Video Transcript

Rita Ferro Rodrigues - RFR
Gonçalo Amaral- GA

RFR: (...)Our programme is going very well. Now it's time to receive a very special guest that all of you at home know, the former inspector of the Judiciary Police, Gonçalo Amaral, who has launched his second book. The first one was removed from the market due to a temporary injunction imposed by the McCann couple, and Gonçalo now counteracts with another book. But before we're going to see a report, and then we are going to speak with Gonçalo Amaral.

00.25'' video report on the McCanns at the Lisbon Civil Court (archive footage)

Voice Over: The McCann couple came to Lisbon but the hearing was postponed. Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer is in a quarantine, in question are suspicions of influenza A [swine flu]. Kate and Gerry McCann say that they were not disappointed and they're going to do their best to return in January.

Cut to Kate McCann: "Why would we be disappointed? Hum...I mean, today was really for the benefit of Mr. Amaral and his team, and the full team wasn't here. Hum.. As it stands the judicial decision remains so we have no reason to be disappointed." Cut to Gerry McCann: "We are British, we fight for freedom of speech, but, if you cross the line then you must be prepared to defend yourself in court." Cut to Kate McCann: "Freedom of speech should not include distortion of the truth, lies, fabrication and slander."

Voice over: Under the scope of the temporary injunction that suspends the sale of the book, the British couple demand 1.2 million euros compensation for defamation. In the book 'The Truth of The Lie', Gonçalo Amaral involves the McCanns in the concealment of Maddie's cadaver. But the former inspector claims his freedom of speech, and he makes a point: 'The English Gag' is the title of his new book.

Cut to Gonçalo Amaral: "(...)It would be the last straw; this is a book about censorship and freedom of speech, to censor this book, to prohibit the commercialization of this book, or the readership of the book, would be... that would mean that the Portuguese state would be 'crawling'(...)"

Voice Over: Behind stays 'The Truth of the Lie'. He doesn't have any regrets, but with certainty, besides the temporary injunction, the former inspector will have to face the consequences.

Cut to Gonçalo Amaral: "I feel vilified, defamed; my family has suffered greatly. There are many damages done, and, as I said before, at the right time, at the right place, we will ask for the indemnity to redress those damages."

Voice Over: Nevertheless, there is no one who can silence him at a time to criticize the McCanns.

Gonçalo Amaral: "I could ask, and I have the legitimacy to do so, if in a determined interview, the interviews are worth what they are; someone says that they are focused on finding their daughter, who is missing - and I believe that I'm not in violation of the injunction when I say this, I'm not speaking about any thesis, just of the disappearance - and that they are not interested in suing anyone. Seeing that they sued now, are they still focused on finding?"

Voice Over: The date of the book presentation coincided with the beginning of the hearing, but Gonçalo Amaral says it was a mere chance occurrence. And he guarantees, after the 'gag' there is much to tell.

02:50'' back to the studio

Rita Ferro Rodrigues: And indeed, there is much to tell. Gonçalo Amaral is our guest, and the first question that I want to make is: And the trial, when is it going to happen?

Gonçalo Amaral: Actually, it's an interesting question, it's not a trial. We are on a phase of the temporary injunction, of opposing to the injunction. We have already presented the documented proof of what we state, and now would be the matter of presenting the testimonial evidence, so, it is a hearing, a hearing of our witnesses, as well as witnesses from Valentim de Carvalho, from Guerra & Paz, hence this isn't a trial. Actually, it wasn't something that was wished by the requesting party, opposition is never wished for by the requester.

RFR: Of course. Gonçalo, if the first book was removed from the market, as we all know, because of the temporary injunction imposed by the McCann couple, do we also risk seeing the 'Gag' also taken from the market? Because this is clearly a book to counteract, made by you, as Gonçalo says, also of defence of what you consider to be a serious attack on freedom of speech... Is there a risk, of this book being also removed from the market?

