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Peace Service, Maddie's 7th Birthday, Gerry's Cycle Event*

Kate McCann attends a peace service at Westminster Cathedral, Maddie's 7th birthday is celebrated quietly in Rothley and Gerry McCann completes the Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia cycle event to raise money for Madeleine's Fund.

Kate McCann's tears as Jimmy Mizen's mother talks at royal memorial service of son's heartbreaking last moments, 10 May 2010
Kate McCann's tears as Jimmy Mizen's mother talks at royal memorial service of son's heartbreaking last moments Daily Mail

By Emily Andrews
Last updated at 8:05 PM on 10th May 2010

This is the heartbreaking moment when the parents of murdered schoolboy Jimmy Mizen were met and comforted by Kate McCann at a service held in memory of young victims of knife and gun crime.

McCann, who of course is still tormented by her own loss - the disappearance of her daughter three years ago - shared a sympathetic hug with Barry and Margaret Mizen on the steps of Westminster Cathedral.

The Mizens showed immense courage as they spoke of their 'incredible pain' at the service staged on the second anniversary of their son's death and attended by Prince Charles.

Kate McCann talks to Barry and Margaret Mizen at the Building Legacy Of Peace Service at Westminster Cathedral

Mrs McCann wept as Mrs Mizen described her last minutes with Jimmy and how she had always told him she loved him.

She was personally invited by Mrs Mizen because 'they were both mothers who had lost their children'.

The Mizens called for more to be done to stop young people being murdered in the UK.

Jimmy was murdered the day after his 16th birthday, trying to avoid a fight, two years ago.

Kate McCann shares a sympathy hug outside Westminster Cathedral with Margaret and Barry Mizen

Kate McCann is fast approaching the three-year anniversary of daughter Madeleine McCann vanishing on a family holiday to Portugal

At the service, led by the Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols, the Mizen family spoke movingly of Jimmy.

Family members of murdered teenagers Ben Kinsella, Rob Knox and Damilola Taylor were also present.

They all met Prince Charles at a private reception afterwards.

Mrs Mizen said: 'To all the mothers, take your babies and your children in your arms every day and tell them how much you love them.

'We told Jimmy how much we loved him on his birthday the day before he died and he told us how much he loved us – it was a beautiful thing.'

Hundreds of relatives, school children, police and members of the public packed the cathedral for the service for peace.

Rev Nichols urged politicians to set aside their differences in order to tackle youth crime.

He said: 'As things stand detailed programmes of policies of each party do not fit together. Co-operation is needed if we are to progress.

'Building a legacy of peace is something to which we must all subscribe. And even this weekend another young man, Marcin Bilaszewski, was stabbed to death in Finsbury Park – the eighth teenager to die in this way in the last six weeks.

'We know that there is too much violence in our lives. We know there are too many knives on our streets. We know there are too many injuries and deaths caused by them.

'Building a legacy of peace involves change in all of us. Each of us has to be part of this legacy.'

Jimmy was murdered in May 2008 when he went out to buy a lottery ticket with his older brother Harry near their home in Lee, south east London.

He was celebrating having turned 16 the day before and the pair stopped at Three Cook's Bakery for something to eat.

While there, Jake Fahri – who had been cautioned by police several years earlier for harassing Harry – brushed past the brothers and the trio became involved in a scuffle.

Fahri, now 20, a heavy cannabis smoker and school dropout, tried to attack them with an advertising sign before hurling a glass dish at Jimmy.

It smashed into his neck, severing his jugular vein. The teenager died in his brother's arms in the shop and when his mother rushed to the scene, she fainted at the sight.

The Mizen family have set up a foundation in memory of Jimmy to prevent youth violence.

Madeleine and Jimmy Mizen who was killed in 2008

Mizens' and McCanns' grief, 11 May 2010
Mizens' and McCanns' grief The Sun

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The mother of a murdered teenager comforts Kate McCann yesterday - whose grief she said must be even more unbearable than her own.

Big-hearted Margaret Mizen, 57, had invited the mum of missing Maddie, below right, to a memorial service for her son Jimmy, who was stabbed to death aged 16.

She explained: "She is a mother like me who has lost a child - mine is safe now, safe in heaven.

"But Kate's child is still lost. The agony she goes through must be unbearable."

Kate, 42, sobbed during the ceremony as Margaret urged all mums to "take your children in your arms every day and tell them how much you love them". Afterwards, Kate said the service had been "very uplifting".

The anti-violence event at London's Westminster Cathedral was organised by Margaret and husband Barry, 58. It marked Jimmy's 18th birthday and also the second anniversary of his death.

