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Karen Matthews is out of prison, and wants to go on Jeremy Kyle to “prove her innocence”

Original Source: UNREALITY PRIMETIME: 06 APRIL 2012
April 6th, 2012 by Sarah


When little Shannon Matthews disappeared from her home in Yorkshire, the nation prayed for her safe return… 

Her disappearance was soon after Madeleine McCann’s abduction, and as you may recall, many celebrities, including David Beckham, made appeals for Madeleine’s safe return and asked for donations towards a fund established to help find the little girl.


While all that drama was going on, it seems Shannon’s mother Karen, and her boyfriend Craig Meehan were planning on how they might get a share of that sympathy vote money, and to do so, they conspired with Meehan’s uncle, Michael Donovan to kidnap and hide Shannon at Donovan’s home.


Their primary motivation to keep the horrible ‘stunt’ going then became the £50,000 reward money that the Sun offered for information leading to the safe return of Shannon…



However, police suspected Matthews had a hand in her daughter’s disappearance from the off, and in 2008, she was sentenced to eight years imprisonment, but is now, unfortunately, free. Likewise, Michael Donovan was also released early from his eight-year sentence last week.


As mentioned above, Matthews wants to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show to take one of the show’s infamous lie detector tests to “prove her innocence” in the whole affair.


One of Matthews’ cousins, Susan Howgate, told ITV1’s Daybreak, “She wants to do this lie detector and go on Jeremy Kyle. And she’s saying other people are involved. Well, why don’t she just do it?”


And a former friend of Matthews’, Natalie Brown, added, “As far as I’m aware, Karen still believes she didn’t do anything wrong.


“She wants to do a lie test to prove that she didn’t do anything wrong and that there were other people involved in this, but she won’t tell us who.”


Now I know that the Jeremy Kyle show uses this country’s sub-class stock of seemingly endless, and largely toothless, chavs as its staple diet, but I hope that they wouldn’t stoop so low as to have this conniving bottom feeder on the show.

 What say you?


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