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Madeleine suspect's mother attacks McCanns

Original Source:  TELEGRAPH:13 DECEMBER 2007
By Nick Allen Last Updated: 2:23am GMT 13/12/2007
The mother of Madeleine McCann suspect Robert Murat made an outspoken attack on the missing girl's parents and their friends.

Jenny Murat, 71, also claimed that a private detective agency hired by Kate and Gerry McCann had followed her for a week and her family was suffering because the McCanns had made a mistake by leaving their children alone.

Mrs Murat lives with her son in Praia da Luz close to the appartment from where Madeleine vanished and has always insisted she was at home with him all that evening.

She said: "I really wish the McCanns had never come on holiday to Praia da Luz. I bet they wish they had never come on holiday either.

"The worst part of it is they did something wrong, we did nothing wrong and we have been penalised for their mistake.

"It is really upsetting. I cannot tell you what has been going on here. It has just been horrendous."

Mrs Murat claimed she had been followed by agents from Metodo 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCanns to find their daughter.

"They were following me everywhere," Mrs Murat said. "Why? I don't know. It's pretty scary, I can tell you. I am 71 and I am getting followed everywhere by people."

Two friends of the McCanns, who were having dinner with them when Madeleine went missing, reportedly identified Mr Murat, 34, as the person they saw next to the apartment where she was sleeping.

He was made an official suspect soon after the disappearance.


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