The purpose of this site is for information and a record of Gerry McCann's Blog Archives. As most people will appreciate GM deleted all past blogs from the official website. Hopefully this Archive will be helpful to anyone who is interested in Justice for Madeleine Beth McCann. Many Thanks, Pamalam

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McCann reference sites will be left online indefinitely as a legacy to Madeleine Beth McCann. From Pamalam


It has come to that time in my life that I now really need to take retirement seriously.

Back in 2007 I did not know how to switch a computer on, so all in all I don't think I have done too badly since then.


I first started off with my fun site 


When I realised that Gerry McCann's blogs were starting to be removed from the official site and lots of people wanted to reference them, I gradually added the blogs to my Pamalam site.

Over time I decided to give the blogs their own site.

At that point  was born.


On Gerry McCann's blogs site I gradually started to add other things News, Photographs, and lots of other Madeleine Beth McCann related items.  


When the PJ Documents and files were released on 04 August 2008, I added these to My Gerry McCann's blogs site. I then added all of the files in jpg images. Gradually the files were translated into English, by the marvellous team of translators. The translations were then added to GMB site.  


As time went on, the GMB site was getting too big to manage. So I took the decision in February 2011 to move all of the translations to a new site.

At that point  was born


I will be updating the sites only when anything of significance happens in the future.


For Example 

(1)   Madeleine is found

(2)   The results of Scotland yard review are made public

(3)   The results of the pending court case are made public

I would like to thank everyone who has sent me messages of encouragement.


Monday 01 October 2012


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