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Maps/Aerial Shots *

This page contains maps and aerial photographs of the Ocean Club complex.

Aerial shot of the Ocean Club

Map of Praia da Luz showing Ocean Club sites

Praia da Luz map

Map showing the sites of the Ocean Club facilities

Map detailing facilities

Aerial view of the Ocean Club complex

Aerial view of the Ocean Club


Casa Liliana, the home of Robert Murat and his mother Jenny, is situated at the end of the road that runs horizontally across the top of the McCanns' apartment, which is indicated by number '1'.

A closer look at the Ocean Club complex

Key locations in Praia da Luz and the Ocean Club
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There are a few points to clarify in the labelling of these photographs.
Firstly, the tapas restaurant is not the building indicated but the next one around. The tapas restaurant/bar is situated across from the McCanns' apartment with the swimming pool in between.
Secondly, the entrance to the complex has been misleadingly labelled 'Main entrance'. This is not the 'main' entrance, it is the only entrance. There may be some confusion between this and the main reception, which, as we have already seen, is in a completely different place.
Finally, on first sight, the labelling of the side entrance to the McCanns' apartment appears to show a line pointing to the 'Main entrance' area. This is simply a coincidental mark on the photograph.

A different view of the Ocean Club complex

Another aerial view of the Ocean Club


Again, in this photograph, the tapas bar/restaurant is incorrectly labelled. The building that is indicated here is the building that houses the 'Mini & Toddler 2's Club'.
The tapas bar/restaurant is down and to the left of where indicated, across the swimming pool from the McCanns' apartment.

The route GNR sniffer dogs tracked Madeleine's scent on 08 May 2007

An aerial shot of Praia da Luz


This aerial photograph shows the trail that two police sniffer dogs took as they tracked Madeleine's scent on 08 May 2007, at 11:45pm.
Two trained dogs were taken to the family's holiday apartment  and followed a trail some 100 yards to a nearby car park - where British holiday-maker Derek Flack told police he had seen a man staring at the McCanns' flat.
The dogs lost the trail in the car park, and their Portuguese handlers said they could have been distracted by the odour of nearby bin bags left out in the heat.
Kate McCann had given the dog team a towel she had used to dry Madeleine after a bath, and they took her scent from that.

The route GNR sniffer dogs tracked Madeleine's scent on 04 May 2007

The route from the McCanns' apartment to the Baptista supermarket

The route from the McCanns' apartment to the Baptista supermarket


On 05 May 2007, the Daily Mirror reported that 'Maddy went missing at the Mark Warner Ocean club resort in the coastal village of Praia da Luz on Portugal's Algarve. A trail of her scent picked up by police dogs at the flat was followed to a supermarket just 400 yards away where it disappeared'. Clearly, it should have read 400 feet, not yards. The two pictures above detail this route.
However, this report is not supported by the facts contained within the PJ's files.
The Chief of the GNR Search and Rescue Team, who coordinated all the work carried out by the two sniffer dogs, states that the dogs took the same route on both 04 May 2007 and 08 May 2007 - i.e. around the apartments and into the nearby car park, where the trail was lost. (Statement can be viewed on this page)
Although we now know the route described by the Daily Mirror, and highlighted above, to be incorrect, the pictures remain as they do provide good aerial views of the area and also provide a good example of how incorrect newspaper reports can take on a life of their own.

The Baptista Supermarket

Baptista supermarket


The entrance to the Baptista supermarket where Gerry is believed to have bought a bottle of New Zealand wine, 'Montana Sauvignon', that he and Kate drank before leaving for the Tapas restaurant on the evening of May 3rd.

Map of Praia da Luz with 400 yard radius marked


This further aerial shot shows the McCanns' apartment and the Baptista supermarket in relation to the village of Praia da Luz. The black line indicates a distance of 400 yards from the McCanns apartment.

The Ocean Club tennis courts

Ocean Club tennis courts


In this picture you can see the grassy area and storybook cottage where photographs of Madeleine were taken - according to Associated Press, by a family friend.
The main apartment block in the background is Block 5, where the McCanns and their friends were staying.
It is worth noting that this is not necessarily the tennis courts where Gerry had all his lessons, although it may be. There were also three tennis courts beside the kids club, where Madeleine was placed every day.

The Ocean Club swimming pools

The Ocean Club swimming pools


This photograph shows the main pool and kiddies pool where the 'last photograph' of Madeleine was taken.
The children sitting on the edge of the pool are in almost the exact same spot that Gerry, Amelie and Madeleine were when Kate took their photograph.
In the background you can see the cliffs that Kate and Gerry jogged up on a regular basis.

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