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Original Source: 09 DECEMBER 2007
9th December 2007 By Rick Lyons
KATE and Gerry McCann fear Portuguese police could turn up on their doorstep on Christmas Day.

Dithering Algarve detectives are due in the UK within weeks to quiz the couple again about the disappearance of Madeleine.

A source close to the couple said last night: “They’re desperate for their first Christmas without Madeleine to be an intimate, private affair.

“But they’re on tenterhooks because the occasion could be gatecrashed.”

Officers from the team of investigation boss Paulo Rebelo want to re-interview the couple, who remain official suspects or arguidos.

They are also keen to speak to the so-called Tapas Seven who dined with them on the night Madeleine disappeared on May 3.

It is thought the questioning will focus on conflicting accounts of events during that night.

Formal letters requesting permission to travel to Britain are being rubber-stamped by the Portuguese state prosecutor.

The McCanns’ official spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “It sounds as if they are coming.

“It’s frustrating and irritating that the process is taking so long.

“Kate and Gerry really want Christmas to be a close-knit, private affair and it’s a religious occasion which means something to them.”

The McCanns remain confident the private investigation firm they have hired – Metodo 3 – will find their daughter.

Metodo 3 director Francisco Marco said yesterday: “I think it’s going very well. I am unable to say too much except that everything is very positive.”


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