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Maddie DNA clue in airport bag

Original Source: NEWS OF THE WORLD: SUN 03 NOV 2007
By Dominic Herbert, 03/11/2007
Traces found on fleece and stained jeans

A BAG of clothes containing DNA linked to Madeleine McCann has been found dumped by a road in Portugal.

The white carrier bag was discovered in a layby two weeks ago near Faro airport, the News of the World can reveal.


Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry McCann have learned the bag contained a blue fleece jacket and a pair of adult jeans with traces of DNA that contained "moderate" links to the missing four-year-old.


There was also a SHOWER CURTAIN inside.


News of the find came as it emerged police hunting for the youngster have asked the Mafia to help.


Crime godfathers in Morocco-where there have been several alleged sightings of Maddie-have been told cops will scale back drug busts if they do.


Meanwhile, the bag, found by a passer-by, was sent to a UK lab in Birmingham for forensic tests.


A leaked report showed experts concluded the clothes contained bodily fluid and traces of hair that could have come from Maddie.




Other items recovered from the bag included a white flannel, a green elastic band, a light green child's T-shirt with a green flower on the front and a pink and blue pencil case with a pink heart motif.


A source said: "The bag could be crucial. The DNA isn't an exact match to Maddie's, but it does link.


"It is the first clue found outside the apartment complex and could provide a trail."


The report-which was handed to detectives ten days ago-was obtained by the News of the World from Portuguese police sources.


The jeans contained more than 60 different stains.


The report concluded: "The blue fleece and jeans were found to contain traces of congealed skin and hair.


"They were found to contain DNA characteristics that could be attributed to Madeleine McCann." No traces of Maddie's DNA were found on any of the other items.


The fresh clues will give Kate and Gerry, both 39, renewed hope of finding their daughter alive six months after she disappeared. Last night a friend of the McCanns said: "It potentially suggests that someone has taken her then disposed of the clothing.


"They have done it near Faro which could imply they have gone in the direction of the airport. It backs up the idea she was abducted."


Last Sunday the News of the World revealed that the crack Spanish detective agency hired by the McCanns, Metodo 3, are convinced the youngster was snatched to order then smuggled from Portugal to Morocco.


Last night it looked like Mafia bosses will AGREE to use their underworld connections in the hunt for Maddie.


Mob bosses who supply millions of pounds of cannabis around the world effectively control vast areas of the North African country. The authorities believe Maddie may be hidden in the mountainous Rif region and that the Mafia there provide the best hope of finding her.


A source close to the Moroccan security services told us: "The gangs can put the word out and will be able to find out through the underworld network connecting every city, town and remote village.


"When they want to find out information, they can."


Maddie disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Portuguese resort Praia da Luz on May 3, just days before her fourth birthday.


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