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Was Madeleine McCann in Ibiza?

Original Source: Original Source: olive Press: 24 August 2012
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• IDENTITY: Blurry image of girl that could be Maddie


A GERMAN holidaymaker has claimed he saw Madeleine McCann aboard a flight from Ibiza to Munich.


Frank Bode, 42, was returning home to Germany earlier this month following a five-day break in Spain when he caught sight of a girl that immediately reminded him of the missing toddler.


“My intuition told me that the girl, who was around seven to 10 years old, could be Madeleine,” Bode told the Olive Press.


“She didn’t seem to fit with her family at all. Her father was clearly German, as were her two brothers, both around 10 to 12 years old, but her mother appeared to be British.


“They were all speaking German except for the girl, who I clearly heard speaking British English.”


He continued: “The two boys were touching her strangely and the girl seemed totally out of place – nervous, stuttering, just not normal. And her mother, who bore no resemblance to the girl, was a strange woman and didn’t talk the entire trip.


“I was never very interested in the case but my instincts told me something was up, and I’m almost never wrong about these kinds of things,” added Bode, a sales manager for a currency printing company.


“I took a photo and showed it to some of my friends who agreed it could definitely be Maddie.”


Bode was so convinced the girl on his Lufthansa flight was Maddie, who disappeared from Portugal in 2007, he immediately contacted the British police.


“The woman at the hotline said it is on file, but that’s all she said.


“I’m mainly interested in the family getting the photo, but it’s difficult to find a channel through which to contact them.”


When the Olive Press contacted British police about Bode’s report, they said: “At this time we cannot find any record of his information.”


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