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McCann libel action in Lisbon Twitter: Jerry Lawton‏@JerryLawton



Original Source: Twitter Gerry Lawton 20 September 2013

Libel Trial 19 September 2013

  1. Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton19 Sep

    Parents of Madeleine #McCann due to continue bid to win libel damages from cop Goncalo Amaral in Lisbon today

  1. Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton19 Sep

    Madeleine's parents claim Amaral's book's allegation that they covered up her death stopped people looking for her #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton22h

Kate #McCann contemplated suicide over Goncalo Amaral's book claims she covered up daughter Madeleine's death, psychologist tells court

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton22h

Kate #McCann experienced `secondary trauma' due to Amaral's claims which could be `more profound' than `primary trauma' of disappearance

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton22h

Kate #McCann spent `many days in tears sobbing about the injustice being done to Madeleine' by people who should have been looking for her

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton22h

Kate #McCann was `incensed' by Amaral & his friends & could not understand why he was allowed to make his claims - psychologist Alan Pike

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton21h

Pike: Kate #McCann feared if Portuguese believed Amaral's claims they would stop looking for Madeleine in the country where she vanished

  1. Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton22h

    @DailyStarEmily Hi Em. Yes...Daily Star exclu. Hope you're good x

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton21h

Pike: Kate #McCann `wasn't very well', `referred to killing herself as an option to end the trauma she was experiencing'

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton21h

Pike deduced it was indicator of how Kate #McCann felt `rather than something she ever intended to do' but she had some `very dark thoughts'

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton21h

Pike on Kate #McCann suicidal thoughts: `I think I was the only person she shared this with.

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton20h

#McCann PR expert Claudia Nogueira said 2.2 million people - half TV viewing audience - watched Amaral documentary in Portugal

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton20h

Nogueira: Most press coverage in Portugal at time was `slanted' and mentioned the claims made in Amaral's book #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton20h

Alipio Ribeiro, ex-director of Portuguese police, dismissed as witness after 10 minutes after admitting not read book or seen doc #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton20h

Outside court Amaral's lawyer says #McCann should be suing `Portuguese state' not detective as the `state decided to close the case'

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton20h

#McCann libel trial adjourned until tomorrow


Libel Trial 20 September 2013

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton38m

Internet trolls plotted to kidnap one of Madeleine McCann's siblings to get them to reveal what happened to her, libel trial hears #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton36m

Kidnap plot was discussed in internet forum and taken so seriously police were called in, family friend says #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton34m

#McCann pal Michael Wright says Goncalo Amaral's book's claim the couple covered up Madeleine's death incited internet bigots

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton32m

Michael Wright, who monitored web traffic on Madeleine for her parents, claimed Mr Amaral demanded 80,000 Euro for a TV interview #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton31m

Wright: Kate's reaction to Amaral's cash demand was `this was not about justice or truth..this was about greed'. #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton27m

Wright said the kidnap threat was discussed on the 3 Arguidos internet forum & investigated by Brit police #McCann


Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton15m 

Wright: Gerry #McCann talked about `not being able to go on' when he heard Portuguese were tearing up Find Madeleine posters
[This tweet has now been removed, see Screenshot above]

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton12m

Wright: Gerry #McCann talked about `not being able to go on' when he heard Find Madeleine posters were being ripped up on Algarve

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton10m

Wright: Kidnap threat was reported to North Yorkshire Police (his local force). Gerry #McCann reported it

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton33m

Wright said he was aware Brit sniffer dogs used in Portuguese police probe detected `smell of death' in #McCann apartment

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton29m

Wright said dogs' intelligence was called into question later and no evidence couple involved in disappearance in police report #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton28m

Wright: `For me the conclusions of Mr Amaral's book prevailed over the conclusions of the official police inquiry.' #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton27m

Wright: `More people saw the book and the TV documentary based on it than read the police case files.' #McCann

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton11m

#McCann libel trial due to resume next Friday (Sept 27)



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