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Madeleine McCann: Mother of missing boy thinks jailed killer is key to finding son and missing girl

Original Source: EXAMINER: MONDAY 14 JUNE 2010
June 14, 11:49 PMCrime ExaminerCindy Adams

Madeleine McCann: Mother of missing boy thinks jailed killer is key to finding son and missing girl

A mother desperate to find her missing son believes a jailed killer may know his whereabouts, as well as the whereabouts of missing British girl
Madeleine McCann.

Charles O’Neill, 47, is believed to have been in Portugal in 2007 when Madeleine disappeared while on vacation with her family. Two months prior, he was in Spain’s Canary Islands when Yeremi Vargas, 7, went missing.

His mother, Ithaisa Suarez, 27, told
The Sun, “I believe he [O'Neill] might know where they are, or what happened to them.”

She added “They’re identical cases. Children who vanished in minutes, leaving no trace. He’s a vile monster and should be questioned again.”

According to The Sun, O’Neill and his life partner William Lauchlan were sentenced to life in prison last week for killing mother of three Allison McGarrigle to stop her from “exposing them for child abuse.”

The report indicates that both O’Neill and Lauchlan had served time before for drugging and abusing young children. Thus far, O’Neill has refused to speak to detectives working for
Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s parents.

Suarez said that O’Neill has been interviewed by police searching for her son, but found no evidence to charge him with anything. “But if he didn’t do it, he may know who did,” she said.

The distraught mother is asking British tourists who are on vacation in Gran Canaria to look at Yeremi’s photo so they can help find the boy. “Please, please remember my son. Please keep an eye out for him while you are here. Please look for him. We need your help. Remember Yeremi and Maddie, we need to get them home.”

She said just like Kate McCann, she will never give up looking for her child.


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