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PJ questioned Ocean Club staff member again

Original Source: DIARIO_DE_NOTICIAS  Sunday16 November 2007
Sun Dec 16, 2007
Translated by Astro

Employee was the first one to see Kate after Maddie disappeared

The PJ heard, for the third time after Madeleine McCann disappeared at Praia da Luz, the first Ocean Club employee who arrived when the child's mother shouted from the apartment's balcony: "They've taken her!" According to what DN was able to establish, the waiter is a witness who is considered crucial to the investigation.

The employee was heard for the last time two or three weeks ago, at the PJ in Portimao. The police has reportedly informed him that they will ask him for more statements. But from what is known, the individual has added little or nothing during his most recent interrogation, and just repeated what he had said earlier on. The investigators insist on what happened during dinner, namely the McCanns' conversations and their posture, and the alleged walks to the apartment where Maddie and her twin siblings were sleeping.

The employee continues to state that it is untrue that the children's parents checked on their children every half hour, as they initially stated to the PJ. Kate only left the table at 10 p.m. to walk to the apartment, and that was the time at which she raised the alarm from the balcony. The testimony of this member of staff is one of the trump cards for the PJ to clarify the contradictions from the McCanns and the friends that were spending their holidays with them, during the next questionings, in England, which will be a consequence of the request letters that are being translated.


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