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McCann spokesman confirms talks with phone hacking officers

Original Source: TELEGRAPH: 06 JULY 2011
1:56PM BST 06 Jul 2011

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann, confirms he has met with police officers investigating phone hacking after attempts were made to access his account.




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Mr Mitchell has previously discussed his suspicions that he may have been a victim of phone hacking attempts when the case involving the Rothley couple's missing daughter Madeleine McCann was at it's height.


He said he has been interviewed by police officers from Operation Weeting - the current inquiry into alleged hacking by the News of the World - and is due to meet with them a second time in the near future.


Mr Mitchell discovered "suspicious" activity on his account from February and July 2008 after asking his phone company to examine his records late last year.


"As soon as I had incontravertible proof from Vodafone that something odd had happened on my account, " Mr Mitchell said, "I went to the police."


The former BBC journalist, who became spokesman for the McCann family back in 2007, confirmed that the phone records of both Gerry and Kate McCann were also checked for any dubious activity.


Mr Mitchell confirmed: "The results came back to say that in both their cases there were no obvious signs of suspicious activity on their accounts."

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