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“An Investigator Cannot Receive Phone Calls Such As In The Maddie Case”

Original Source:  DIARIO_DE_NOTICIAS:  MONDAY 29 AUGUST 2011

Translated by Ines

He holds the position of President of the Santarém Municipal Chamber but he left his mark on various activities – some of which still stick to his skin – such as being a PJ inspector, literature and politics. Francisco Moita Flores guarantees that he will abandon the latter, but his writing will not be interrupted so soon because he has many book projects that he still wants to write. He recently published a satire about national politics and is researching a historical romance AMANHÃ: Mário de Carvalho.


The ex – PJ inspector prefers to say little about the media dominated case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, but ends up “letting slip” a criticism or two:
“If I had been part of the investigation the first examination of the scene would not have happened as it did”.


However, he points out the “conditions” that the inspectors responsible for the case were subject to. “An inspector has to be a free man by nature, he cannot have phone calls pressuring him saying “don’t do this” and “don’t do that.” And when these phone calls began to arrive, they constricted the liberty of the police,” he states.


Ready to request retirement – “I am preparing my dossier. I have worked for 40 years and Social Security also seems to be retiring….” he promises never to stop writing.


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