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McCann couple "is stronger than in 2007"

Original Source: CORREIO DA MANHA: 22 MAY 2011

Translated by Astro

This Sunday, the McCann couple stated to Lusa agency that they are satisfied that the English police has decided to re-evaluate the case of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, in 2007 in the Algarve, and said that they hope that it will bring more information.

Gerry mentioned that the couple 'is stronger than in 2007' and that 'the pain and the assortment of emotions are not as close to the suffering' of those days.

'Our life has brought us joy. We have two other beautiful children and other things that make us happy. It is not a complete life, there is a feeling of sadness that is always present. It is not like living a nightmare, like in 2007, but we are working hard to find Madeleine', he sustained.

Gerry McCann, who travelled to Lisbon this weekend in the company of his wife, Kate, expressed to Lusa agency that both were 'very satisfied that the Metropolitan Police is going to re-evaluate all of the information and the case files', after the intervention of British prime-minister David Cameron.

'It's something that we had been asking for over three years and, for the process, it is very important that that information is analysed again, so more investigations can take place. We are very satisfied and we hope that new information will appear', Gerry McCann said.

Madeleine's father also stressed that he expects cooperation between the English and the Portuguese authorities and mentioned that the book 'Madeleine', written by Kate, may help 'people to open their minds'.

A book which, Gerry McCann stressed, does not have the purpose of collecting funds for the investigation or to silence those who do not believe in the British couple, that always insisted on the thesis of Madeleine's abduction.

'Concerning the many lies and ridiculous things that have been written about us, we are not impressed. What we say to those people who do not believe in us is that, please, read the book and compare what has been written. You must face the facts and what we have done, throughout time, to find our daughter', Gerry stressed.

Confessing that it was 'a major decision to publish the book', Kate reinforced that Madeleine's parents want to present the truth.

'There has been much speculation, much lost information and lies', the anaesthetist doctor stated, while her husband, a cardiologist, said he believed that 'directly and indirectly, the book helps the search' for the child.

Four years after Madeleine's disappearance, in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, Gerry and Kate McCann continue to believe that their daughter is alive and reiterate the need to continue the investigation, also defending that those responsible must be punished.

'In my heart, I feel that she is somewhere and in my head, based on pure facts, there is no evidence that says she is not alive', Kate observed.

The book 'Madeleine', which is already on sale in Portugal, was launched in London on the 12th of May, and for each copy sold, one cent will go into the investigation and search for the child.

Screenshots taken from the public view of the McCann's Official Facebook wall


astro said... 33

Given the doubts that have arisen over the "one cent per copy" issue, it seems to me that it is relevant to clarify that several news outlets in Portugal are quoting the exact same amount and the exact same circumstance: Correio da Manhã, Público, Sol, Observatório do Algarve, etc.


Even the usually very pro-McCann SIC newschannel reports that information:


The actual source for this information is not revealed, but all of these articles appear to result from interviews that were given by the McCanns to the Portuguese media, over the weekend.


May I point out that even admitting that there could have been a misunderstanding concerning this particular detail, there is an indirect quote of Mr McCann saying:


"Um livro que, frisou Gerry McCann, não tem como propósito angariar fundos para a investigação nem silenciar os que não acreditam no casal britânico, que sempre insistiram na tese de rapto de Madeleine."


"A book which, Gerry McCann stressed, does not have the purpose of collecting funds for the investigation or to silence those who do not believe in the British couple, that always insisted on the thesis of Madeleine’s abduction."


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