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Review: Jerry Sadowitz

Original Source: WALES ON LINE: SUNDAY 01 MAY 2011
By Jonathan Whiley, WalesOnline
May 1 2011

HOLOCAUST jokes tend to be few and far between ' largely with good reason.

But no topic was off limits for Jerry Sadowitz as he launched into his two hour stand up routine at St David's Hall.

At times cringe-worthy, often outrageous and always controversial, the 49-year-old was once again re-defining comic boundaries.

A bundle of madcap energy his expletive strewn performance was not so much a case of over-stepping the mark as stomping all over it.

Dressed in a bright green jacket and black top hat, the comedian ' once ranked 15th in Channel 4's greatest stand-ups ' made Frankie Boyle look like a lightweight.

Billed on the programme as an act that is 'guaranteed to offend everyone' ' he certainly did not disappoint.

Drifting from jokes about Madeleine McCann to the Japanese Tsunami, it was an act which shocked just as much as it entertained.

Interspersed between an array of racial stereotypes and a host of tasteless gags, Sadowitz conjured up some classic magic tricks which were seamlessly incorporated into his routine.

There is no doubting his talent ' his ability to engage and maintain an audience is perhaps his greatest trick of all.

While at first many of them gasped and awkwardly chuckled at his ironic brand of comedy, by the end many were adding fuel to the fire.

Some were even shouting the names of celebrities for whom they wanted Sadowitz to publicly lynch ' to which he largely obliged.

An evening in the company of the loud-mouth scot can best be described as having the most awkward guest you could think of at a dinner party.

Except on this occasion, most of the guests around the table revelled in the ramblings of the anti-establishment, cheering him on at every opportunity.

Unique from start to finish, Sadowitz has made a career out of his brand of 'sick humour.'

While it was evident he has a loyal fan base, his stand-up is undoubtedly an acquired taste.

One which at the moment I'm not quite sure I like the flavour of


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