GA: There is a risk that all the books or all the texts, that are contrary to determined opinions, of determined ways of thinking of other people, of being removed from the market. From this temporary injunction, from the moment the injunction was decreed, which wasn't easy [referring to the fact that the McCann's injunction had to go twice to the judge to be accepted], I can tell you that in May it was rejected by the judge, who later on accepted it at the appeal request; from now on everything and anything is possible. Hence, this isn't an issue of Gonçalo Amaral, but a matter of freedom of expression of the Portuguese, and of those who are in agreement with the 25th of April ['Carnation Revolution' in 1974]. So, today risks exist; there were various attempts to try and remove books from the market, even pre-censored, but from now on, in opposition to the Portuguese courts jurisprudence everything is possible.

RFR: The first book, as we know, portrayed your experience, and some of your conclusions during the investigation to the Maddie Case, and this second book is exactly about what?

GA: This book is a reflection on censorship and freedom of expression, regarding what has happened to the other book, on the temporary injunction, a provisional decision, which has been 'sold' has if it was something definite - something that is not true; that is why there is a legal opposition. It's a book that speaks about all that, speaks of the conquests made in April [25 April 1974], speaks on our journey in terms of April - I was already here [in Lisbon] on the 25th of April day - so, these are conquests that define us as men, as human beings, and as it is said right here [the English Gag book] at the beginning, in a citation of  Mário Soares* [former Portuguese Republic President, Left wing leader] regarding this matters: freedom, these conquests of freedom expression and freedom of information are something that we cannot allow, under any pretext to become suppressed again.

RFR: Very well, it's almost also, not almost, it's as well a declaration of yours, of revolt, against this alleged lack of freedom of expression. Gonçalo, that that we...

GA: Alleged? No. It really is lack of freedom of expression. Pardon.

RFR: Very well, that that we as citizens, for me as a person that is observant to the whole of this phenomena, and to this anguishing story, since the beginning. That that anguishes us most is, amidst all of this, is there anyone searching for the little girl?

GA: I don't think so...

RFR: Why?

GA: ...but I can't say anything else because of the temporary injunction. [As long as the McCanns, Murat, or anyone from the Tapas group don't ask for the re-opening of the case, no police force in Portugal, in Britain or otherwise will be investigating the case - The McCanns could legitimately - as assistants to the process - have asked for the re-opening of the case; they didn't. The McCanns and the rest of the Tapas group could ask at any time to be heard and give evidence, or even offer to undertake the reconstruction, which would force the Portuguese Public Ministry to lift a certificate from the archived process, thus reopening it. The official investigation would then continue.]

And Gonçalo believes that they don't search because according to your conclusions... it's not worth it?...

GA: No, let's not go there. There is a preoccupation for this couple: the matter of the image. Take notice, the investigation was ongoing, and that investigation, no one wished it to be archived or to end, at least for me, as a parent, I couldn't wish that any investigation ended without understanding - with diligences still to be made, a series of steps to be taken - and to make everything so that the process stayed archived. To the point of one of the parts that could have requested the re-opening of the investigation, one of the parts that was arguido [official suspect, referring to Murat that like the McCanns could have used his status of arguido to re-open the case process] even being compensated a few days before the archiving - it's a mere coincidence, but the fact is that was exactly what happened. And that person then made various claims, criminal complaints against journalists; but he was also satisfied with the process archival. It's a matter of image, what is in question is just a matter of image. Just and only, since the beginning. And it is a matter of image, with a very well designed strategy, a strategy to discredit everything. They immediately started in 2007 discrediting the Portuguese Justice system, the Judiciary Police, the investigators that were on the case. In my case, I was vilified, I was defamed, I was called everything and anything via the British press; and it went on, I was still...

RFR: Gonçalo, Let me make you one question. And I believe you, and I know what you are talking about, and I understand very well the drama of someone that is vilified in the press, but I ask you - weren't the McCanns also, and now let's make believe that none of us has an opinion on this, weren't they also vilified and defamed in our press?

