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McCann's relied heavily on others to care for their children

Original Source: RESIDENT THURSDAY 28 AUGUST 2008
Updated: 28 August 2008

Gerry and Kate McCann used to leave their children with
nannies for most of the day

CHILD CARERS working at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz noticed that the McCann children spent the maximum time available in the care of the resort's kids club according to police files released to the media surrounding the case.

The usual routine of Gerry and Kate McCann was to put the children in the nursery facility at about 9am and then pick them up between midday and 12.30pm to give the children lunch before bringing them back at 3pm and returning at the end of the day between 5pm and 5.30pm.

Other children in the tapas nine party would not spend as much time away from their parents. The other parents in the group, the files reveal, would normally leave their children with the babysitting service only in the morning sessions.

The police files also gives details about Madeleine's personality as described by her father, Gerry and those that spent time with Madeleine while they were on holiday in the Algarve.

Madeleine was described by Gerry as being an extrovert, very active and having happy relationships with other children. She would never go with a stranger and he states clearly that she was not taking any medication.

In a statement made by one of the nannies working at the Ocean Club, Madeleine was described as being a calm, beautiful and happy child.

However, she was portrayed as being more shy than the other children at the kids club.


Meanwhile, reports in the British media have claimed that there is now less than 500,000 pounds sterling in the Find Madeleine fund.

The private investigation agency Oakley International has reportedly cost the fund half a million pounds sterling, despite not yielding any concrete results.

This had led to Brian Kennedy, the British double glazing tycoon who has donated large sums of money to the Find Madeleine campaign, voicing his dissatisfaction in the investigators.

A statement was issued on behalf of the McCanns on Tuesday countering the claims in the press concerning the status of the private investigators via the website

?We appointed them (Oakley International) several months ago to investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  We continue to work with them to this end.  The working relationship is managed by Brian Kennedy, who also confirms the relationship with Oakley International continues to be good and that it remains entirely focused on the search for Madeleine.?

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