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Original Source: STAR: SUNDAY 19 SEPTEMBER 2011
18th September 2011  By Jonathan Corke

GERRY McCann has revealed how during his darkest days he began to understand why people took their own lives. 


The doting dad has been to hell and back since his daughter Madeleine vanished on holiday in Portugal. 


Gerry McCann and wife Kate were made official suspects by Portuguese police.  


But they were both later cleared and now British officers are studying Portuguese police files in the hope of finding fresh clues about Madeleine. 


The couple travelled to Germany last week in a bid to spark new information from German tourists in Portugal at the time. 


The couple revealed the anguish of coming under suspicion and the tactics used to try to force them to confess.



In one interview Gerry said he and Kate had been put under 'incredible psychological pressure' and had been asked to admit hiding Madeleine's body.  


He said: 'We were in front of the world, portrayed as being guilty. That was certainly the worst moment after we discovered that Madeleine had disappeared. 


'This tactic is used, not only in Portugal, there are such cases in the UK.  


'But everybody who uses this tactic and participates has to be clear they can destroy lives. 


We were in front of the world, portrayed as being guilty. That was certainly the worst moment after we discovered that Madeleine had disappeared 


'I can now understand why people admit to things they haven't done. I can understand why people kill themselves after such an experience.' 



Kate said she believed police were desperate to nail someone for the crime.  


She said: 'They were very obviously under pressure and could not cope well with this pressure. They had to find a solution.'



In the interview with Stern newspaper Gerry said they deeply regretted leaving Madeleine alone in the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007. 


But he said: 'At that time we felt incredibly safe. We had dinner about 50 yards from our apartment.' 


The couple, who also appeared on the Beckmann TV talk show, are hoping the visit will generate new leads. 


The Algarve is a huge draw for German tourists and many also live in and around Praia da Luz. 



Kate and Gerry, both 43, from Rothley, Leics, remain hopeful that witnesses will come forward. 


Gerry said: 'We are confident we will find Madeleine. But every day's a day too long.'


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