No, I...

RFR: No?!

GA: No, I don't think so. What is in... the process, and notice, the process itself wasn't used by the requesting party to state that they were defamed. It was a book that was used - what is in the book is in the process - they say that the book defames them, and even that it hampers the search for the little girl, but they didn't use as proof, nor attach to the claim, the process that was distributed to the journalists, something that we used to oppose it [the claim]. What is there are facts, evidence, a series of things, for example, we could go and pick up the reports - or the couple could - the reports of the detective agencies that they've hired and then we could understand what exactly those detective agencies did. There are a series of things that still need to be talked about. And have to be discussed.

RFR: And they don't want that discussion, is that it?

GA: They don't want that debate, but that will have to happen... I have no doubts regarding that.

RFR: So you, Gonçalo... This is just the first step of this fight, is this the battle of your lifetime?

GA: No, I already had many battles, during all those years at the Police, I had various fights for Justice.

RFR: But this is a tough one?

GA: This isn't an easy one, if the path was easy what would our merit be? Let's say that, there are values and principles that are in question and of those I won't give up.

RFR: In the midst of this maelstrom, it was also involved, as you said, with serious damages for your family, we don't doubt it... In the midst of this turbulent situation the inspector; because for me you'll always be inspector, even if you are former inspector, inspector is your profession...

GA: Former Coordinator...

RFR: Coordinator, do you still go to bed at night with the thought, that is probably the primordial thought of all of us, that is, with Madeleine McCann, the child?

GA: The first worry in my life, are my daughters and my family, Maddie McCann forgive me but she comes after. I don't have that obsession, I'm not obsessed with. Now, I do have the conscience of all the actions that we have taken and that are now happening, are actions that will contribute to the discovery of the truth. Of that I have no doubt. Notice that the case was 'dead', let's say it in this way. The book wasn't selling anymore, the books have a period of 'life', that book wasn't selling. And when I knew about this temporary injunction, it was when that book was, somehow, sold in this year. Therefore, the discussion continues. There is something here that makes no sense, first one doesn't want it and then one advances in this way. The McCanns are betting a lot, them and their lawyer [Isabel Duarte], and even an image consulting company [Lift Consulting] that supports them, they are all betting a lot and they are surpassing the limits of privacy rights and they even committed a series of crimes. These are aspects that are being considered, we are still going to see how we are going to react to them. Now, in fact who has risen the level of the discussion were those gentleman, and we will, undoubtedly, answer to them.

RFR: How do you, Gonçalo, as a father, after this case, and after having investigated so many others, after this case your life was never the same? Is it true? Is it a fact? How do you explain all of this to your daughters?

GA: In a very simple manner. The oldest one, 11-years-old, watches and sees what happens in the media; the youngest one, it's more the mother who explains to her. She explains to her that the little girl is missing, that her parents love her very much, and they don't want to believe she is dead...

RFR: Is that the way?...

GA: And in this manner we try to explain... My wife tries to explain.

RFR: And is that also what you believe in?

GA: Pardon? In the death?

RFR: No, that the parents don't want to believe in the death, and that is why...

GA: Well, you know, the human beings, the condition of being a human being, everything is possible. Now it does shock me a bit, for example, that child that is missing has a small problem in her iris, some reference it as a coloboma, it could be associated with a series of illnesses, cardiac diseases. Have you ever seen the mother of that child worried, or sending a message to the abductor, worried about medical examinations that may need to be done? Or even with vaccinations?...

RFR: There are many questions still...

GA: Even now that we had influenza A... There are things that shock us, but don't prove anything. Nevertheless we are left wondering... It raises doubts.

RFR: Gonçalo Amaral, we advise 'The English Gag', the new book by Gonçalo Amaral, which is another episode of this story of a man who is certainly going to fight a battle, even if it is to bring back his good name, and to defend himself of what he considers to be a huge attack by the McCanns.

With thanks to Nigel at McCann Files


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