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Joana Case: Leonor Cipriano's lawyer to be tried in February over defamation

Original Source: VISAO: TUESDAY 03 JANUARY 2012
Visao 19:52, 3 January 2012

Translated by Astro


Lisbon, 03 Jan (Lusa) - Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, Marcos Aragao Correia, starts to be tried on the 9th of February due to allegedly defaming Goncalo Amaral, the Judiciary Police inspector who coordinated the investigation into the disappearance of Joana, in 2004.


The hearings will take place at the Court of Faro's Second Criminal Circuit and Goncalo Amaral demands compensation in the amount of three thousand euros from Marcos Aragao Correia, as well as from the arguido António Pedro Dores, the head of the Association Against Exclusion through Development (ACED).



According to a judicial source, what lies at stake is a document dated April 8, 2008, titled " Report About Torture of Leonor Cipriano perpetrated by the Judiciary Police", which Aragao Correia wrote for ACED and which was publicised by the Association.


 Lawyer who has been accused of defamation by Goncalo Amaral wants Attorney General intervention 

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, who will be tried in February over defamation against Goncalo Amaral, a PJ inspector and investigator in the “Joana Case”, has asked Portugal’s Attorney General to take an “urgent position” concerning the “heinous” accusation that he has been subject to.


“I write with the goal of obtaining your urgent position concerning the heinous and vile libelous accusation that has been made by prosecutors who are your subordinates”, lawyer Marcos Aragao Correia mentions in a letter to [Attorney General] Pinto Monteiro.


In the letter, which Lusa agency had Access to, the lawyer stresses that the torture that Leonor Cipriano was the victim of was “clearly proved”, unanimously, in a Jury Court, and later fully confirmed, without further possibility of appeal, by the Appeals Court of Evora.


in: Sapo with Lusa, 04.01.2012


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