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Christian leaders' Easter-wishes



Original Source:  SUN: SATURDAY 03 APRIL 2010
Published: Today 03/04/2010

EASTER is at the heart of the Christian religion so TIM SPANTON asked five UK church leaders - four Anglicans and a Roman Catholic - their thoughts at this special time...


1. A fit Wayne Rooney to help England win the World Cup.

2. A General Election where people actually vote - but not for the BNP.

3. A society where we value young people and listen to them.

4. A nice piece of British beef - I've given up meat for Lent.

5. Investment in British jobs, especially in the manufacturing field.

6. Robert Mugabe standing down from office in Zimbabwe.

7. That the missing Claudia Lawrence and Madeleine McCann are found safely.

8. The screening of the new Dr Who - I can't wait to see it.

9. Good weather for our open air baptisms at the Minster.

10. Time with the family to enjoy what God has given us.


VENERABLE DAVID MEARA, Archdeacon of London1.
 Economic recovery.

2. Troops safely home from Afghanistan.

3. A wonderful World Cup spectacle in South Africa.

4. Churches showing courage of their convictions while retaining their tolerance and breadth.

5. Spring warmth after a long, hard winter.

6. Greater understanding of the spiritual dimension to human life.

7. Politicians who say what they mean and mean what they say.

8. More resources and better systems for preventing and detecting the abuse of children.

9. Those struggling with bereavement, depression or anxiety find within themselves the seeds of hope and strength.

10. A big Easter egg and a bottle of Champagne in the fridge.

PADRE MARK CHRISTIAN, Senior Chaplain, 11 Light Brigade

1. A big "Thank You" to the public for supporting us in Afghanistan.

2. My delight at being back with my family after six months apart.

3. Being able to enjoy a glass of wine after half a year's abstinence!

4. My prayers go to those killed and injured during the last six months.

5-10. Six thoughts based on the Army's "core values" - Courage: to face our fears and do what we know to be right; Discipline: do the right thing even when we don't want to; Respect: treat everyone as we would like to be treated; Integrity: say and do the right thing; Loyalty: pull together to make this country fit for our children; Selflessness: put the needs of others before our own wants.

THE REVEREND FIONA WINDSOR, Team Rector, Papworth, Cambs

1. For families and friends to sit round a table and enjoy a meal together.

2. Meaningful relationships and a recognition of our shared humanity.

3. Learn the difference between real needs and vain desires.

4. Use the Earth's resources wisely.

5. For the people of the Holy Land that they can move from their entrenched positions to find peace.

6. For our farmers to succeed and find balance between food production and saving the environment.

7. That Russia and the US deliver on nuclear arms reduction.

8. For politicians to care about what is right, not opinion polls.

9. For those who have suffered due to the economic downturn, that they will find work, dignity and fulfilment.

10. A large Easter egg to eat while reading the latest Joanna Trollope.

FR DIGBY SAMUELS, St Patrick's RC Church, Wapping, East London

1. That Easter hope boosts ailing spirits.

2. That the suicidal know they are valued by God and the people around them.

3. That the Catholic Church own up to the crime and sin of sexual abuse and the cover-ups accompanying it.

4. That gang members will not need to be a "face", because they are valued and loved.

5. That we value the sanctity of life from the cradle to the grave.

6. That issues such as homelessness and people-trafficking are tackled.

7. The General Election will be decided on issues of truth, not hype.

8. That God and spirituality resume their place at the centre of life.

9. That people appreciate "silence is golden" and the power of prayer.

10. The elderly get a new lease of life through the care of those who visit.


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