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 Original Source:  STAR: MONDAY 08 OCTOBER 2007
By Jerry Lawton
Police plan to use a new crime-busting computer programme to crack the Maddie McCann case at the touch of a button.

The software designed by two criminal psychologists - uses hi-tec data analysis to unravel complex cases.

It has been programmed to  reconstruct the movements of everyone involved the night Madeleine vanished from her familys holiday apartment in Praia da luz Portugal.


A test run  - based on the evidence known so far - ruled out the possibility the four year old was abducted.

It says the most likely scenario is that she died inside the holiday home on May 3.


Detectives will use the programme to help re-launch the investigation after a new police chief takes charge this week.


Officers will input witness statements, crime scene photos and plans as well as details of forensic evidence.


The programme will the analyse the data, produce detailed conclusions - and even suggest how the police should proceed in the investigation. 


Its inventors at a Lisbon university say it could revolutionise police probes worldwide.

Portuguese criminologist Francisco Moita Flores said the programme highlighted " inconsistencies" in the witness statements. of the McCanns and  seven pals who were on holiday with them.


"The essential fact is that the parents and the friends all lied in relation to the timings", she said.

Last night it was revealed  that one of Portugal's most respected detectives is to take over the enquiry this week.

Chief Insp Carlos do Carmo made his name in 2005 after tracking down a gang of armed bank robbers.


Brit "super cop" Det Chief Chris Gregg - who snared the sex killer of a 16-year old girl in Leeds in 2001 - has been tipped to step in as a consultant Police sources said the investigation will continue  to focus on GP mum Kate and heart surgeon dad Gerry.


Police have accused Kate, 39, of accidently killing Maddie by giving her sedatives to help her sleep.

They claim she then roped in Gerry, also 39, to help dispose of the body.


Last night it was revealed a "Body finder" the couple had hired to try to locate their missing daughter had ended up putting them in the frame. Scientist and former South Africa police colonel Danie Krugel spent a week tracking the girls DNA trail from their flat to a beach 500 yards away in mid-July.

He suggested police brought in sniffer dogs. But instead of picking up Maddies scent on the beach. the two Brit springer spaniels reacted in the McCanns' apartment and car.

Portuguese priest Father Jose Pacheco said he did not regret giving the McCanns the keys to the church so they could worship at any time.


Police want to search the building to find out if it was used a temporary hiding place for Maddie's body. They have also quizzed Fr Pacheco in a bid to find out if the McCanns confessed to him.

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 The couple from Rothley, Leics deny any involvement in their daughter's disappearance and insist they are being framed by the police.


They spent the weekend staying with pals.


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