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Kate McCann tells of angry outburst

Original Source: AOL: 09 MAY 2011
Kate McCann said she felt she was being bullied by Portuguese police

Kate McCann has laid bare her shock and outrage after Portuguese police officials made her and husband Gerry suspects in the abduction of her daughter Madeleine.

The former doctor, 43, also reveals how she smashed a bed in frustration over their handling of the investigation and how detectives attempted to bully her into a murder confession.

In a personal account of the three-year-old's 2007 disappearance, Mrs McCann said she and her husband were appalled by the treatment they received from the Policia Judiciaria, especially in the early stages of the hunt.

Describing one police interrogation in an extract from the book Madeleine, released on Thursday, she said: "I felt I was being bullied, and I suppose I was.

"I assumed the tactics were deliberate - knock her off balance by telling her that her daughter is dead and get her to confess.

"On and on it went. They tried to convince me I'd had a blackout - 'a loss of memory episode', I think they called it. My denials, answers and pleas fell on deaf ears. This was their theory and they wanted to shoe horn me into it, end of story."

In another stinging criticism of the Portuguese authorities in the immediate aftermath of the abduction, she added: "I was appalled by the treatment we received. Officers walked past us as if we weren't there. Nobody asked how we were doing, whether we were okay. Our child had been stolen and I felt as if I didn't exist."

Mrs McCann also describes how she and her husband felt "completely alone" while searching for their daughter the day after her disappearance.

In another extract, serialised by The Sun, she said: "Nobody else, it seemed, was looking for Madeleine.

"The frustration and anger were reaching boiling point. I felt like a caged, demented animal. This was torture of the cruellest kind, Finally, I erupted. I began to scream, swear and lash out. I kicked an extra bed that had been brought into the apartment and smashed the end right off."


Comment  from historyholmes  plus screenshots



Thank you Kate. You have not seen fit to credit those who you know did search for Madeleine from the hotels that you were not in. I know they all turned out and you know it too. The ordinary folk did turn out, as did the late Colin Salhke who died last year. A man who sold up and went to search under every overturned boat and ditch. He and Steve Taylor did a physical search.

And I did too as you well know. That time was given in good faith by all of us for no reward. You know that a thank you is in order not least to the memory of Colin as he cannot search using his own funds for your daughter anymore as he is dead. I am still alive, very much so and searching for your daughter at my expense. I would thank anyone who did this for me or my family.

You well know that the searching was done by ordinary persons as soon as you shouted, the staff and locals stayed up through the night in a certain hotel. I stayed in that hotel. So I know first hand. Thank you for chucking this back in my face. I should have spent the money searching for your daughter on my own grandchildren but I considered my vocation and skills and went. I went to use energy in a search that is find where a child could hide or be hidden. I am sorry your book dismisses the acts of others. I really feel sick now I really do. I feel used, and I feel sad. But most of all there is this feeling of worthlessness to those who did search. Right that wrong now. I pray on my rosary you will,

Monday at 8:55 AM

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Historyholmes, don't feel bitter. You and Colin and Steve and countless others did what you thought was right, out of compassion and love. And you did it at the right time. If Maddie was to be found, she would have been found then, thanks to all those volunteers. The truth will come out. A work of fiction will not change anything, except to make others feel used.

Monday at 9:07 AM


People often forget those who helped and by the sounds of it a few of you gave not just money but you valuble time. The best thing you can do now is not keep throwing your money at this or your time because the world is a vast place and non of us has the money to search it all. Just pray to your god and hope. The truth will come out and I hope no others get hurt by its outcome.

Monday at 9:33 AM  


you are not worthless you are a very kind person who donated time and money to a cause you felt compelled to, and the world would be a much better place if it was filled with people like you and not those who are selfish and selfcentered. your children and grandchildren have a wonderful role model in you

Monday at 10:42 AM

Former paratrooper's Colin Sahlke and Steve Taylor search for Madeleine May 2007


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