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The McCanns want to reopen the 'Maddie case'

Original Source: EXPRESSO: 01 MAY 2010

Main heading:
The McCanns want to reopen the 'Maddie case'.

The picture caption reads:

Gerry and Kate McCann state that they have new leads about the disappearance of their daughter and are going to formally request the reopening of the case. The couple admits that they have no concrete proof that Madeleine, who would be seven today, is alive or that she had been abducted and know that it will be very difficult to get agreement from the Public Ministry. In an interview with Expresso in a Lisbon hotel this week the parents of the English child who disappeared three years ago from the Algarve revealed that they still have half-a-million English pounds in the fund and a team of three people working daily in a search that has proven fruitless



A) The small writing says:
Kate and Gerry McCann in Lisbon, three years after the disappearance of their daughter


B) The main heading says:
"We have leads and we are going to ask for the reopening of the case"


C) The four citations/quotes to the left of the picture (from top to bottom) say:


"Never are we going to get proof that Madeleine is here or there. The most that we can get are leads."


"We are perturbed with the story of the dogs, but the truth is that they are not 100% reliable."


"The donations have not stopped and we have 500 thousand pounds"


"Freedom of expression is not more important than our right to not be falsely accused."


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