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Why Kate could never fool CUDDLE CAT
(March 29th, 2010)

Original Source: IRONSIDE: 29 MARCH 2010

Reporter Andrew Price..Telegraph Sept 8th 2007 wrote...Was I alone in wondering whether that was for comfort or because it was what the PR advisers suggested?


Jon Corner


A godfather of one of the Mccanns children said 'The Cuddle Cat reeking with Madeleines DNA . That easily explains why DNA has been found in the hire care and ON CLOTHING that Kate bought AFTER Madeleine disappeared'.


Report: Sunday Mirror Sept 13th 2007


Kate washed CC 5 days after Madeleines disappearance. Gerrys sister said it was cleaned again two months ago because it was filthy after being carried around.


A former Scotland Yard detective said. 'It's the last thing I'd expect a mother who is devastated at losing her child to do'.



The pants Kates wearing, are the ones the dogs picked up on. Kate here IS devastated, there can be no doubt. Kate was seen in these pants many times and comments have been made 'Did she never wash them?'...Of course she did ,just like she washed Cuddle Cat.


Once again this is only a theory. I do not state anything as fact. I make one exception, Kate loved Madeleine very, very much and that is a fact.


Kate loved Madeleine so much she could not stay away. After Madeleines death ,where ever she was hidden. Kate would visit and sit with Madeleine. I believe she was placed in cold storage and I was unaware that cadaver still emits a terrible odour even when a body is frozen.


I discussed this with Textusa and she assured me this is the case. I was so surprised to learn this and wanted to see for myself. Sure enough cadaver dogs are trained to search for cadaver frozen in glass jars.


Andrew Price was correct CC was simply for PR. Therefore, where ever Kate went so did CC. Kate on visiting Madeleine would place CC on a table or chair and stroke Madeleine.


She would cry and tell her how sorry she was and how much she loved her. Kate would then say goodbye and promise to return again soon. Kate would then pick up CC, from Kates hands she had passed Cadaver on to the toy. At this point no one knew the dogs would be brought in. Kate simply washed the toy because the odour left from her hands onto the toy smelt bad. This explains also how cadaver came to be on the small red T Shirt, transference.


If you look at the photograph with link provided you can see Kate holding CC and what appears to be her rubbing the toy onto her leg transferring the cadaver scent from the toy.


I now believe more than ever the Mccanns took Rag Doll, Madeleines birthday present to her on the eve of her birthday. I also believe if Madeleines remains are ever found, so will the remains of Rag Doll.


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