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Madeleine McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell has spoken to police officers investigating phone hacking

Original Source:  LIVERPOOL ECHO: 06 JULY 2011
by Staff Reporter, Liverpool Echo
Jul 6 2011

MADELEINE McCann's parents Kate and Gerry's spokesman Clarence Mitchell confirmed he has spoken to officers investigating phone hacking.


Clarence Mitchell has previously spoken of his fear that he may have been a victim of hacking attempts during the height of the case involving missing Madeleine McCann.


Last night he said he has been interviewed by officers from the hacking inquiry Operation Weeting, and is due to be interviewed a second time in the near future.


Mr Mitchell discovered "suspicious" activity on his account from February and July 2008 after asking Vodafone to examine his records late last year.


He said: "It appears that a person or persons unknown attempted to seek information about my number in relation to the McCann case."


"In one instance they claimed that I had been phoning them regularly and that they were something to do with 'the McCann CID trial'.


"This is clearly untrue as no such thing exists, nor did I ever make such calls to any number every night."


He said another call was made to Vodafone in July 2008 from someone claiming to have received a text message warning that a third party had been trying to access their voicemail.


"When I was made aware of these circumstances late last year I informed the Metropolitan police and detectives from Operation Weeting swiftly interviewed me.


"I gave full phone records as supplied to me by Vodafone and I underlined how these suspicious calls were of great concern to me.


"As a result Metropolitan police officers are currently investigating my phone situation and I understand I am due to speak to them again at some point in the near future."


He said the McCanns' records were also probed, but there was no evidence of suspicious activity.


Mr Mitchell has not pointed the finger at any organisation, but said he would be "naive" not to think attempts to get information from his phone were linked to journalists.


"I would be naive if I didn't think the suspicious activity was not journalistic in its intent, simply because of the situation at the time.


"Suspicious activity would be entirely consistent with the level of interest there was at that time.


"But I cannot prove who was behind this or what the motivation was, but I can only assume it was journalistic in its intent."


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