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Original Source: SUNDAY EXPRESS: 19 OCTOBER 2008
Sunday October 19,2008 By Mike Parker

SUSPECT: The man psychics say killed
Madeleine McCann

Now investigators working for Kate and Gerry McCann say they want to see the so-called evidence revealed in the programme, which was screened last week in the US


A DRAWING of a man two FBI psychics say snatched Madeleine McCann has been produced by an American TV programme.

The drawing is of a man aged between 36 and 42 with thick dark brown or black hair and stubble. It has now been handed over to police in Portugal.

It was produced by two psychic criminal profilers who work closely with the FBI in America.

 A spokesman for the McCanns said that although they were deeply sceptical of information from psychics, they want their private investigators to examine the information which was broadcast. 

?If they have given their files to the police in Portugal they should also pass them on to our investigators,? said Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns spokesman, who gave a brief interview to the programme makers.

GHOST HUNTERS: John J Oliver, Patrick Burns and Carla Baron from TV's Haunting Evidence

The programme says the man has a pronounced accent and looks and sounds Middle Eastern, possibly Egyptian, and drives a mid-sized dark silver car with a parking permit or some other identifying sticker inside the windscreen on the
driver's side.

He may have been wearing a blue, button-up shirt and working as a transient labourer close to the apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve where Madeleine
was staying with her family before vanishing on May 3.

The report given to Portuguese police says the man is known as Steve or Stav
and took the child to a summer rental apartment in the nearby village of Lagos.

The team, clairvoyant Carla Baron, psychic John J Oliver and paranormal investigator Patrick Burns spent a week in Portugal, starting their inquiries at the Ocean club resort where the McCann's had been staying.

Ms Baron said she immediately picked up on the vision of 'Steve' or 'Stav' stalking the family and photographing Madeleine at the beach before snatching her several days later.

Ms Baron said: ?He snapped off a cell phone photo while looking like he was making a call.

?I also see him taking notes on a small notepad as he watched the comings and goings of the McCann family to see what their routine was.?

When he finally pounced at night, while Madeleine's parents were in a nearby restaurant, Ms Baron and Mr Oliver said the little girl did not even wake up as he crept into the children's bedroom and picked her up.

Mr Oliver: ?He took her to his car. There were people walking who saw him but he just looked as if he was a father carrying a sleeping child and they didn't take any notice.?

They say the abductor placed Madeleine in the front passenger seat of his dark silver car, which may have had even darker or black trim.

Mr Oliver said he believes that the abductor may have stopped briefly at a deserted farmhouse east of the town before driving to his eventual destination ? a ?furnished room rented out during the summer in nearby Lagos.

Executives at Tru TV, part of media tycoon Ted Turner's CNN network, which makes the Haunting Evidence programme, passed the apartment address to police but withheld it from transmission.

The psychics say she was murdered there by being smothered by a pillow several days after her abduction because the man feared he would be caught.

Ms Baron believes the man then bundled her into the boot of his car and drove to a remote area, close to a landfill and man-made dam, where he buried her. This location has also been passed to police.

The FBI takes psychic evidence seriously and all three members of the Haunting Evidence team have been used in major criminal investigations.

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