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Gerry McCann returns to resort where his daughter Madeleine disappeared

Original Source: TELEGRAPH: SATURDAY 04 APRIL 2009
By Fiona Govan
Last Updated: 3:24PM BST 04 Apr 2009
Gerry McCann, the father of missing Madeleine McCann, has returned to the Algarve resort where his daughter went missing almost two years ago to film a reconstruction of the fateful evening.
Madeleine McCann's father Gerry has returned to the Algarve to help film a reconstruction of the night his daughter disappeared. Photo: PA
Gerry McCann is continuing to appeal for information that might help find his daughter Madeleine who went missing in May 2007. Photo: PA

Gerry McCann, accompanied by a British film crew, arrived in Praia da Luz in southern Portugal on Saturday morning to advise on a reconstruction that will be aired in a Channel 4 documentary to mark the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance next month.

Actors have been hired to play the parts of the Madeleine, her family, the seven friends dining with her parents on the night of May 3 2007, and a suspect reportedly seen by one of the friends carrying a child away from the McCann’s holiday apartment that evening.

Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCanns, said the reconstruction would contain elements of the investigation that had not been aired before in the hope of providing new clues in the hunt for Madeleine, who was almost four when she disappeared.

”There are new aspects of that night that have not yet been made public and hopefully they will generate new information that could offer the vital clue,” he said.

The McCanns left Praia da Luz in September 2007 shortly after being made arguidos – official suspects – in their daughter’s disappearance.

That status was lifted last July after prosecutors conceded there was no evidence to suggest their involvement.

“It is obviously difficult for Gerry to be back here in the place where his daughter disappeared but he is prepared to do anything that will help find her,” Mr Mitchell added.

Kate McCann, 41, stayed behind at the family home in Rothley, Leicestershire, with twins Sean and Amelie.

Mr McCann and two of his friends, Jane Tanner and Matt Oldfield, who were holidaying with the family at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance would be acting as advisors during the filming of the reconstruction.

“They will not be taking part but will be there to advise and ensure that events are portrayed as they remember,” said Mr Mitchell.

Permission has been granted for filming within the Ocean Club resort and the holiday apartment where Madeleine and her twin siblings were left sleeping on the night she disappeared.

The Cutting Edge documentary is expected to be aired on May 7th, in the week of the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance. Madeleine’s sixth birthday is on May 12th.

Mark Raphael, commissioning editor for documentaries at Channel 4, said: “The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is one of the most harrowing unsolved crimes of recent years.

"Two years on Kate and Gerry McCann are still searching for their daughter. We hope that this documentary and reconstruction may be able to provide vital new leads for the investigation.”


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