Altar boy Jimmy, below, was killed with a glass dish in May 2008 during a row at a bakery near his home in Lee, South London.

Thug Jake Fahri, 19, must serve at least 14 years for his murder.

Prince Charles was among the guests, as well as relatives of other young victims of violence including Rob Knox, Ben Kinsella, Damilola Taylor and David Idowu.

The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, reminded the congregation eight teens had been murdered in London in the past six weeks.

He said: "You do not need me to present facts and figures. We know there is too much violence in our lives. We know there are too many knives on our streets. We know there are too many injuries and deaths caused by them."

The latest victim, Marcin Bilaszewski, 19, was knifed to death on Saturday near a Tube station.

Earlier the Mizens joined England footballer Jermain Defoe to launch an anti-violence campaign called "Reclaim Our Children".

The Tottenham striker, 27, spoke about his brother Gavin, who died aged 26 last April after being punched in a street attack.

He said: "It was incredibly hard for the whole family. It means the world to me to be part of the Reclaim Our Children campaign."

The Sun: 'Mizens' and McCanns' grief' (paper edition), 11 May 2010

The Sun: 'Mizens' and McCanns' grief', 11 May 2010

Madeleine McCann's mother Kate joins parents of murdered Jimmy Mizen at peace service, 11 May 2010
Madeleine McCann's mother Kate joins parents of murdered Jimmy Mizen at peace service Liverpool Daily Post

May 11 2010

KATE McCANN, the mother of missing Madeleine, joined the parents of murdered schoolboy Jimmy Mizen at a peace service yesterday.

The Prince of Wales also attended the Build a Legacy of Peace event at Westminster Cathedral to honour the teenager on the second anniversary of his death.

Liverpool-born Mrs McCann and her husband, Gerry, have been in touch with the Mizens for a while but this was the first time Mrs McCann met them in person. She embraced them both at the entrance to the cathedral in central London.

The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Kate wants to support the Mizens in their time of need, as a fellow Catholic and as parents who have lost their child."

Earlier, the Mizens called on the leaders of the three main political parties to come together to tackle violence on Britain's streets.

Speaking at the launch of a personal safety film for schools, Barry and Margaret Mizen said more must be done to stop young people being killed in violent attacks.

Party for Maddie, 12 May 2010
Party for Maddie Daily Star

By Daily Star Reporter
12th May 2010

MISSING Madeleine McCann's parents will today hold a party to mark her seventh birthday.

Mum Kate, 42, told how "a low-key celebration" will be held to mark the milestone with five-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

The GP, whose daughter went missing on May 3, 2007, said: "Her birthday is actually a much more difficult day for us than May 3 – that really is just another day without Madeleine.

"The 12th is a day when we should be celebrating with Madeleine."

The family will say prayers for Maddie during the after-school tea party with close friends at their home in Rothley, Leics.

Party for Maddie on her 7th birthday, 12 May 2010
Party for Maddie on her 7th birthday The Sun

Published: Today (12 May 2010)

MADELEINE McCann's little brother and sister will today mark her seventh birthday with a family tea party.

Five-year-old twins Sean and Amelie will be joined by relatives and friends at their home in Rothley, Leics.

A spokesman for mum Kate, 42, told how her daughter's third birthday since vanishing on holiday in Portugal was "particularly painful".

But both she and husband Gerry, 42, "still have hope and that keeps them strong".

Kate said: "The 12th is obviously a day when we should be celebrating with Madeleine."

The twins still talk often about their sister.

Kate recently revealed: "Amelie said, 'Mummy, she might speak another language'. And Sean said to me, 'Never give up, Mummy'. I just said, 'Don't worry, I won't do that. None of us will'."

McCanns' torture, 12 May 2010
McCanns' torture The Sun (appears in paper edition)

By Jane Moore
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WHEN Margaret Mizen, mother of murdered teenager Jimmy, met Kate McCann this week she said: "She is a mother like me who has lost a child - mine is safe now, safe in heaven.

"But Kate's child is still lost. The agony she goes through must be unbearable."

With simple eloquence, Margaret has conveyed what every parent in the country will understand - that if your child is missing you stay in an immensely painful limbo and can never give up looking for them.

Now perhaps all those who suggest that Kate and Gerry McCann should abandon their search for young Maddie and just get on with their lives will give this poor couple a break.

Another 81 miles for Madeleine, 13 May 2010

81 miles for Madeleine poster

Another 81 miles for Madeleine (text to poster), 13 May 2010
Another 81 miles for Madeleine PDF

Madeleine McCann was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007

Next Sunday, 16th May, Gerry McCann will race in the Etape Caledonia to raise further funds to help secure the safe return of Madeleine.

