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Original Source: EXPRESS: 07 JULY 2011
Thursday July 7 2011 by John Twomey

THE parents of missing Madeleine McCann may have been targeted by the News of the World, an MP said yesterday.

Chris Bryant told the emergency Commons debate that Scotland Yard is investigating allegations that the voicemails of Kate and Gerry McCann were hacked by the paper.

The McCanns, whose four-year-old daughter vanished in Portugal in 2007, join a growing “list of shame” of alleged victims of the hackers.

They include murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and her family along with the parents of Soham murder victims Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

Sara Payne, whose daughter Sarah, eight, was killed by paedophile Roy Whiting, and relatives of murder victim Danielle Jones, 15, as well as victims of the 7/7 bombings may also have been hacking victims.

Mr Bryant, whose phone was hacked by the paper, said the scandal revealed the NoW had “completely lost sight of any idea of decency”. He said: “I am told that police are looking at not just Milly Dowler’s phone and those of the families of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, but the case of Madeleine McCann and 15-year-old Danielle Jones who was abducted and murdered in Essex in 2001 by her uncle Stuart Campbell.”


The parents of missing Madeleine McCann may have been targeted by the News of the World

 The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell confirmed officers investigating the hacking case had contacted him.

He discovered “suspicious” activity on his account from February and July 2008 after asking his phone firm to examine his records late last year. The ex-BBC journalist, who became the McCann family spokesman in 2007, confirmed the phone records of Gerry and Kate McCann were also checked.

He said: “The results came back to say that in both their cases there were no obvious signs of suspicious activity on their accounts.”

Since their daughter vanished, Kate and Gerry McCann have complained their phones were tampered with. It is understood three supporters of the couple were also told their voicemails may have been accessed.


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