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Heartfelt letter from Kerry Needham to the prime minister

16 MAY 2011 Kerry Needham

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16th May 2011 

Dear Prime Minister Mr Cameron.

I write to you again in respect of my son Ben Needham, who I’m sure needs no introduction: in the light of the breaking news on Friday 13th May I felt I had no choice in writing to you again. 

I can not begin to find words to describe to you the pain I felt in my heart when it was reported in the media you have authorised British police officers from the MET to investigate the abduction of Madeline McCann, also to be involved are high ranking officers that are specialists in cold cases, and a special grant has been arranged to assist these officers in the investigation. 

I have written to every PM since 1991 asking for this to be done for Ben and every reply I have had from downing street or the foreign office has said the same. “British police officers can not investigate a crime that took place in a foreign country, there is no funding available to assist in any such cases and British police officers can not go to a foreign country to help in an investigation unless invited.” 

I am sorry to say Mr Cameron but in light of what resources have been allocated to help find Madeline I feel that very little has ever been given by our government to help find Ben, apart a liaison officer at South Yorkshire Police and a wonderful man named Gordon Bernard who was the consular at the Embassy in Athens for a while.

Please do not get me wrong Jane Morley has been a tower of strength over the last few years and I know I have always had the support of South Yorkshire Police to which I am very grateful, but they have never been given any such like resources to enable them to investigate Ben’s abduction. 

I have ONE senior investigating officer named James Adbie who can do a review of the case files held here at South Yorkshire Police but that is nothing compare to what the McCann family have been given after only 4 years when I have been waiting nearly 20. 

What also caused devastation to myself and family is your reported reasons for requesting this investigation, you said it was because this was a unique and high profile case, at the end of the day Madeline and Ben are children that have been abducted from a foreign country. 

I cant help feeling Mr Cameron that Ben is not as important to anyone that is official or in power, but what I can tell you is he is so important to myself and family and also 100s of people in and around Britain.

You maybe already aware that there are lots of people who are angry, upset and disgusted with your decision to help one family of a missing child but not others. 

I have received 100s of messages of love and support on Ben’s website and face book page so I know I have the backing of this country and I am sure you will be receiving other letters. 

As you can imagine I was contacted by all the British media for my thoughts and opinions on this matter but I remained dignified when the news broke. And refused any press interviews so as not to spark media frenzy but just released a small statement, for one I could not console myself or control my emotions and another I wanted to write to you and ask you personally WHY???  

WHY Madeline’s case and not Bens.
WHY cant Bens case be re opened as a cold case and investigated by British police officers and Madeline’s can.
WHY does Madeline get investigating officers and Madeline can. WHY does Madeline get investigating officers from the MET and Ben gets liaison officers. WHY does Madeline get a special grant to fund the investigation and Ben gets nothing.
WHY Mr Cameron WHY????  

Please Mr Cameron treat Ben with the same respect he is loved just as much. I may not be a doctor or surgeon or hold a high place in society but I love my child more than life and he has been denied this love for nearly 20 years, he has been denied the right to an investigation into his abduction please do not deny my son anything else and authorise that South Yorkshire Police have EXACTLY the same resources the MET have been given. 

Please do not deny my son his human rights any longer, I will hold off doing any press interviews regarding this situation until I receive your reply.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon  

Yours sincerely, Kerry Needham

missing since 24st July 1991


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