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More Theories Emerge About Madeleine McCann

Original Source: 2 OCEANS' VIBE: 17 SEPTEMBER 2012
17 Sep 2012 by Simon Gerber in Crime

Our recent article on Stephen Birch and his theory on the location of Madeleine McCann’s body has been a hot topic of discussion lately. Many people took to the comments section of this article, offering many new viewpoints on what exactly has happened. Stephen Birch’s podcast has been listened to almost 300 times – which is quite something seeing it’s over 30 minutes long.


It’s clear that there are two camps: Those who believe that Madeleine is still alive, and residing somewhere in the world (such as her parents); and then those who believe that she died the night of her disappearance.


2oceansVibe has been contacted by several people in relation to Madeleine, who for the sake of our sources will remain anonymous.


One source, a British man, believes that he is sitting on a collection of evidence that strongly points to the fact that Madeleine McCann is still alive – this evidence having been sent on to all the major security and investigative bodies worldwide, including Homeland Security, who he alleges has a file on her. He strongly opposes Stephen Birch’s claims, but has nevertheless informed us that he has sent a copy of the podcast to the US Secretary of Homeland Security.


Our second source tells a completely different story. He sides on the Stephen Birch side, but says that all of Birch’s information has been stolen from him. He further alleges that Birch wanted to partner up with him, but that he keeps messing up a very delicate investigation. He also says he knows exactly where she is buried.


I wonder what it is about this little girl that drives everyone to these theories? Why all these conspiracy theorists find her so fascinating. Will the truth ever come out?


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