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Kate's Mission for Missing People

Original Source: MISSING PEOPLE: TUESDAY 10 JULY 2012

"When your child goes missing you want the whole world to stop and join the search. More than 250,000 people are reported missing each year in the UK - worryingly they could fill the Olympic Stadium three times over.

"Missing People assists the search by providing publicity appeals that generate potentially vital sightings and lines of enquiry. The charity's staff and volunteers are an incredibly committed and conscientious team doing an extremely valuable job. The search for Madeleine continues and I am delighted to lend my support as an Ambassador to the charity." 

Kate McCann

Everyone at Missing People welcomes Kate McCann as a new Ambassador. In her new role, Kate will be working with the charity, other Ambassadors

and Family Representatives to:


-    Raise awareness and understanding of the 'missing' issue

 -    Help the charity to safely reconnect more people by promoting 116 000 - the new number for 'missing'

 -    Help to raise vital funds so that the search for every missing person can continue


Our thanks go to Kate for so generously giving the charity her time and energy. 


Click here to read about Kate's first mission - launching a new way to find missing people with the Outdoor Media Centre. 

If your child went missing, wouldn't you want the whole world to stop and look for them? 

*    3 means we can launch a poster appeal

*    10 enables a volunteer to follow up a sighting

 *    25 pays for us to start a nationwide publicity campaign


 These practical solutions give hope to thousands of families and play a vital role in safely reconnecting more missing people.


 Give 3 by texting SEARCH to 70990. Give 10, 25, or another amount, by calling Freephone 0800 MISSING (647 7464).


Donations will cost you 3 plus your usual network rate. The charity Missing People will receive at least 2.93 of this amount. 


This will help to provide a lifeline when someone disappears including case publicity. We may contact you in the future to update you on our work.


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