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A rough translation of the Mysterious photo of Gerry McCann texting  




Blue picture is Kate McCann’s cousin Michael Wright. The identical picture but not in blue can be found at Getty Images.

Esta pasando (a programme of telecinco) has seen, exclusively, a suspicious photo of Gerry McCann taken by an unknown person 4 days after the disappearance of Madeleine. This could be what prompted the police to investigate them.

At first sight, the photo appears normal. it's a picture of Gerry McCann with a man, on a beach a Praia da Luz close to the church. Gerry is (manipulating) a mobile, specifically he is sending a message, something of which the police are aware because the time and the date coincide with an sms sent by him. However, the content of this is secret and will not be publicly known until the middle of November.

What we can confirm is that the photo came into the hands of the Portuguese police a month before the McCann’s began to be investigated and were declared suspects. In fact, it may have been this image with caused the police to investigate Gerry's phone calls and computer.”
The photo taken from the  article in the link below. 


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