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Kate McCann: I slept with the children on night before Madeleine vanished after having row with Gerry

Original Source: MAIL: 08 MAY 2011
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:01 PM on 8th May 2011

'  She reveals how she slept in a separate room after she felt hurt and upset by what husband Gerry said

'  The hours leading up to moment Madeleine was discovered missing are revealed

'  Why the McCanns left their three children alone in the holiday apartment

Determined: Kate McCann with her daughter Amelie at the Church of the Sacred Heart

The mother of missing Madeleine McCann has revealed how she angrily slept in another bedroom the night before her daughter went missing.

Kate McCann said her husband Gerry 'abruptly' left her socialising with friends while the family was on holiday in Praia De Luiz, Portugal in 2007.

She was so upset by the move that she decided to sleep with her children.

In an extract from her upcoming book, she reveals how Mr McCann said he was tired and excused himself from a dinner party at about 11.50pm before returning to the apartment where Madeleine was snatched from her bed a night later.

Embarrassed and upset that she had been left alone, Mrs McCann followed her husband a few minutes later and said she found him fast asleep in the bedroom, snoring.

Hurt by his 'lack of social graces' she chose to sleep in a spare bed in the same room as her three children, leaving her husband alone.

The revelations came as Mrs McCann attended a church service with her youngest daughter Amelie, just days before the book is released on May 12 - Madeleine's eighth birthday.

She attended the hour-long service while Mr McCann and their son Sean stayed at home.

The McCanns, of Rothley, Leicestershire, are hoping the sale of the book will raise '1m so they can continue to look for their missing daughter.

Mrs McCann's book will be on sale on May 12 - her missing daughter Madeleine's eighth birthday. She is pictured here with her youngest daughter Amelie going to the Church of the Sacred Heart in their hometown

In the book, Mrs McCann details the moments before Madeleine went missing and includes how she and Mr McCann had spent the night before the four-year-old went missing.

She said that day, May 2, was the last happy day the entire family spent together.

In an extract the former GP explains how she and her husband prepared dinner for the children and got them ready for bed before they headed out for tapas at 8.30pm with friends at the hotel restaurant.

Missing: Madeleine has still not been found four years after she disappeared in the Algarve

She described the incident between her and Mr McCann as 'isolated' and not reflective of their relationship as a couple.

However, she explains how every detail leading up to the disappearance of her daughter is crucial.

The next day she recalled how Madeleine asked her why she didn't come into the bedroom when she and her little brother Sean cried.

Puzzled by the statement, but not aware of its significance, the family continued as normal.

'Within hours, however, this would seem hugely important; and so haunted have I been ever since by Madeleine's words that I've continued to blame myself for not sitting down and making completely certain there was no more information I could draw out of her.'

Mrs McCann said she has images of her daughter etched in her mind and will specifically remembered how beautiful Madeleine looked in an outfit she was wearing that day at lunch.

Dressed in a peach-coloured smock top from Gap and some white broderie-anglaise shorts, from Monsoon, she larked about and chatted with her younger siblings.

Mrs McCann said she was striding ahead, swinging her arms backwards and forwards. Soon afterwards at the toddler pool she took the last photograph of her daughter.

The extract, published in the Sunday Times, also explains why the couple chose to leave their children in the apartment rather than leave them at a designated cr'he where children could be looked after from about 7.30pm till 11pm.

The McCann's were diligent about ensuring all three of their children were in bed by the time it opened and decided to leave them in the holiday apartment and check on them every half hour.

Taking it in turns, they would make the short journey from the restaurant to where the children were sleeping and check on them.

It was Mrs McCann who first realised that Madeleine was missing.

At 10pm on the night her daughter went missing, Mrs McCann noticed that the children's bedroom door was open.

After realising something was not right she check to see if all three of the children were in bed.

Unable to make her daughter Madeleine out she went through to see if the youngster had gone through to her parent's room.

Filled with terror, disbelief and fear she soon realised that Madeleine was gone. The pink cuddle-cat toy and princess blanket still in the same place they were when Mrs McCann kissed her children goodnight.

The book, which is 384-pages long, was written by Mrs McCann without the help of a ghost-writer and is tipped to become a best-seller.

Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing while her family was on holiday in the Algarve as her parents dined with friends nearby.

Despite a massive police investigation and world-wide publicity she has not been found.

The Portuguese inquiry into her disappearance has not been active since July 2008 but detectives working for the McCann's have continued their search for the little girl.

Unity: The couple have remained together and are hoping the sales from the book will raise money so they can continue searching for Madeleine


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