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McCann Couple demand Gonçalo Amaral Divorce to be Rewarded

Original Source:  TVI: 08 SEPTEMBER 2010
Broadcast by TVI, Jornal Nacional, 8 September 2010, Night News Edition

With thanks to Astro for translation


TVI’s anchor – Madeleine McCann’s parents want Gonçalo Amaral and his wife to execute a separation of assets in order to guarantee that the former Judiciary Police Inspector, author of the book “The Truth of the Lie”, has sufficient goods to pay up a damages claim. Gonçalo Amaral’s wife says she will not obey that court decision.

Voice Over reporter: The McCann couple ask for 1,2 million Euros to Gonçalo Amaral, for the contents of the book “The Truth of the Lie”. The process is ongoing, however in legal terms and in order to guarantee that the former Judiciary Police Inspector possessions are not lost, an apprehension of assets was ordered. Nevertheless, since those are common to his wife, the seizure of the said assets was refused. Currently, Maddie's parents demand that Gonçalo Amaral and his wife execute a separation of assets.

Sofia Leal Interview

Sofia Leal: It is an issue of separation of assets, but the dilemma is that all of our possessions are common. Our separation, of our life together and assets would be a fraud. We live, as everyone knows, in communion of goods [i.e. conjugal status], of togetherness, of life. During the last years of difficulties, of sadness; but also with many moments of joy.

Voice Over Reporter: This measure is foreseen in the law, but the couple affirms they will not oblige.

Sofia Leal: I do not even want to envisage that there is someone in Portugal that wants to force me to separate from my husband. Not to me, not to any other couple!
[TVI’s footage cut...] I did not expect any kind of posture; I would never authorize one of our lawyers to make such an outrageous proposal to a family.

Voice Over: In July 2009, the injunction requested by the McCanns to Gonçalo Amaral’s book was granted. At that time, Maddie’s parents attained his book authorship rights, half of his retirement pension as well as his share [half] of a rural house in Olhão.




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