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Possible Madeleine McCann Sighting In India

Original Source: THE WIRE: THURSDAY 28 JULY 2011
July 28, 2011 |  by Diane Mallek  |  Breaking News

Madeleine McCann disappeared four years ago at a seaside resort in Portugal while vacationing with her family never to be heard from again. Every now and then, there’s a possible sighting of a child that someone mistakes for Madeleine and the latest is from India.


Is it really Madeleine McCann or just a case of mistaken identity?


Little Madeleine McCann disappeared from Praia da Luz, Portugal in May of 2007 and now, a British woman and two American tourists in Leh, India claim to have seen a girl with a striking resemblance to little Maddy. They were so sure it was her that they attempted to take the girl away from the French woman and Belgian man who claim they are the girl’s parents.


Police have gotten involved and have taken swabs so a DNA test can be performed. They’re working with private investigators hired by Kate and Gerry McCann and until the tests come back, the wait is no doubt excruciating.


Yay for vigilant tourists, but not sure how you would take it if someone questioned you while on vacation and accused your daughter of not being yours. Would you just fork over DNA? I guess if the child really is yours it doesn’t matter, right? The truth will come out soon enough. But come on, how many 8-year-old girls fit the description of little Madeleine? Thousands? Maybe not that many in Northern India, but it’s possible. What makes this whole situation even stickier is that no one knows exactly what Madeleine looks like today since she was taken over four years ago.


Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCann family, said they are investigating the sighting although it is “no more credible” than any other lead they’ve received:


“Our private investigators have been aware of this report since the weekend and have been trying to establish the truth. Unfortunately there is nothing that leads us to believe that this sighting is any more credible than any of the others we have received over the last four and a bit years. Initial reports were very confused – some witnesses said the little girl was about six years old – Madeleine is now eight and would look substantially different from the little girl who was taken. The search for Madeline is very much alive and we will continue to follow up every lead.”


Here’s a computer-generated photo showing what Madeleine McCann may look like today:

Is grabbing children saying it is Madeleine McCann giving child traffickers the green light? 


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