The race is the UK's greatest cycle race challenge, an 81mile(130km) cycle through Highland Perthshire. There is just under 2000m of climbing, including going over the 1083m Schiehallion, which Gerry is hoping to complete in under 5 hours; which means maintaining an average speed of 16mph (26kmph)!

Please show your support for Gerry but more importantly Madeleine by making a donation at

Thank you.

Together, we'll never give up.

Together, we'll find Madeleine.

Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia, 13 May 2010

Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia
Click image to go to Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia website

'Sabotage' cycle race, Etape Caledonia, sells out, 02 February 2010
'Sabotage' cycle race, Etape Caledonia, sells out BBC News

Page last updated at 16:49 GMT, Tuesday, 2 February 2010

This year's Etape Caledonia cycling event has sold out, organisers have confirmed.

More than 4,500 cyclists have signed up for the 2010 Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia event, which is a record entry and about 50% up on 2009.

Protesters tried to sabotage the race last year by spreading carpet tacks on the road and causing hundreds of cyclists to suffer punctures.

Increased security along the route is expected this year.

Those taking part are expected to raise about £430,000 for the main charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

Jo Dytch, event organiser, said: "These results are extremely exciting.

"The demand for places this year has been strong with more than double the number of cyclists fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support than last year.

"It's going to be a very busy weekend in Highland Perthshire. With almost 5,000 cyclists coming into the area, many accompanied by friends and families, this is a welcome boost to the local economy."

Vocal critics

Prosecutors recently dropped charges against solicitor Alexander Grosset over last year's incident.

Mr Grosset - one of a number of vocal critics of the event - was arrested by police and had his home in Highland Perthshire searched while he was held in custody.

The 63-year-old church elder was alleged to have shown complete disregard for the safety of participants, as well as pedestrians who were watching the race.

However, a Crown Office spokesman subsequently said: "After full and careful consideration of all the facts and circumstances by Crown counsel, it was decided there should be no further proceedings."

The race, which has an 81-mile course, is the largest closed road cycling event in the UK.

Updates, 14 May 2010
Updates: update, 14 May 2010

Update: Another 81 Miles for Madeleine

Poster for Event

Madeleine has been missing for just over 3 years and recently had her 7th birthday.

This weekend I am competing in the Etape Caledonia - an 81 mile (130km) cycle through Highland Perthshire with almost 2000m of ascent. I am raising money for Madeleine's Fund- Leaving No Stone Unturned and I would be grateful if you would consider sponsoring me. I hope to get round in under 5 hours- weather, injuries and luck permitting!

Donations can be made online via our
donation page or directly through internet transfers (direction are on the donation page).

Please include etape in the reference.

Thank you.


Still hoping for Madeleine, 15 May 2010
Still hoping for Madeleine Daily Express (appears in paper edition)

By Judy Finnigan
Saturday, May 15, 2010

GERRY and Kate McCann live in a world that one can only dimly guess at.

This week they held a birthday party for missing Madeleine, who they firmly believe passed her seventh birthday on Wednesday.

Friends and relatives came to the family home in Rothley, Leicestershire, for a tea party.

Madeleine's siblings, Sean and Amelie, now five, celebrated along with everyone else. Apparently they talk often about their big sister. Kate recently revealed that Amelie said: "Mummy, she might speak another language now," and Sean said: "Never give up, Mummy." Kate replied: "Don't worry. I won't do that. None of us will."

It is heartbreaking stuff.

But Kate is right. We won't give up or stop praying.

We refuse to lose hope that one day, one glorious day, Madeleine will return
to her loving family.

Gerry McCann completes Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia cycle event, 16 May 2010
Gerry McCann completes Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia cycle event

Gerry McCann: Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia result

Gerry McCann: Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia result

Gerry McCann

Race No. 1077
Cat: M40-49

Cat Pos 77
King of the Mountain Elapsed
King of the Mountain Pos 0
Time 03:51:27
Pos 173

Updates, 20 May 2010 (date update appeared online)
Updates update, 18 May 2010

Update: May 18th, 2010

I competed in the Etape Caledonia on Sunday, May 16. Due to mild conditions, excellent pacemaking (especially Duncan Morrison number 1172) and a following wind the whole way round, I managed to come in well ahead of expected in 3 hours 51min 27sec. I finished 171st out of over 3500 finishers so there is not much room for improvement next year!

Thanks to all who have sponsored me and especially Andy Renwick, Alan Crombie, Paul MacIntyre and Michelle Jeffrey for support on the day and donating to Madeleine's fund.


Gerry McCann after 81 miles

With thanks to Nigel at McCann Files


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