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Fury as Madeleine McCann cop brings sick book to UK
Original Source: PEOPLE: SUNDAY 17 AUGUST 2008
17 August 2008
Exclusive by Joshua Layton

Bungling Maddie cop Goncalo Amaral will rake in a MILLION pounds by flogging his book worldwide.

The Truth Of The Lie has topped Portugal's bestseller lists after selling more than 140,000 copies in its first two weeks.

And his publisher plans to release it in the UK, despite our stricter libel laws which would make it easier for the McCanns to sue.

Jorge Silva, of Portuguese firm Guerrae Paz, said: "We are convinced it doesn't go against any law. It is an important contribution to the discovery of the material truth and the fulfilment of justice."

But the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell fired a warning to Mr Amaral last night, saying: "If he seeks to publish in Britain, he and his publisher will face legal action without a shadow of a doubt.

"There is nothing to stop us from suing him in Portugal. Our lawyers are looking at the exact content of what he said in Portuguese and have plenty of time in which to act.


"But if he publishes in Britain it will make legal action even easier."


The tubby ex-chief inspector was obsessed with the theory that parents Kate and Gerry disposed of Madeleine's bod - despite all their denails.


Mr Amaral was overheard telling Portuguese F1 driver Pedro Lamy: "We suspect the parents killed Madeleine."


Even without a UK book deal, he is set to make a fortune.


A Spanish publisher has just bought the so-called inside story and Mr Silva said he was in talks with publishers from countries like the USA, the Netherlands, Brazil and Germany, as well as Britain.


Uk book expert Suzanne Collier said: "I could see it being a bestseller and even one of the biggest British books of the year."


She likened the book to Spycatcher, the controversial memoirs of former MI5 officer Peter Wright. She added: "It doesn't matter if it's true or not, people would want to read it. The author could well make up to a million. I reserve judgment on whether it should be published."


Mr Amaral, 48, is on a full police pension after being sacked five months into the shambolic Maddie hunt for saying Brit cops were shielding the McCanns.


He shamelessly launched his 214-page book by flogging hundreds of signed copies for ?10 each in a Lisbon department store.


The father of three's account says cops suspected Kate and Gerry almost as soon as Maddie vanished in Praia da Luz. He blames British police, the Diplomatic Service, M15 and even the NHS for conspiring against him.


His publishers claimed he was motivated by "duty", not money. Incredibly, Mr Silva hit out at the McCanns over the book. He added: "We're aware that some UK publishers - given the atmosphere created by the McCanns and more specifically their spokesman - may fear to take it on. We hope that an audacious publisher understands its relevancy and will publish soon."


Mr Amaral said he would RELISH a court battle with the couple to clear HIS name.


Documents released this month showed the Portuguese CID had no evidence against the McCanns.


The couple's spokesman Mr Mitchell said of the ex-detective's book: "Any publisher should think very long and hard about what they are potentially opening themselves up to.


"He's been trying to make money out of his book since the day he started writing."


'This is an important contribution to discovery of truth'


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