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Silence of the killers nailed by DNA evidence

Original Source: SUN: WEDNESDAY 04 JANUARY 2012
Published: Today

How arrogant pair snubbed cops

ARROGANT David Norris and Gary Dobson showed pure contempt for the murder probe when they were quizzed by cops.


Tapes from September 2010 released yesterday by police show them stone-walling every question with silence or a curt: "No comment."


But in the end it was DNA from a minuscule spot of Stephen's blood the smallest bloodstain ever used in evidence in a British court that nailed the sick pair.


In the video DOBSON'S cold expression does not change as he is quizzed about the blood being on his jacket.


Asked for an explanation, he stays silent and stares at the floor. And he gives the same brazen response to a string of further questions.


An off-screen officer says: "I am asking you to account for the presence of Stephen Lawrence's blood on item exhibit LH5, a grey yellow jacket found in your possession at the time of your arrest. What is your explanation for that being there?"


Dobson arrogantly glances at him and there is silence for ten seconds.


The policeman then asks: "Okay, the second question relating to that, as a special warning, I'm asking you to account for the presence of fibres on your jacket, again exhibit LH5.


"These being identical to those in a red polo shirt worn by Stephen Lawrence at the time he was murdered. What is your explanation for those fibres being found?"


Then that part of the tape ends.

NORRIS also shows contempt for the questioning officer. Asked why Stephen's hair was found on jeans seized from his bedroom, he replies: "No comment." Then he fixes the officer with an insolent stare and replies the same to every question.


Officer: "Can you give me an explanation why this hair is recovered from an item of clothing seized on May 7, 93, from your bedroom some two weeks after his murder?"

Norris still looking down, shakes his head: "No comment".


Officer: "Is there an innocent explanation for how this hair has appeared on those jeans?"


Norris: "No comment."


Officer: "The finding of that hair would tend to suggest David that you were at the scene of Stephen Lawrence's murder and may or was almost certainly involved in his death. What do you say to that?"


Norris looks away: "No comment".


Officer: "How can it be possible that Stephen Lawrence's hair is found on your jeans? Please give me an explanation."


Norris: "No comment".


Officer: "If there was a simple explanation could you explain that to me now?"




The killers' silence was futile, thanks to new techniques with DNA evidence that were developed from the Damilola Taylor stabbing case. It enabled scientists to find a tiny spot of blood and hair and fibres on clothes belonging to Dobson and Norris.


Experts believe the same forensic advances could crack two other big cases by being used to test evidence from the 2007 disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the 1999 murder of TV Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando.


The big Stephen Lawrence breakthrough came in early 2008 when an invisible spot of his blood, 0.25mm by 0.5mm, was found by scientist Edward Jarman on the collar of Dobson's Supertramp jacket.


It is is believed to be the smallest bloodstain ever to be used in evidence in a British court.


Mr Jarman said: "I think we were very aware it was going to be a significant finding."


Det Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll recalled: "I got the news while at a 15th anniversary memorial service for Stephen.


"As I walked out of the church I had a message on my phone from Mr Jarman saying he had found blood on the collar of Dobson's jacket. It was one of those moments you never forget."



The DNA profile from the blood showed there was a one in a billion chance it was not Stephen's.


Crucially, scientists were also able to prove the blood was wet when it seeped into the fabric of the collar meaning Dobson must have been present when Stephen was stabbed.


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