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Washington songwriter Nigel makes music for missing Jessie Foster

Original Source: SUNDERLAND ECHO: 11 JANUARY 2012
Published on Wednesday 11 January 2012 14:13



A WAREHOUSE worker turned music man has reached out across the Atlantic to the family of a missing woman.



Self-taught musician Nigel Graham, from Washington, was so touched by the story of Jessie Foster that he offered to compose a song about her.


Jessie, from Calgary in Canada, was 21 when she disappeared from Las Vegas five years ago.


She had been arrested twice for prostitution and her family fear she has fallen victim to an international human trafficking ring.


Her distraught mum, Glendene Grant, said Nigel’s ballad helped keep her daughter’s case in the spotlight.


Glendene, who hosts her own radio show, said: “Jessie’s Song is one of the most important things done for us in Jessie’s case. I will never be able to thank him enough. Plus he did the Christmas for the Missing song, for Jessie, Lindsay Baum and Madeleine McCann. Nigel is amazing.


“Jessie’s Song is helping with our search for Jessie, because it is another tool we can use to raise awareness about her disappearance.


“I also have it as the introduction song to my BlogTalk Radio show I do every Tuesday and the Christmas for the Missing song was shared and is still being shared during the holiday season.”


Jessie’s family have set up a website dedicated to their search – – and have offered a $50,000 reward for information.


Nigel, 42, who lives in High Usworth, has already penned what he hopes will be an anthem for this year’s Olympic Games and a moving song for missing tot Madeleine McCann.


Both became hits on video-sharing website YouTube and led to him writing a song about missing U.S. 10-year-old, Lindsay Jo Baum and being interviewed on Fox News.


He said: “I then decided to help someone else. This is when I read Jessie Foster’s story.


“She was a 21-year-old girl, a model student with her full life ahead of her.


“Jessie’s story is like something out of a Steven Seagal film. She was taken by some bad guys and women to make money.


“These kind of people need stamping down on, so I decided to help her mam out and got in touch with her to ask if I could help her out by writing a song for her.


“She said yes, so I enlisted the help of a YouTube friend called Anastasia Welsh from Spain.


“She made Jessie’s mam a YouTube campaign video. The whole purpose of this song and video is to remind these people we are after them and Jessie’s mam will get full justice one day.”


Nigel is due to appear on Glendene’s radio show later this month.


Jessie’s Song can be heard at


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