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Madeleine will be home for Christmas, says PI

Original Source: TELEGRAPH:13 DECEMBER 2007
By Nick Allen
Last Updated: 6:26pm GMT 13/12/2007
A private investigator hired to find Madeleine McCann said he knows who took her and the missing girl will hopefully be back with her parents by Christmas.

Francisco Marco said he believes Madeleine was taken by a paedophile ring, that she may be held in north Africa and that evidence was being collated so arrests could be made.

Mr Marco is director general of Metodo 3, a Barcelona-based detective agency hired by Kate and Gerry McCann in September to find their daughter.

He has previously travelled to Morocco to investigate a sighting reported there of a girl who was said to resemble the missing four-year-old.

“We know who kidnapped her, we believe she is in an area not very far from the Iberian peninsula and north Africa and we have a fairly certain idea of who she is with,” Mr Marco said in an interview with Spanish newspaper Metro.

“I cannot say who she is with because we are putting together conclusive proof we can present to the authorities so they can proceed with their arrests.

“God willing, I hope she’ll be back with her parents before Christmas.”

It is not the first time the agency has claimed it is close to finding Madeleine.

Last month Mr Marco claimed the agency was “100 percent sure” Madeleine was alive.

Mr Marco told Metro: “We have proof of her movements after her kidnap and we know she was alive the day after her disappearance. We are not certain she left Portugal.

“I talk of certainties because we know which group may have her or could have kidnapped her to then sell her on to others.

“One of the things that makes us believe Madeleine is alive is that every day she’s worth more to them.”

Mr Marco rejected any suggestion that the McCanns could be involved in their daughter’s disappearance.

They have been declared suspects by Portuguese police.

Mr Marco said: “You only have to spend five minutes with them to realise they’ve got nothing to do with this.”

Metodo 3 has a six month contract with the McCanns and has vowed to find Madeleine before that runs out in March.

The McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said they have “absolute confidence” in the agency.


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