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The INNOCENCE of Charlotte Anne Pennington.
(March 14th, 2010)

Original Source: IRONSIDE: 14 MARCH 2010

Witness Statement of Miss Pennington on May 7th 2007. Translator Robert Murat.


Nothing unusual in Charlottes statement , a couple of things of interest Madeleine was known as Maddy , which we know and she mentions at no time did she enter the Apartment.....


Daily Mail 25th Sept. 2007. It is time for Charlottes 15 minutes of fame. Charlotte tells the Mail the McCanns are innocent and the distress she witnessed when Kate Mccann screamed 'They've taken her', later denied by friends as the first words Kate used, friends say Kate said 'Madeleines gone'


The article goes on to say Miss Pennington,however ONE OF THE FIRST people to set foot in the couples apartment said she heard Kate use both phrases. Charlotte confirms McCanns friends are correct Robert Murat WAS in the Ocean Club 'He was standing outside just looking'.


The Daily Mail and their love affair with the McCanns will stop at nothing to give them a helping hand. Charlotte's interview three days after newspaper headlines scream 'The Missing 7 Hours'. Charlotte, ever helpful also wanted to help the Mccanns and explained 'late tea' was indeed a little late on the 3rd,not over until 6p.m.when she saw the Mccanns who collectedMadeleine. With many thanks to Charlotte the missing hours were now filled in.



When one lies, for whatever reason, a good memory is essential. 'Dispatches' aired on Channel 4 Oct. 18th 2007. Charlotte confessed the last time she had seen the Mccanns as a family was lunchtime, May 3rd and not in the evening when interviewed for the Mail. Damage control needed here and needed fast. The very same day as this programme aired the 'Daily Mail' had an EXCLUSIVE. David Payne saw Madeleine at 6.30 p.m. the 7 missing hours once again explained.


Back to the Daily Mail 25th interview...Charlotte, although young and naive has a great quality, she is a very observant young woman who stood and observed Kate while everyone else was rushing around.' I could'nt believe what I was seeing, she was so distraught' Charlotte also observed on entering the apartment 'THERE WERE NO CHILDREN IN THE ROOM' 'The twins had been taken out already, I think by one of the McCann friends' she happily explained.


WHAT, this is impossible, as GNR had yet to be called and we know the twins were in their cots when they arrived.


How to explain this . I can only think the McCanns, one or both gently explained to Charlotte the police were annoyed so many people had been in the apartment, they did not want her to get into trouble so best not mention it. Charlotte only wanting to help, agreed this would be best and thanked the Mccanns I would imagine for their kindness at such a terrible time. How amazing they must have semed to such an impressionable young girl wanting to protect her in such a selfless way. Charlotte went as far to mention in her statement, although not asked,the fact she did not enter Ap.5A.


Charlotte Pennington had she been older and wiser would have questioned why the Mccanns did not want her to mention such an innocent act. If only Charlotte had told PJ the truth she may have been questioned more on her observations, but she placed herself outside and to Police was of little interest.


Silly young foolish Charlotte. Charlotte who in her innocence thought the Mccanns were being kind. The Mccanns, who had yet to return two heavily sedated children back to their cots. The Mccanns, masters at manipulation.


Cots GNR noticed contained babies that did not stir, without bedding on such a cool,cool night. 


Note: Many thanks to McCannfiles, who without, this kind of research would not be possible.


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