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Judge refused searches in former Ocean Club workers' homes



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Original Source: Jornal_de_noticias_07 May 2014

by Marisa Rodrigues

Translated by Astro

Analysis of land where Maddie may be buried still without a scheduled date 

Searches in homes of former Ocean Club workers in Praia da Luz were some of the diligences that were requested by the British police and rejected by the Portuguese authorities for being unfounded


The judge that received these requests, which were in the rogatory letters, didn't consider that the Scotland Yard's arguments were valid. The detectives wanted the Judiciary Police (PJ) to perform the home searches because the targets worked at the resort at the time when Madeleine disappeared, which made them "persons of interest".


The requests for searches and excavations using dogs and a geo-radar were treated differently and were accepted, as JN reported yesterday. The prosecutor at the Public Ministry in Portimão authorised these diligences, that are a turnaround in the British investigation, with the Scotland Yard assuming, for the first time, that they consider the hypothesis of Madeleine being dead.


The grounds were chosen because they are "favourable to the disposal of a body". JN knows that this was the key argument that was used by the Scotland Yard to fundament the request for searches. These are locations that are close to the apartment where the McCann family spent their holiday, to the beach and to a road that was under works at the time. Another of the requests is the use of a geo-radar that is able to analyse and perforate the ground and two dogs that signal the presence of cadavers. Resources that the Scotland Yard wants to bring from the United Kingdom. If any deformation of the soil is detected, there is permission to carry out excavations. This process may drag on for a while if the locations that require excavations are private property and roads under concession.


The next step is to define the operation's strategy and to set the date for the diligences, tasks that are up to the PJ's Southern directory, which is going to execute the diligences that are authorised by the prosecutor. The PJ's National Directory has to decide whether or not the British detectives and experts are allowed to closely watch the diligences, which will always have to be performed by the Portuguese inspectors, given that the Scotland Yard has no authority to act in Portugal. JN was able to determine that a request in that sense was sent to the Public Ministry and informally communicated to the Judiciary, but in order to be considered, it has to be formalised with the PJ's National Director, which has not happened yet.


Sniffer dogs


The Scotland Yard refers to the dogs that it wants to employ in the searches as being "better" than Eddie and Keela, the sniffer dogs that detected blood and cadaver odour in the McCanns' car and in the Ocean Club apartment.


Joint investigation


The Scotland Yard and Madeleine's parents defend that the constitution of a joint investigation team would accelerate the discovery of Madeleine and criticise the "excessive bureaucracy" of the rogatory letters.


The logistics that is necessary to perform these new diligences has high costs. JN knows that these will be funded by the United Kingdom, which has already spent approximately 7 million euro with this investigation.

 Marisa Rodrigues


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