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Original Source:  DAILY EXPRESS: MONDAY 2 JULY 2007
Monday July 2,2007
By Padraic Flanagan in Praia da Luz
Precious photographs of missing Madeleine McCann were back with her father Gerry last night after his stolen wallet was sent back to him.

The family revealed yesterday that the wallet, containing two irreplaceable photographs of the kidnapped four-year-old, was returned in the past few days.

It had been stolen from Gerry’s pocket by a thief on June 22 only an hour after he had arrived in London to help with the hunt for Madeleine, who was snatched 60 days ago. It contained two unpublished pictures showing Madel­eine aged 15 months and another taken more recently.
The photographs were so precious to Gerry, 39, he always kept them with him and he was distraught at losing them.
His sister described the theft as a “demoralising” sign of the times and urged the thief to return the wallet. “I hope whoever took the wallet is so ashamed when they realise what they’ve just done that they get those pictures back to
us as soon as possible,” said Philomena McCann.

It’s a bit of good news, which we haven’t had for some time

Late last week, the wallet was sent back anonymously to the McCann’s Leicestershire home.

The £100 that Gerry, a specialist heart doctor, had just taken from a cash machine at Waterloo when the thief struck, was not inside.

The leather wallet was then returned to Gerry on Friday by friends visiting the family in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Gerry said yest­er­day: “It had been re­turn­ed, needless to say minus the sterling, although all my cards and 30 euros were still in it. It is good to have my driving licence back.

“But the photographs are the most important things. I’m so glad to have got them back.”

The package was postmarked June 22, the day the wallet was stolen. There was no note inside.

Brian Kennedy, Madeleine’s great uncle, said: “From what we can tell, it was posted about 8.15pm on the evening it was stolen. Either someone with a conscience had realised who they had stolen it from and decided to return it, or it was discarded by the thief and sent to us by someone who found it.

“It’s a bit of good news, which we haven’t had for some time.”

Gerry and wife Kate, 38, with two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, have been staying at an apartment a few doors from the holiday flat from which Madeleine was taken on May 3.

But yesterday, they were finalising plans to move to a nearby private villa, where they will lead the campaign to find Madeleine and other missing children.

The couple were being helped by friends packing boxes for the move, including thousands of ­letters sent by well-wishers .

Gerry said: “We have confirmed our new accommodation and will be moving in the next few days. We seem to have acquired a lot more stuff, particularly the twins with lots of well-wishers sending them toys.

“We will be staying on in Portugal for the immediate future and we’re determined to come home with Madeleine.”


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