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Gerry McCann's tennis bag 'is focus of inquiry'

Original Source: TELEGRAPH:24 DECEMBER 2007
By Matthew Moore 11:24AM GMT 24 Dec 2007

Kate and Gerry McCann are facing their first Christmas without their four-year-old daughter Madeleine

The McCann family has denied claims that a tennis bag allegedly owned by Gerry is the focus of police investigating his daughter Madeleine's disappearance

A Sky News report claims that officers have been unable to locate a blue hold-all which Mr McCann allegedly used to carry his sports kit hours before his daughter vanished.

Tony Rogers, a former detective with experience with experience of high-profile murder cases, told the channel: "If it's a bag of a size that could be taking away from the flat a child, that would be of great interest to the investigating officer."

But Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for Madeleine's parents, dismissed the report, insisting that Gerry had never owned such a bag.

"As far as Kate and Gerry are concerned, there is no missing tennis bag," he said.

"They came back from holiday with everything except of course, tragically, Madeleine."

Gerry and Kate McCann have consistently denied any wrongdoing in connection with their daughter's disappearance.

The Sky News investigation, to be broadcast this evening, also reveals that only one British sex offender with links to the Algarve remains a suspect in the hunt for Madeleine.

All 52 British sex offenders with links to the Portuguese holiday destination have been investigated and only one is understood to remain in the frame.

The documentary comes as Kate and Gerry McCann, both 39, of Rothley, Leics, face their first Christmas without their four-year-old daughter, who went missing in Praia da Luz on May 3.

In the broadcast, Prof David Barclay, a forensic expert, says it is unusual for children of Madeleine's age to be abducted by paedophiles.


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