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Original Source: BARBARA DALEY:24 JANUARY 2010
24th January

Not Friends anymore

Shocked this week to hear that Jennifer Aniston hated the 'Rachel' cut. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. It was her haircut that made us all rememeber her! Her picture was in every magazine not as much about her acting but about her hairstyle. It was the look everybody wanted. It was even given its own name 'The 'Rachel' Its up their with those othe iconic haircuts like Twiggy's elfin hairstyle and Joanna Lumley's 'Purdey'. Those where haircuts that defined a generation and and the 'Rachel can proudly stand alongside them. I admit that looking back at our former selves we often wonder what where we thinking when we had that haircut or wore that outfit, but they where and always will be a snapshot of time and we probably thought we looked 'cool' or trendy, so don't knock it embrace it and think of it as the look that led to you being the person you are now. Mayybe Jenniffer should aske herself where she would be now without it, after all who can remember who the other two girls from Friends'

Did you find yourself feeling a bit low last Monday, like something just wasn't quite right' Well, don't worry you weren't alone because a survey has suggested that Monday January 17th was Blue Monday and the saddest day of the year. Who knows why' Anyway, never fear because June 17th is predicted to be the happiest day of the year and it is also my mum's birthday. Maybe there's a connection'

Its the award ceremony season and so far the hottest trends have been for the colours green and nudes with particular stand out dresses worn by Elisabeth Moss and Scarlett Johanssen at the Golden Globes. One thing you can't help but notice is how skinny everybody was, there wasn't a bingo wing or muffin top to be seen. The award for the quirkiest outfit so far goes to Helena Bonham Carter who wore odd shoes. You would have thought sombody may have told her or maybe it was just a ploy to get her noticed' In that case job well done.

According to the New York Times, scientists have found that there is a chemical in women's tears that can lower a man's level of sexual arousal. They suggested that watching The Notebook can now be considered an effective form of birth control.

TV highlight of the week was the start of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on Channel 4. It was so over the top, we all loved it. American Idol was also back with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as the new judges. We haven't seen J-Lo for a while so it was nice to see her looking lovely with a new fringe. Being a judge on a singing competition like American Idol is a great way for J-Lo to re-launch her career. Look what it did for Cheryl Cole'

There are a lot of magazine agony columns out there but the most unusual and our favourite has to be Ask Dr Ozzy in one of the Sunday papers. Whoever thought it was a good idea to ask Ozzy Osbourne to give health and relationship and advice is clearly a little bit crazy and an absolute genius.

Word of the week is 'bargainista' to describe a girl who can make cheap clothes look like a million dollars.

The search for the the next Susan Boyle hit the Empire this weekend, when Britains Got talent arrived. Lots and lots of people where milling around outisde the theatre all asking the same thing how do you get a ticket

Something that that made everyone happy this week was the news that a young girl has been reunited with her family 23 years after she was kidnapped from a hospital in New York. It gives us all hope for Madeleine McCann. It's hard to believe that she has been missing for four years but I hope this new story can give some comfort to her parents who continue to work tirelessly to find her. Kate and Gerry are organising a charity event later this year in Liverpool its called a 'Bag of Hope' They are asking peole to donate bags of any kind from designer handbags to sports bag to be auctioned to raise much needed funds. If you would like to support this great event then contact karen Mccalman the find madeleine campaign co-ordinator her email address is

Everyone loves a bit of drama and at a family wedding this week I experienced something worthy of any soap. At the end of his speech just before he sat down the groom dropped in the line that the bride was pregant a minor bombshell but a nice one but then came the real shock ending as he added and she's having triplets! Never heard such a loud gasp at a wedding before, It just needed the Eastenders dum dum dum closing music to complete the scene.


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