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Maddie is still missing

Original Source: Algarve Observer; 04 May 2007

04-05-2007 15:27:00

Translated by Ines

The McCann couple, from Leicester, England, whose daughter disappeared on Thursday night from the Mark Warner Ocean Club, were taken to the PJ in Portimao at the end of the morning. The abduction theory suggested by the parents is not however corroborated by the PJ.


The GNR was alerted at about 23.50 yesterday, Colonel Costa Cabral told Lusa, about the public relations of the girl’s disappearance. This force and the Lagos PSP immediately launched a search operation, whilst the PJ took account of the case this morning


Whilst the searches continue, involving 30 officers and 4 sniffer dog teams, the family apartment was sealed for investigation, but up until now (14.30) “there is no evidence” that confirms the theory of abduction, the Observatório do Algarve has learned.



Meanwhile, the authorities have already notified the Foreigner and Borders Service, airports and Spanish police and a large solidarity movement has been generated amongst the foreign community in Lagos, with residents requesting photographs of little Maggie (sic) in order to help in the searches.


According to Lusa, the resort which consists of individual apartments, bars and shops, did not have a security system and therefore access to the resort is not controlled and there are no security cameras.


Kate and Jerry (sic) McCann’s apartment is situated on the ground floor and according to statements made by the parents to an English journalist, quoted by the Guardian, the door was found to be open and the shutters broken when they returned to the apartment where the girl was sleeping with her twin siblings. Jonh (sic) Hill, manager of the club, states however, that the shutters “were open”.


The couple had gone for dinner at a restaurant about 30 metres from the apartment, next to the resort’s pool but informed the police that during the evening they had checked on the children, finding their oldest daughter missing at about 22.00. The 60 staff members from the resort immediately began to search for the girl, with subsequent intervention from the police authorities.


With the support of many local people and the distribution of her photograph, the searches continue almost 16 hours after the disappearance of little Madeleine, who will be 4 years old next week.


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